25 Replies to “Tesla Powers Into the Pickup Market With Electric ‘Cybertruck’”

  1. Onboard air compressor. 120 & 220 outlets. Body is all but indestructible 30x cold rolled stainless steel. Impact resistant glass. Room for six passengers. Retractable bed cover. Adjustable air shocks. Outrun a Porsche. Off-road capable. Virtually maintenance free. Cheap refueling.
    Once you examine the specs, this is a tough, fast, truck.

  2. If he thinks his truck will perform better than a sports car then I want to see him race that thing on LeMans 24-hour race

  3. I'm pretty sure him and Joe Rogan designed that truck while smoking weed and tripping on DMT.

    Elon: It'll look like it's belong in space with a funky looking dent resistant stainless steel body
    Joe: Whoaaa, like totally
    Elon: It'll be electrical with four doors, a 500 mile range and outperform sports car
    Joe: Dude, that's so wild
    Elon: It'll have adjustable suspension with a built in ramp in the tailgate to load our ATV's
    Joe: Now you're speaking my language bro ham
    Elon: And get, this
    Joe: Ya

    Elon: Bulletproof glass
    Joe: Stop it, you're blowing my mind right now
    Elon: It'll be call "Cybertruck"
    Joe: Holy crap, that sounds soooooo frickin cool

    Elon: Yes it's good but I think we need to work on this a little bit harder though, Do you have any cocaine?
    Joe: Hold on, let me call Alex Jones real quick

  4. Well. Tool bags do have money to spend. But they should probably reflect on the hummer and rethink what they are trying to do here lol!

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