Terraria [RPG] #2 – House Occupation (English subtitles)

Ok maybe i have gotten a bit better now Whoa! Where are you going? Uhhhm….. this way? I thought there might be something here Dont fall down there, again. (I tend to fall and die in Terraria) A slime hoard has arrived… Whoa! A slime climbed up! I was just relaxing, thinking it couldnt climb this high ^_^; Ohhh, and its coming this way! What should i do? Wait, wait.. Can you please not jump so much! Iyaan, i wish you wouldn’t jump! Well arent you guys stuck in a hard place? Oh, are they stuck down there? Dunno~ If i tell you that they cant escape, they will probably escape or something, so.. uhh… they cant escape. Or something…
they cant escape. Or something… Eh? Whats this? I built something here What is this? A back wall? Yeah Thats wrong~ I didnt want to make a back wall, but it feels dangerous for me to touch this area with a hammer, so nope~ I’ll just leave the wall there So if i do this, like this, and then… Ahh! The water… Sorry I’m not sure for what, but sorry~ This is… that thing You know, the thing Right? “Right?” Sorry for not looking at what you are doing, but what do you mean with “Right?” Yeah Yaaay, yaha-hay~ I closed you guys in Ah! What is this… An earthworm came out… Are worms also enemies? Seems not Yo, i’m just talking to myself over here? Hm? Worms? I wonder why i’m so bad at fighting slimes It will become easier if we just make better swords Rather than the weapon, i think im just bad at the timing But i also think that its quite hard to stab with this short sword Stairs! Stairs~ We have stairs~ Eh? No i just… *talking boringly about how i made too many unnecessary workbenches* Mm We are loaded with workbenches! Mhm Useful, isnt it? I’m always just digging dirt… In Minecraft as well as Terraria, I’m just digging all the time. (She finds it relaxing to just dig) I might have dug too deep There are lotses of trees here Lotses… Thats some strange japanese But i dont worry / I dont tree (While planting new trees) Eh… Is it really okay to make such bad jokes here? The rabbit is… Wah! The rabbit is… dead. He seems to have explodes a little Grotesque… Should i plant acorns? How do i plant them? Uhm… you choose them and… Oh i get it I’m not really sure if im doing it right, but lets just plant these here~ For the sake of the trees. (Ki) Are you worried? / Make trees? I ask again, are those bad jokes really okay? Ohhh, this is… Night is coming~~~ Yup A skeleton is coming, a skeleton is coming… Now dont just randomly open the door, Mr Guide Stop it Whatever you do, dont open it He’s suddenly gonna open the door, isn’t he? I’m not gonna open if you say “Iyah” What’s this thing called? (Sawmill) This? Yeah No idea The thing you cut wood with Ahh so that’s what it is I thought it was, uhh you know, a “wandering-soot” shaking (From Studio Ghibli movies) All of you are so damn persistent You guys should also shut up! Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh What happened?! I didnt think they would all push in so fast! Aaaaieue, what should i do?! Koll, i mean kill them? How? Fight? I was trying to prepare the bow The door.. I cant get to the door… I’m dying! To the right! The right! Right! Everyone was moving toward (censored)… chan… I just panicked and said your name out loud See, you also panic~ Anyway, they were all moving towards you Why are they going for me? One of them is going for me it seems Waahh! I cant get up~ I got up~ Yay~ Whats going on with our house? We are being occupied by zombies Yeah i failed a bit~~ Is it fine to just leave Mr Guide to fend for himself?

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