Tally Erp 9 Complete Basic Accounting Class with Example (HINDI)-Day 1|Journal Entries example Tally

Know analyze the entry we debit the cash a/c because cash is the part of real a/c and we know invested 50,000/- in business so apply the rule debit what’s comes in cash come in business so it must be debited and what about the capital, here business owner in ram or he came in personal account ram bring 50000/- in business according to the rule of personal a/c credit the giver but we credited capital instead of ram a/c. friends, business owner name never comes in transactions, here capital a/c it self represent ram’s account. one more thing you have to remember that always separate business and businessman, do not mix both of them , commerce have a rule known as rule of entity using this rule we make sure that both are separate entities and we maintain accounts of business not accounts of ram one more thing every transaction have duel effect with same amount hence one account debited and another account credited with same amount account with debit side represented by putting Dr. at the end but credit side represented by putting To in front of account, so no need to put Cr. at the end goods purchase Rs. 10000/- apply the rules debit what’s comes in when we purchase goods then goods comes in business so debit the purchase a/c any thing which we want to purchase for sales is known as goods and in commerce goods are represented by purchase a/c second we credited the cash a/c because when we purchase goods cash goes out from the business and rule says credit what’s goes out so we credit the cash a/c goods purchase from sohan Rs.-20,000/- so in this entry purchase a/c debited because rule says debit what’s comes in but we credited sohan’s account why ? because this entry is a credit entry. friends whenever you get any name in the entry it is suppose to be a credit entry no cash outflow here here sohan is a name so apply the rule of personal a/c which says credit the giver. sohan gave us goods so we credit his account. goods return to sohan Rs.-10,000/- then apply the rules of personal a/c debit the receiver. so here we return our goods to sohan and he is the receiver of goods so debit the sohan a/c then focus of credit side rules of real a/c says credit out goes out here goods goes out from the business so according to the rules credit out goes out we credit the purchase a/c and put return with it paid rs. 10,000/ – to sohan we debited the sohan’s account because we know debit the receiver and credit the cash because rule says credit what’s goes out goods sold to ravi rs 10,000/- here ravi a/c debited because he is receiver and we sold goods to him we credited the sales a/c because sales is our income and we apply the rule of nominal a/c credit all the income goods return by ravi 5000/- we debited the sales return a/c because sales return is our loss and apply the rule of nominal a/c that is debit all losses and ravi’s a/c credited because ravi is giver and rule of personal a/c says credit the giver here cash receive from ravi and rule says debit what’s comes in so cash come in business and hence it is debited here ravi is giver so credit his account cash deposit rs. 5000/- in bank here bank is receiver so bank get debited and cash goes out from business so cash credited cash withdraw from bank rs.-2000/- here cash come’s in business so cash get debited and bank is giver so bank get credited shop rent paid cash rs.-1,000/- here shop rent is our expenses so according to the rule of nominal a/c all expenses must be debited and cash goes out from the business so cash get credited in the entry Light bill paid rs.-1,000/- light bill is our expenses and all exp. debited. if you paid your light bill using cheque then credit the bank a/c otherwise credit the cash a/c computer purchase rs-20,000/- here computer comes in the business so debit it and cash goes out from the business so credit it purchase furniture from raj furniture friends, this is a credit entry because name of shop comes here here furniture debited because it come is the business and raj furniture shop a/c credited because they are giver friends above are some example of basic entries if you want more entries then go to out blog and download it blog address given in description that is http://cpitudaipur.blogsopt.in/ friends, do some practice of basic entries it will help to to learn Tally perfectly. if you found this video helpful, then please like it, share it and don’t forget to subscribe out channel. Thank you so much!!

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    I had a query when I print one ledger in tally then it shows opening and the closing balance on the print preview. Hence, is there is any trick that shows the current year total also in printing.

  3. 1. P.K. Nair Communced Business with a Capital of 1,0000.00
    Received Cheque from Prem Nath & Co. for Rs 300.00
    and Cash Rs 200.00 on account and allowed him discount Rs 10.00
    2. Sold Old Machinery to Lal Chand & Co. 2,500.00
    3. Cash Sales 550.00
    4. Cash Purchase 215.00
    5. Rent Due to Landlord 150.00
    6. Intered on Capital 300.00

    Plz Solved Question

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