Supporting local needs through community-engaged learning

ANDREW GAO: The project we’re working on this summer is with a local nonprofit called Neighbor to Neighbor. One of their
programs is a furniture redistribution program where they take furniture from
people who are looking to get rid of it or donate it or just you know generally
don’t need it and redistribute it to people who need it. EMME EDMUNDS: So the mission of Neighbor to Neighbor is to really help people in our community make their
apartments or their homes into safer, more repaired, cozier places with
furniture if they need it. LISA BORST: I see how important it is that we can bring a bed
to somebody who was sleeping on the floor the night before. It just helps
people to have dignity. CATIE RENCRICCA: We’re helping them more securely and more efficiently organize and manage their data that they have. LISA: What we have been using has been very clunky. I might get a phone call or an email but then I
have to forward it to the scheduler. It’s just too messy and it’s easy to miss
things, so we will be able to serve more people in the community once we have
things streamlined. CATIE: So we’re presenting to the board today what we’ve done in
terms of their website. ANDREW: Communication is a big factor, and we need to evaluate
what our goals are with both the nonprofit and ourselves and
making sure we keep those in line. CATIE: So we’re looking for feedback on any new
features that they think would be important for us to implement. We’re
looking for feedback on information that they want stored and also to just double
check that what we’re doing is actually helpful because that’s the most
important thing. Our work is kind of pointless if it’s not helping them so

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