Sulani Sand Bar Renovation | Sims 4 Speed Build

hi hello some Sauron here and welcome to a speed build this is a renovation of the sandbar in Salani so for this speed build I actually count the first about a minute and a half have spreaded footage because I was trying so hard to change the bar I like the tiki bar I wanted it outside the one I wanted a more farm formal bar inside and I just couldn't get anything match I tried finding counters to match the tiki bar nothing at work at all so I give up on that idea for the time being and the side to side decorating elsewhere so I started with the walls and decide to go for a little bit more but like a fact all around do not liked the lighter look of it change the chairs around made them a bit more green because for my little idea for this I wanted to bring the outside inside I wanted to make it very plant and I don't know forest the inside lots of lots of greenery I changed around the windows and doors as well because I didn't like the fact that it's all just giant arches essentially and I figured you know yeah you're in a nice hot climate but you still want some kind of protection from the weather you don't just want to be like oh it's a windy day we can't go to the bar like oh it's chicken down with rain we can't go at the bar like you know I feel like this works with better we still have the windows and the doors at the front in the back that are just the slats so these two let in plenty of fresh air but every place in the windows with some nice big tall glass ones I also decided that I wanted to slow up the sitting areas in this so we have the bar stools for at the bar and we have a nice low setting area where we have the coffee table you know where it's gonna sit and have a nice casual drink maybe eat some tapas with your friends things like that we have the dining area we'll dining area dining table area which is slightly more formal maybe I haven't like a little family birthday party maybe it's a little bit of the business meeting obviously to like a leisurely business meeting but decide how to sing a little bit more formal as well in case your Sims want to sit down at an actual table and we also have a sitting area too watch the telly is across the fire from the telly but I thought you know most people wouldn't be here to watch the telly so you know you have a little area that you can sit down and watch if you really want to outside I didn't change the sitting area from a year that much it was more to just move it back a bit and I had an extra chair change it up a tiny little bit I added a new bar outside so I thought you know you'd have outside drinking I'm pretty sure though unfortunately in the Sims you can only get one mixologist and on the lot there's just a little bit annoying because I really like the idea of them have been like an indoor/outdoor bar and you can choose between we also have added sitting outside as well and also I didn't mention it earlier but I did increase the size of the bar a tiny little smidge I made it just that one tile big I wish it felt like really helped with divvying up the space a bit and adding some extra bits and bobs in like the cool table world's foosball table to foosball table Suria the foosball table there and just to give you Simpson extra I do while got this bar cause otherwise you could watch TV listen to some music and drink that was about it and I just it's like that's enough but I also wanted them to have like some like actual activity to do so I've added that in for them I played around with the what would it be like all the columns and the spandrels outside I played around with them a little bit I think I put them basically back to what we were though of just slightly different colour ends and all the roof also made it a little bit more symmetrical by adding a second dormer window to the side I tried out a music outside didn't found the bar like I wanted to so we get jukebox and then we go back inside we're really started decorating and adding some plant life you'll also notice a couple of accent lights about the place because one of my biggest problems with the original sunbath is Wow was 8da like I don't understand why it was so dark like yeah okay you've got these big open windows to let the Sun in but like that doesn't really do a whole lot for me I mean like it was just basically like here's a fun on the ceiling and also he has some fairy lights in the bar enjoy like he's a little light on the table like that's not gonna do anything so I caught one if the Oh what is the one called in the flat sauce of one like 150 small you won the bright one I just slice that down and put it where the fan is cuz obviously got to keep that fun there and then put some little wall-eyed stable lights things like that one and I feel like it added just enough light isn't obviously the brightest of rooms but I don't actually mind that cuz again it helps keep with that casual vibe and here we are just a place in lots and lots of plant life cuz like I said for this I wanted to bring the outside inside and I'll have a nice little green a rebar and um I spent a lot of time on the outside as well at the fruit wall front do you have picture on the gallery who doesn't see that's the front but it's the front right okay this is how EA Billy why wouldn't he build the front but a like it's fine can we get the gallery sorted so we can change what is classes the front please we can decide at least which side to take the fall from yeah spent a lot of time out here putting some plants above the door cause I don't know I just wanted it a bit bit more green forest II you know you live in a hot humid type area you can have a lot of front light fortunately it does unfortunately I don't know if I said that crow and quite so well as I should have I know what pronunciation of words gets a little bit mumble the times but yes unfortunately obviously these puns do when you put the walls bound it's still the Pierre so I mean it's play around a ball like I get it when people go I know things like that like I understand but um you know it works you can still play around plenty with it and also as far as player tested because as we moved to the bathroom which by the way why did they have a mesh door the bathroom like you go up to see there's anyone in there and the way of finding outs when in is in there isn't to see the doors locked no it's to do just walk up and see someone like on the toilet like no thank you so we changed the tour around added a lot more privacy we also popped a little window on there it's just a little one that opens and closes so you can open and close as you want and like I said it's play tested to make sure that toilet and the counters work everything around here works perfectly fine and happy and dandy and yes I hope you've all enjoyed this video that's all I really gotta say don't forget to leave your comments and feedbacks with all that down below and if you've enjoyed this video and you're new here hi welcome don't forget to subscribe and yeah that's pretty much it for me yeah thanks watching everyone bye

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