now Japan is world-renowned for its
sushi and its seafood. So we’re off to the epicenter of all of that. We’re off to one of the
world’s largest fish markets, Tsukiji Market.
So I have to admit, ever since I saw a
youtube video on gachapon, and gachapon machines, it started this weird
fascination. Rubber ducky, anyone ? Rubber clam shells ? Maybe some mini fake food. Oh, I have to get one of these. I think this is the whole collection. 500 yen – that’s
about like five dollars U.S.D. The winner is this! I have to get an okole (face or a butt face. This is the butt face collection apparently. Today, I’ll be
meeting up witha that YouTuber and he’ll be showing us around. Today I have a special guest with me! I
have Dustin of SoloTravelBlog. He lives here in Japan. I’ll put his links
down below the description box. You can check out his channel, definitely check it out. We’re gonna do a couple of street food tour videos together. Today we’re gonna take
you on a food tour of Tsukiji Market. Now there’s a lot of craziness here. There’s
a lot of wild… Yeah, it can get pretty wild.
– Just buckle up!
– Tsukiji market consists of two markets- an outer market and an inner market. The inner
market is a wholesale market or seafood comes in and is auctioned off to the
industry. Since the filming of this video, that market has moved to Toyosu Market.
The outer market however , consists of small restaurants and street vendors
selling seafood and produce to the public. This market still resides in
Tsukiji Market and where we will be exploring today! Oh my gosh I feel like
I’m gonna get a facial in this sauna! My scarf is slowly riding lower and lower
despite the fact I’m trying to be conservative and cover my shoulders. He’s
got the right idea… Japan must be the largest producers of fans and they
probably originated the idea of A/C! I actually stumble across your very
first gachapon video and you were so… he was so cynical. And then it became a sort of fascination. – Yeah I really was cynical like for the longest time. I was like “what are these like,
useless things…” Then I bought one… -Some of these are like insanely odd but cute or adorable. Yeah, I have like, hundreds of those things… -Do you?
-Yeah pretty much do! In the streets of Tsukiji’s outer
market, there’s a little something for everyone, from sweets …
– like, fake food candy
… to flame torched and raw seafood bites. Some of the foods can even tempt
the curious and adventurous. Prices can range anywhere from 500 to 1000 yen for
special seafood tastes. Costs are less for sweet and deep fried
finger foods. – These are like hush puppies… Like smelt…. like fried smelt! And although the seafood here is fresh,
it’s super hot out. Dustin and I know we probably still should be a little
cautious about what we try today. This is called “crab butter or crab brain”… It’s called “kanemiso” in Japanese. I think it’s good if you can get a really high
quality one, but just to get one, like randomly, someplace… I wouldn’t
recommend it unless you’re like totally crazy about crabs. To me it has a weird
like overpowering crab taste. It’s kind of like got a weird consistency. -Yeah right!
I love crab, but this is like uh, to me kinda weird, especially if you’re new to
Japanese food and the seafood. Do you recommend this? -I love warabi mochi. It’s really good. It’s like a mochi that’s super soft and gelatinous… Just the softest thing I’ve ever had. Just slightly sweet, succulent and I
would say, it’ll change your life! – I think I need my life changed! This is like… that one is the classic.
This peach one is actually is intriguing to me.
– I’m kind of looking at the economy, the one where you can get three for the price of
one! – A variety pack! It’s also got the matcha… but it’s got the
black sesame… and the kinako. Kinako for those of you who don’t
know, is the kind of a soybean powder flour. -Yeah it’s roasted. I like it actually Okay so we bought warabi mochi! This is
the 3-pack or as Dustin said, the variety pack, as Dustin said. Right there 250 yen which
is roughly around $2 USD. Wow it’s really soft, almost like it gushes
in my mouth and I can taste the kinnako, the soy bean… soybean flour. It’s just so smooth! – Let me try out this
Kudo Goma, also known as the black sesame. How is it? – It’s pretty good.
it’s got that rustic over town down-home black sesame flavor to it. It’s pretty
soft, as you mentioned. I like it a lot. although I think I like the kinnako
better. Get that peach action. Wow. I’m excited about this one. – Yeah I think
it’s gonna be good. Basically everything I get in Japan that’s peach flavored
it’s automatically good. Even the peaches here are amazing. Tasty,
fresh to death baby. Oh that’s just sliding off the stick.
It’s very unique. I’ve not tried like a peach flavored one. Wow yeah it’s kind of like this nice. Sweet peach action, going off in my mouth
and they’re so smooth, it’s like silk! …Like silk going through… Now that’s the winner. So we’re at the tamagoyaki place? Yeah. -I’ve seen a lot of people eat this… -Ilike it. I wouldn’t say it’s the best but I like it. Although some
foreigners try it I think it’s weird. It doesn’t really taste the way you
expected. Generally you can get it in a sushi set like it’s off to get this kind
of like a dessert item. – Yeah. It’s not a dessert but it’s usually the
last sushi you would eat, so it’s kind of sweet. Sometimes some are sweet and some are not speaking so it it depends on if it’s we’re not whether or not it’s a
dessert item I like I like the sweet. Okay the non sweet. The non sweet one just tastes like normal eggs. watching him make babies seemly
mesmerizing I’m not a fan of names really but I feel like I really wanna
granite me personally I’m a huge fan of economy not exactly an expert but the
quality isn’t insane you can check out videos on YouTube they got videos of the
industrial process first of all the eggs are taking from chickens that are I
think the tree isn’t much better and just the process is so exacting with how
they sort the eggs how they choose good ones are good new and every time you buy
the eggs here they’re not refrigerated they don’t need to be refrigerated long
so they’re just storage room temperature and they’re combined to eat raw actually
like people here eats raw eggs every day like the eggs in Japan are really good
should we come to Japan interception you wanna trapped up okay that’s sweet my hot hot sweet that’s looking nice yeah as a non egg
lover what do you think sigh talking from my mouth the more I like soy flavor
is very squishy it’s actually very sweet maybe it too
much action textures crazy puffy and kinda squishy like like super
soft scrambled eggs and hard-boiled egg shop is Yamato Yamato
yeah much other okay and it’s on the corner of like it Street around 11 a.m.
the market begins to get crowded those are the cheese ones these are the
regular ones is there scallops of uni now let’s try out this scallop and sea
urchin action over here doulas baby verdict like she do it won’t hold my mouth very salty clearly faces we need to see off a lot
of it not for the halibut juicy welcome liver mr. loves
you see why it’s a little seed like see tasting I’m so choked it’s very chewy
guys pretty popular huh yeah chain uh-huh I’ve never seen this conveyer
belt one though this is a conveyer belt one you’ll not be at a loss for seafood
restaurants in this area not all sushi joints are in plain sight some are
tucked in small offshoot streets and alleys been expensive but there’s a line
yeah the more people the better honey don’t even come up company if the locals
are here that’s probably good I mean finally shot I get the feel for it based
on of course you could look on the internet but just walking down the
street I get a feel for it based on how many customers there are especially if
they’re local Japanese not like tourists from America or China there’s a big line
if the shop people are very friendly that’s also a plus I noticed one pattern
where if the people say the food is a cheat which means delicious if they say
that’s actually a sign I’m from what I’ve seen like a contra indicator we’re gonna go
in and try this it’s got a nice variety okay I think
that would be a nice one that gets so clever in here my kids like so anything good job or upsold under me
so soon and this is the order that we got it’s
kind of like a nice variety that’s negitoro which is like minced to now
with spring onions uh-huh scallop which is Ho Tata this is a be just shrimps I
think this is uh I think it’s macaron basically it’s mostly a muscle like not
20 back but tomorrow is like the most common type salmon I think this is end
gallop I’m not sure I think it’s a gala that’s like a flatfish
and this one I’m not sure like it’s very taste I like the sea fish flavors quite strong very very so don’t let me dip it very luscious it’s good the texture of it is really calming for
light you know I’m surprised I really actually like that one yeah it’s got a nice juicy sweet flavor well that’s a finer shrimp I’ve had is
it sweet or not sweet to me okay it’s Alma Abbey then it’s a different species of shrimp
that’s sweet this is the albacore that’s called bitch oh this is a here on
a which is white fish because I think I’ve never had been shown all trans men
shall meet how it really saw salty or fishing
really really soft I’m surprised actually the fish no it’s
not that soft it’s really good actually but still my favorite is still gonna be
the new Thomas Eddie ended me Toro Thank You Toro like
this have been one of the depression the quality of vision Japan is really
crazy it’s really this is like an onigiri shop this is off of namioka Dori she’s got just like a variety of to put
on EBT but they’re jumbo size look at that
I guess that’s just all help 207 you see that nowhere
as you we tow is a different thing because a unique innovation off of top
of the owning kitty I feel like so generally work there the right spot has
its own salty it’s salted tasting I think so there are two different types
of seaweed kelp owning me some I guess I’m about to find out which one does
this is I’m gonna go inside for the big kill my second reflection defense family was
actually kind of fishy tasting the salmon was actually pretty strong so it
was just like with the kelp I felt like I was swimming in an ocean so walking
down the streets 70 shops you can try also and it’ll seduce you to actually
want to provide the little packets of baby crabs like Dr Dee Dee Savage eels boy I didn’t know headphones
country it’s kind of like them I would say like dried those little tiny fish I
think I want to try this one the white for 300 yen
I got a peach flavoured I think glutinous rice it goes by many names and
it’s got a strawberry but it’s also I think was strained red bean paste in
there with some kind of white filling you can taste the peach immediately the
red bean is very mild and mixed with the strawberry it’s a little tangy not sure
I care for the strawberry part I think I prefer the strawberry separate from the
peach not bad it’s certainly fun and different in Japan a lot of things are
just going to be a little pricier but there’s a certain kind of artistry that
goes into it is what I’m understanding is a certain kind of artistry and
individual staff that’s going into the making of some of these foods so we
actually have two versions of this food to our out one is mine which is kind of
little more tourist friendly those of you were a little shy about trying some
foods and the extreme version is Justin those
are it’s for those of you who are a little more adventurous take the bull by
its horns yeah check it out you’re gonna like it
guaranteed so remember I’ll keep a link down below in my description box we have
two separate tours going on 16:02 key tomorrow so what is plus plus there is more than
we see even less pretty artificial yeah I’m mission about the fish balls
exploding in my mouth top-quality efficient balls right there if you
enjoyed this video remember to give it a thumbs up give it a share and if you’re
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take you inside and knock off my bucket lists of travel let me know what you
think of my video above all may the ger be with you

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