Story Swap Fun Icebreaker Activity w/ We! Engage Cards

Story Swap by far one of my favorite
exercises to facilitate a large group so the basic way this works is you give
everybody in the group a card and you can even make sure that they don’t see
it so I might and even ask people to set their hands out palms down if the group
is small enough and put the card in their hand image side face down so that
they don’t see the image and then what I’m going to do is invite people to pair
up with each other and show each other the photo on their card and have that
person respond with a story that’s cued by that image and so that the really
neat thing about the human brain is any one of these 50 images is gonna cues
something for the person that they’re paired off with and so you’ll get kind
of a random bit of a story you can feel free to add the layer of following up
with a question rooted in your own natural curiosity and then the
invitation here is and this was what makes this activity the Swap part really
really fun is the group that’s or the pair that’s paired up you invite them to
swap cards find a new partner share a new story and so it’s this just little
exchange a story this that happens in a room and over time you start to
percolate these stories down now you can add specific you cut
add variations to it to fit your context so it might be same directions pair up with
somebody share a story that is cued by seeing the image of the back of your card
and see if you can relate that story to blank it could be the purpose of the day
that you’re together the purpose of the meeting that you’re there for so if
you’re meeting to talk about next year’s goals
it could be choose a story that represents that somehow connects to that
image that represents a goal that you have for this coming year that’s a drop so
be creative with it have fun Story Swap is a beautiful way and a safe way to get
people to share stories their own truths there’s a way that stories connect us
that when my story is shared I automatically see ways that it overlaps
with my own and that connects us but I also see differences in ways that it
doesn’t connect and that opens up curiosity and curiosity has the power to
transform difference into connection enjoy

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