[Spoiler] Rastakhan’s Deal with Bwonsamdi

So many lost… I know. I miss Rezan too. Oh, Tze’na… what do we do now? The dust of bones… for the Loa of death. Well… this is a surprise. You looking pretty good, Your Majesty. So…why have you come to see me? I need your aid. I see. You want to make a deal with me. Go on, go on. Become my Loa. Grant me the power to recover my kingdom, and I will elevate you above all Loa! Yes, yes, so you get your kingdom back. All very nice. But soon you’ll tire of old Bwonsamdi. You’ll go back to the living Loa. The ones who bring the rain. Makes the crops grow…not wither and die. No, no, no. I need more… than just your word. If you do this for me… I will bind my bloodline to you. All who succeed you will keep this bargain? To serve me in life… and in death? Forever. We got a deal. Father… I felt something, a moment ago. Has something happened? Do not worry my daugther. I’ve taken care of everything.

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  1. "i have taken care of everything" Hmmmm sounds fammiliar flashback to warcraft 3 " You no longer need to sacrifice for your people. You no longer need to bear the weight of your crown. I've taken care of everything." Ah yes now I remember

  2. Is Bwonsamdi a reference to the "god" Baron Samedi ? Cause it's the same deal : controls the living and the dead.. And have pretty much the same name 😅

  3. Ehh, I think this deal is pretty fair.
    If Talanji rejects the crown, Rastakhan and Bwonsamdi's deal falls apart. He specificaly said 'decendants' and not 'All who succeed you', which would have doomed Zandalar to a zombie-infested realm of death forever.

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if a new one who isn't of Rastakhan's bloodline that is one that is not one of his descendants, wouldn't that break the deal/bond/curse or whatever you want to call it?

  5. I don't watch American Horror Story, but while watching this video, someone in my household who does, overheard and came in, saying, "Do I hear Papa Legba?" Haha… I guess there must be a resemblance…

  6. i ship bwonsamdi with lots of people i ship him with rastakhan and um hmmm salazea because he wanted the speaker of the horde to give him her soul and all that but thats the biggest ship i have for them they are sooooo cute im so sorry there are so cute and the third ship is talanji and the speaker of the horde all of those ships are too cute im so sorry aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. These people sound Carribean and Nigerian at the same time. Though there is clearly some internal consistency I would understand if I knew more. Phenomenal voice work ad direction on display here as well as the soundtrack.

  8. Listen everyone, here’s what the end plot of battle for
    azaroth and who made Sylvanas warcheft should be. The void wants Sylvanas's
    soul but each time she has die she has been resurrected by her followers. So
    the void lord knew the only way to possess her soul permanently was to have the
    mortal races destroy all her resources. So they devised a plan where they'd
    tell vol'gin in his dying breath that she would need to become warcheft if the
    horde were to survive the legion. That way, when she started her own agenda she
    would cause so much havoc the mortal races would have to unite to defeat her
    and destroy everything she possesses that way when she dies this time, she will
    be dead for good. If you like my idea please like and share it and help make
    blizzard aware of it.

  9. still can't help but wonder if Bwomsamdi like some death spirits/gods knows when those who worship them are going to die because even if he did bind his bloodline to him it still seemed like he took the deal too easily

  10. Here's the thing about binding your bloodline to Bwonsamdi- there is no told of afterlife for trolls except for the replicated Azeroth in the Shadowlands. If you work for Bwonsamdi after death- that's great. At least you have something to do.

  11. For me, I never really cared whether Bwonsamdi was good or evil. I just wanted to take his staff and smack him with it for all the smartass comments he gives you when you end up in the graveyard.

  12. you all know rastakhan and if you all watch rastamouse well uh rasta is in rastamouse and also in rastakhan's name and rastakhan reminds me of rastamouse lol hahahaha

  13. Blizzard: The wads of cash… for the game publisher of greed

    Activision: Well… this is a suprise. You're looking pretty good, Blizzard. So… why have you come to see me?

    Blizzard: I need your aid.

    Activision: I see. You want to make a deal with me. Go on, go on.

    Blizzard: Become my game publisher. Publish my games so I can ensure the future of my company, and I will make you rich above all game publishers!

    Activision: Yes, yes, so you can make your quality games. All very nice. But soon you'll tire of old Activision. You'll go back to making games your way. Quality over quantity… Not about making a profit. No, no, no. I need more… than just your word.

    Blizzard: If you do this for me… I will merge my company to you.

    Activision: All who succeed you will keep this bargain? To serve me for wealth… and for greed?

    Blizzard: Forever.

    Activision: We got a deal.

  14. Why do I get a sassy Hades (from Disney's Hercules) vibe from Bwonsomdi? I love the character, movements, mannerisms, everything about him. And he is sinister and sneaky, which makes it so much better.

  15. Personally, the Zandalarians are much more badass than the Kul Trian humans.

    Not to mention, I love how they mixed them with features of Aztec/Inca/Mayan, Hawaiian, Jamaican, and I believe one of the African Countries (someone help me out here).

  16. The last time someone said "I've taken care of everything" in a warcraft cutscene it resulted in Arthas killing his Father

  17. i have taken care of everything. How Many times that line by now has bin spoken before disaster followed?

  18. Rastakhan: “Daughter?”

    Talanji: “Did you do it?”

    Rastakhan: “Yes”

    Talanji: “What did it cost?”

    Rastakhan: “Everything”

    Victory was worth any price, even his own soul…

  19. I'm starting to think something's gonna happen between Sylvannas and the troll queen now… One wants to master death and the other is bound to Loa of Death.

  20. I like how Bwonsamdi moves like a Disney character! I'm half expecting him to sing about how "He's got friends on the OTHER SIDE!"

  21. King Rastakhan: "Don't worry my daughter..i've taken care of everything"

    Ner'Zhul talking to Arthas through Frostmourne: "You..no longer need to sacrifice for your people..you no longer need to bear the weight of your crown…i've taken care..of everything"


  22. rastakhan and rastamouse hahahhahahahhaahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahaahhahah

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