Snakes Armed With Guns Are SUPER DEADLY! | Rise of Shadows | Hearthstone

it's the madman okay so I'm using totemic Hall and I can use primal storms if I want to well let's do probable Sterling's Appomattox is gonna crush the early game bosses okay what do we got here your death battles for your toys we have no def bells your meetings have rush always good sorry return giving around a minion your hand plus one plus one haven't tried that yet but seems like it should be pretty good okay we got a top tier Lich King still Donna's iliacs seems good meme error Wow never seen him cast that before Wow we let him live another turn is gonna be a lot of Scrolls or channel I think he's gonna die wait maybe not I'll be everything Oh okay here we go oh he missed Wow pesto the Gandhara it's mommy okay what do we got here mutate evolve Lotus illusionists you sent at the merlok stuff bad and we have this stuff the undertaker Sylvanas relax makes no sense I guess we'll go Vicki I think that's a special this this interaction a shaman like I like looser here about the very top it's very spooky I like it it's kind of different let me show you the power of the winds imagine pm combos this is gonna be a fast one this false power must be destroyed overpowered after you play a card this turn replay it peppered blaster and ketchup card recast all spells you've cast on this minion and this run last is pretty sweet legends on some good value yeah team battle try there how many battle cry do I have in my deck not that many and team elemental ref it's pretty terrible alright legends drinks and all enemy minions got a useless elemental shuttle truck Nick steer in Medivh labelled you're all fired now he's tossed one by three used to cost some random card to zero so do I want a two minute to to a one minute to four Onyxia and Medivh no I think the right play is to take a chance and then the upper-hand cool like a reduce one of these by 3 which is brew it that means it just goes infinite right just a double check the ekor coffee is also constant sake that we good comeback card though I like it infinity owing it's pretty spooky so I kind of want to coin out more attempt out here but I'll just take a nice easy way could have played on the element also I thought I'd have given low lots of cards we like mo when he doesn't have lots of crowns okay this wasn't nearly as bad what game got three decent cards we also have the spirits to get more value out of my value we want more value out of my belly or do we want some cards I'll actually make me survive the early game we should probably choose stuff that doesn't make me lose every deck needs some in the game in some early game oh no minions no buff the lack of value so sad so we have hyper blast angry when they want us on the buff again maybe is a duck is way better to then normal maybe how sad would we be if the echoing uses were compounded I think I might be a little sad don't worry loves the cavalry fear and vast now there's some cool money Erico minions to invest in cool monies boy do we want that lot to get invested I'll say this that I crushed the investment maybe I just get rid of the rest of like I'm sure oh boy oh you also Coffee it oh my god and I get thing they have pepper buster see how likely is he able to kill the Lich King immediately pretty unlikely save the coin for next game you're bad banker Biggs didn't have an emergency savings fund which you should have before you started investing your money protip okay so we've got some big guys scepter of summoning would give me a discount on Forrest and wouldn't run our hags the undertaker Lich King I don't have that much big stuff though death rattles trigger twice we actually started drafting spirits that's a pretty strong value but we also have the wisdom buff where's the buff big shaman valetroy elemental wrath oh that's not good this your next bout right rigorous twice this stuff is a little too heavy let me take this what the heck Bob's board is so terrible a doll enemy minions to your adventure deck Wow I would instantly lose the game she's a friendly minion AB three copies to your adventure deck I don't think any of these are two of P this is like the best brood of all time because my board is good and his boards bad and we don't want to add any of these thank good rough day okay that's actually some pretty good stuff you have some forming at five sixes that's pretty solid and do I want to add any of these to my three copies not really yeah gimme gimme and then I'll take a chance no order I think my deck is heavier right now so play take a chance and then rounded drinks all order Bob's like yo ass go to order good order is it possibly a worse firing these guys my deck just got quite a bit better we gets a lot worse in the late game it's just a two minute three – murmuring elemental isn't very strong this guy's like just basic and as iliacs whatever yeah get out of here big exchange witches brew is gonna come into play Fletch I think there's our ego space for a lot of damage so no point to me playing a Firefly unless I think that it's useful to gain for health is it worth getting fodder out and I need this fodder the more times I take damage more times wisdom ville activates all set maybe these are totem as fodder god I hope that this doesn't randomly target this hello good Khadgar I think this should be a random legend there sure precision oh I just can't just got roasted teach it to shaman spells so I get an unstable evolution in my hand all right if I get this this is not in the same expansion so I don't actually know I believe I will get unstable ish in my hand to be fair it might be a good pick any of us it involves like a decent pick I mean one target in the wolf all right anyway science repeatable this turn I don't know if I'll get one we'll see okay it's how big a dust of our horror there lack of synergy is not lost on me now hopefully I get unstable volition in my head you end up not getting unstable evolution in downgrading our Lord viola okay ulis Waltrip don't know if I've had anything diet died with death rattle that is I actually think I've had nothing die with that rattle so her interesting no we shouldn't ever get long a random target wait are you raising my fishing dad go head guard totally would do that the heck has happened to my master about routing this whole time double Kel'Thuzad it's pretty sick we have also dumbbell cry grumble Zola and we have ball double Kel'Thuzad okay well that's good that guy started with extra man on you should too place she'd out an x-rated mana sheet on a wild girl thanks Ken good extra mana is like the best thing it sounds good that it's like a treasure so much king boom holy cows bosses pretty insane would have been pretty tough if I didn't start off with a freezie ruminate it it's actually still pretty tough it's time for my for Manas legislature I think and then I overload for so long us mmm I guess we play this this could survive a turn that'd be worth a lot did not survive out there Oh ouch now they did not survive attack yeah that's overload six so far like anodyne extern does they have lightning bolt trees a mini until three of adjacent ones I think that's actually better than starving yeah Eureka should be good Lackey is also okay oh yeah it could actually use the clean right now for me so one thing that stands out distinctly to me is that that boss probably runs volcana so that means I probably shouldn't put too much on the board here the other question is do I die do I need the death quote myself right now it probably should just in case I guess I'll yeah I'm scared let's overload everything ah three mana de Oh father Schuck overpowered oh I got to be loose now we have one more mana I've got actually Edgard on me out here captain again Wow let's invest more toad okay oh I shouldn't if it oh right check coming through watch strategies Oh what a turn but I've got the perfect turn here probably shouldn't ever commit the damage Simmons like completely unimportant a tough boss oh no plaster how did we end up without right what is the tunnel Bosco hasta you're so powerful I was like how did you just draw three cards how I Oh Tunnel blaster too spooky wait kel'thuzad plus tunnel blaster equals he never attacks question work maybe yes but how does that ever learn that now first not oh my god if he discovered like lava burst oke Oke where's my broom here it is I agree wait does it just double every single time no that one double two plus six let's cast this one again [Applause] Love Actually pretty tough and I should have done Kel'Thuzad ancestral spirit band up all the Serb rough what oh my god I don't have anything to do with the last no hello thanks for cheating this in here Wall Street [Applause] I don't make mistakes my god what a boss we're going to play around you know clear the board again oh we made it through oh my god that seems like it's one of the harder bosses can either do master scheme seems pretty freakin good the other tier are really slow but we all know that I want more than just one charger right we want five treasures there could be master scheme and untold splendor that might actually draw too many cards of master scheme anyways thank you untold scheme could be untold splendor could be anything even more schemes and is off the corruptor to slow unit the merlocks is terrible storm surge white ice crumble I don't have enough Rinna's off let's go this but this one takes the cake mmm cake Oh give a more Walker Cho oh that would be insane extra mana please Thanks the back doesn't actually have very many spells in it so this can only be good what are they getting up to for buy a copy of the first card your opponent plays hey that must be a four six basic stat card okay Jade serpent would guide you that was just baseline one five they did you can do them placing invocation get the fire elemental happy so I would play this you would buy a copy of it three mana four five six play the fire elemental explode the cash of cash give him plenty of coins I get all the coins back anyways sure that seems like a decent plan I don't know me and cheap stuff The Voice deal in the history of Azeroth let me catch that again and I'd rather give them actual coins than the fake coins oops one more coin than expected it's actually compelling enough to play this I mean about to get a bunch of coins I think didn't cast any of them there's nothing to buy oh no what now I didn't actually see Chow as a good card when I picked the bucket but cha was actually a really good card Cho was insane there you can have the six mana to two [Applause] nice play mice doesn't want to give them an handsome Makenna first and then I guess I get a coin and play why does sure no demons in their hairs like resurrecting both of these has got to be a good thing play some card before the crushing lunch surfer I guess used me for the coin and I'll save that for this now I know doom is there one time maybe my coins for next game oh no I used it for the cookie you yes me were they coined this p.m. in the start with the death knight here apparent refresh draw a card

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  1. Man I don't even disagree with you, but they way you talk makes me feel dirty, like oily. All those patronizing sighs and ughs and subtle insults are gross man. Its as if this video doesn't exist to debate the point, but rather to make the people who are on this side of the debate feel smug and superior. It's gross.

  2. Damn it, Trump. I could understand if vegan king were to fuck up the "next spell have more spell damage" with a coin, but you? You should rest a bit, man.

  3. Trump joking about using Electra with the coin and then doing that exact thing 5 minutes later is the funniest thing ive ever seen

  4. I best Vasno because I had the permanent stealth and he filled his board with 1-1 rush minions so after turn 5 I had summoned my 10-10 minions and killed him with only 4 health left

  5. best strategy for Gallywix is to just hang on to every coin he gives you and wait for him to play fel reaver. then you dump your hand of coins and other cards and he burns his whole deck. ez wins

  6. Snakes On A Plane would have been so much more terrifying if the snakes on the plane had had guns, thus making it Armed Snakes On A Plane

  7. Yesterday I was playing Rakinishu with the hero power that makes your minions cheaper, then I got the buff, "your hero power costs one less and you can use it twice". I also got the Kvaldir Raider, so I ended up with 3, 50 50s on the last boss

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  9. I swear this game was trolling me the other day so hard…they tried to make me choose out of 3 C'thun, 3 C'thun, or the 3 randoms I went with lol one of those triples was under "Old Gods" and one was under "Legends" and BOTH were in the same decision…I had NO other C'thun cards so yeah troll much?

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