Set a variable for currency: SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.0

To set a variable for currency, we will start by adding a dropdown box to the canvas. Next, we will define the types of currency to be selected using the dropdown. We need to define the value and optional display text for each type of currency to be selected. In this example, enter values for USD, CAD, and EUR currencies. Note that we must use the primary key as the value, which we can determine by reviewing the original data source or editing the initial view of the query. Now we can create a script to define what action takes place when a selection is made. For this example, we will manually construct a script where a variable is set for the application as a whole based on the currency type selected from the dropdown. Note that we can activate content assistance by pressing Ctrl + Space. First, we will select the application, and then add the setVariableValue method. Note that placeholders for the parameters are included, and the placeholder for the first parameter is already selected. Using content assistance, we will select the appropriate dimension for the variable. Now, we will define the value as the selection from the dropdown. Next, we will add the appropriate method to return the selected value. And finally, we can complete the script. We will save our changes and execute the application locally to test the variable. We will select a currency type. Note that because the currency variable is set at the application level, it affects all analytic components, regardless of the data source. We have successfully set a variable for currency. Visit for more tutorials on Design Studio and other SAP business intelligence products.

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