Sesame Street: Chewing Gum Factory

BOY: Look, over there. He’s getting ready to
make chewing gum. GIRL: Syrup. GIRL: Hot syrup. They’re mixing the
hot syrup bottle! GIRL: See those little
wet spots? That’s sugar. GIRL: Taking the sugar out! GIRL: Making sugar. GIRL: It’s sweet. GIRL: Putting raw
gum in the oven. GIRL: Yeah. It’s in the oven. BOY: The electric oven. BOY: Yeah. It’s the oven. BOY: There’s the hot rubber! BOY: There’s the hot syrup. BOY: Wow! BOY: In the mixer. There’s sugar [? lining ?]
the gum. BOY: Coloring. BOY: Coloring. BOY: Boom. BOY: Sticky. BOY: You wanna chew it? BOY: If you ate all this
flavoring and everything without it all made, you’d
get real sick. BOY: Sugar’s coming. Going. BOY: Being cut. BOY: It’s trimming. BOY: They’re trimming. BOY: Trimming. BOY: Checking it out. [INAUDIBLE]. GIRL: She’s breaking it. BOY: Breaking. BOY: The slicer. BOY: They’re putting
it in wrappers. BOY: Wrappers. BOY: They’re putting
the tin foil in. Be careful, don’t swallow it! If she puts any more gum
in her mouth, then she’s gonna blow up.

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