See How Everywhere Small Business Works

What if there was a way to get your
marketing message in front of your ideal customers in all of the places they love,
like their homes, and their favorite websites, and their social media feeds?
What if you knew somebody would handle all of that for you and make sure your
message was consistent on every one of your marketing channels? What if they got
you incredible negotiated rates and they optimized all of your campaigns to
perfection, using brilliant marketing messages on
every channel. And what if you didn’t have to pay them a salary? PostcardMania
is excited to introduce to you Everywhere Small Business! You can now
harness the power of direct mail marketing, Google, and Facebook to create
more qualified leads, calls, and revenue for your business! Here’s how it works
your marketing consultant will work with you to figure out who your ideal
customer is. They will help you design an effective message to reach them. We’ll
design, print, and mail postcards to those targeted prospects. Then the same people
who receive your postcards will see coordinated ads online. These online ads
show up on millions of websites in the Google Ad Network, and on Facebook. You
can log in anytime to our online portal and see exactly how your marketing is
performing for you. You can even listen to recordings of every phone call that
came in to your business from the campaign. Everywhere Small Business does
it all for you so that you can focus on your business!

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