Sebastian Maniscalco Talks Working With Robert DeNiro on “The Irishman” | E! Red Carpet & Award

-I love you.
I feel like every time we get together, it’s here. -I know. Sebastian Maniscalco — Let me tell you, Sebastian Maniscalco, one of the most
amazing comedians out there, wonderful actor. Okay, can I just tell them that, like, I’m obsessed with
you? I went to see him in Chicago at his show.
This guy’s unbelievable. And I could not get words together to speak to you
backstage. My husband surprised me, brought me in.
-Yeah. -What was — I’m so sorry.
-No, no. It was actually very flattering. It’s like the first time I met you was in Chicago, at the
show with your husband, Bill. And yeah, I’ve been following you on Instagram and whatnot,
and — -You know I love following you.
-[ Chuckles ] Can’t wait to go to your new restaurant in Chicago.
-Thank you, Sebastian. -So — yeah.
-You are the best. -You got to plug the restaurant, right?
-Of course let’s plug the restaurant. RPM.
-[ Laughs ] -“Irishman.”
-Yeah. -Unbel– I mean, first of all, the cast.
Let’s just talk about that for a second. What was your reaction when you heard you were gonna be in
this film with those incredible actors? -Yeah, so, I was at Equinox health club, on a treadmill, and
I got a phone call, and it was from my agent. I was thinking this might be the call.
So I jumped off the treadmill, and I went outside. They told me I got the part of Crazy Joe Gallo, working with
De Niro and Pesci and Scorsese, and it’s like, “Yeah, for a guy who grew up on the northwest suburbs of
Chicago, watching these guys, and then I’m in a movie with them is pretty spectacular.” -And I love that it happened on a treadmill, because I
really follow Sebastian. One of your bits, about the treadmill, people annoy you
sometimes on a treadmill. -Yes.
-Why are people so annoying on the treadmill? -I don’t like the guy that gets on the treadmill and turns
to the side, and he’s doing side-skips, looking at me. Actually, I met my wife on a treadmill, so I’m very familiar
with the treadmill. -Okay. Before I let you go, you were on “Family Feud”?
-Yeah. I was just on “Family Feud.” I cannot tell you if I won or not.
-I know. Oh, okay, okay. It’s gonna air in the summer.
But one of the highlights of my career, I got to tell you. -Sebastian, let me tell you, I was on it a few years ago. One of the highlights of my career.
-Right? -It’s unbelievable, right?
Being on “Family Feud,” it’s like a dream. -Yeah. It’s something I watched as a kid, and I can’t wait
for you to see it. -You’re the best.
-Thank you. Thanks for having me on.
Appreciate it. Thank you. -Ciao bello. [ Blows kisses ]
-Take care. Ciao. Ci vediamo. Bello, bello.
Bene — Bene grazie.

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