Schiff should explain his engagement with the whistleblower: Rep. Hurd

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  1. Such ignorance…Under the law there is NO allowance for anonymity for any whistleblower…. There IS protection against retribution, but no reason why they should be allowed to accuse anyone, and remain unidentified..This is the most fundamental right in any democracy, in that any accused has the absolute right to face and question their accusor..

  2. Schitt should also have to explain his relationship to Epstein and the Standard Hotel in NYC. Turns out, as I have always believed, that the little Schitt has a fondness for little boys. And, he like to conduct such dealings at said hotel. While you're at it, look into his out of court settlement involving a sexual harassment case with a 19 year old boy. This piece of Schitt needs to be exposed for everything that he is, not just a liar and leaker!!!

  3. How we treat this President will impact how we treat Presidents in the future – f..k the two-faced, lying whistleblower ! Fox ! Where do you get these two duffers from ?

  4. We should also bring Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to explain how they become senior advisers at the white house. Jared Kushner failed 3 the background checks.

  5. There has to be some sort of wrong doing for there to be a whistle to blow. So this is not a whistle blower at all. He not only needs to be identified, but sued. Right along with Shiff-bag.

  6. The same criminals who killed Epstein are behind this impeachment. The Coup, the witch hunts, the false accusers being protected, the false whistleblowers, Russia Collusion, the fake news weaponized against Trump, etc all Deep State's doing.

  7. The politicians are blurring the lines between a whistleblower and a leaker to suit their need. If Eric isn't a legitimate whistleblower, he should be outed "officially", lose his job and do jail time.

  8. Greta Thumberg. G are E.T. Ah T Hu M Be are G. E.T. 📱 Home.
    Is Greta really a climate activist? And who groomed her, was it Holy Wood? Or Holly Wood, was it Leo, or D'Crapio. Did actors put her up to it? Or is she really all about climate change? She reads from a piece of paper every time I've seen her speak publicly. Anyone can read a script. Doesn't mean that they care. I hope little Greta really is who she says she is, but seems to me that she is a pawn in a game scripted by Hollywood Elites. I love you Greta.

  9. Chris has become a cnn host. And the whistleblower is not a whistleblower he is an undercover cia hack. He was part of the whole Russia gate bs

  10. They are calling in…'Erlichman'…'Halderman'…
    'Mitchell' and 'Dean!'…to testify AGAINST our POTUS!
    Next they'll be calling in Agnew!

  11. Impeach bla bla bla, the real story everybody wants to know is what went on behind locked doors of Schifty Schiffs good friend and donar Ed Bucks house ???
    What weird sexual acts did these two get up to in there leather masks with young black men being drugged and tied up

  12. What kind of reporter is this guy. Asking IFs. Thats not honest, not proffesional. Thats corrupt Media. He should be asking about 2016 democrats interference in election. Fact! And corruption in Ukrania, period!

  13. Schiff you are a proven liar and need openly testify in front of the American people under oath. This is a must and if you don't you ,Pelosi and the rest of Communist Democrats and mainstream media a perpetrating some more hoaxes and coups. What is your friendship with the whistleblower and Ukrainian Arms Dealer Igor Pastonak and Satanist George Soros.

  14. Hey Chris, if it's true what we heard from an anonymous source, that you are a child molester, would you still have your job?

  15. How did Chris ask that question the people that testified were not elected officials Chris Wallace should work for CNN it's painful to watch lefties talk just so messed up it's like Michael savage said it's a mental disorder

  16. Hurd is leaving office cause he is DEEP STATE ….he doesn't want the WB to be ID but he is KNOWN and doesn't meet the criteria as a WB …he will be brought up on TREASON Charges and the CIA dismantled .. some of these people are the worst of our society!

  17. Everything WhistleBlower reported has Proven True..
    Criminal trump/GHOULIANI Caught Red Handed Shake Down of Ukraine.
    Say gbye to trumpy McDouche Nozzle trumpTards…

  18. Why the heck is the Republicans letting this farce
    Go on? I mean really! Why not put the whole thing to the supreme court? Neither parties should be able to appoint one of their constituents as judge and jury! Democrats have fossilized in those seats! They forget they work for "We The People!" Term limits people!


  20. Comey and the Communist Democrats are being investigated and are going to be prosecuted. Trust me they are going down.

  21. This idiot is a Republican in name only! He should be Democrat, Snowden wasnt protected, why was that ok to out him and ALL the other whistleblowers that outed themselves and went to jail for what they blew the whistle on. So how is it that this guy gets special treatment, when he is obviously lying and is sick and y trying to hurt the President.

  22. Chris Matthews is working for the DNC? He is the worst. Why is he doing his best to make this out to be quid pro quo. We all have the transcripts and we can read.

  23. I’ve HURD that the whistleblower’s name is ERIC CIARAMELLA. Does anyone know if ERIC CIARAMELLA is the whistleblower’s name? Am I spelling whistleblower ERIC CIARAMELLA correctly? It starts with CIA? Isn’t that STRANGE because whistleblower ERIC CIARAMELLA works for the CIA!

  24. All these videos on YouTube are really getting chopped up the New World order is 😡 The deep state is getting exposed Technology is exposing them for what they are if they take power back the people will take it back from them by force people on the left call names and get you fired don't make good Christian people angry they but the way out of the dark ages we will do it again if you make us don't mistake or kindness as weakness Christians used to carry a sword

  25. Of course we should know who the fake whistle blower is or els we can all make falls claims about you and every one. The law would become guilty intil proved inocent

  26. So, what will be the rules when the Intelligence Committee turns over the report to the Judiciary Committee????? More of the same Kangaroo Court because of Dem control?????? Waste more of taxpayer money? Congress is useless!!!!

  27. Wallace spends 9 minutes steering guest into saying what he wants him to say. Oh yeah and a real journalist just dropped his latest FOIA with docs. and timeline that implicate bidens not trump….Wallace fail.

  28. Chris Wallace keeps fishing until he gets the soundbite he wants that can be weaponized against Republicans. Shameful hackery.

  29. Adam Schiff should be arrested for treason against the United states and face a firing squad immediately
    No due process .
    Guilty in the court of public opinion.

  30. Will Hurd is a nit-wit. How he keeps getting voted in is questionable. I am a Texan. The individual is NOT a whistle-blower. He is a leaker that's blowing smoke up everybody's… If you have eyes to see, this is a planned attack on our country, a planned attack against every American. It started at the top & will trickle down to me & to you. Pray for our President. Right is might. KAG!!!

  31. whistleblower = another step to communism. Why didnt they protect Snowden when he blew the intellegence community whistle. Ohh double standard again. they must be democrats.

  32. This congressman said that asking Ukraine to investigate corruption involving a presidential candidate is a crime yet he cites no statute that it violates. He and Wallace glide by the fact that Democrats investigated Trump while he was a candidate and that impeachment itself is a democrat abuse of power to benefit themselves in the 2020 election.

  33. Excuse me Chris he did not say investigate democratic corruption. At 9:25 Wallace injects that one word and changes the whole dynamic of the interview. CHRIS WALLACE is fake news and a partisan hack

  34. YOU GUYS should understand how these things work before you start yapping about stuff. Everything that was done was done correctly and legally.

  35. So what Will is saying to the American people is that you don't have the right to face your accuser. I don't believe that's in the Constitution anywhere and neither does he, this person considered to be a whistleblower is no different than an informant who must also answer questions in a criminal case which is what an Impeachment turns out to be. Shame on you Will Hurd.

  36. As a non American, i can see that its now official; American people vs US Deep State. Its no longer Trump. majority of Americans will not let the deep state win, esp Trump has kept his promises, this is getting ugly.

  37. So, the Dems can investigate a phone that affects the 2020 election. But if Trump investigates Corruption in the 2016 election it's an abuse of power?…Okay, got it.🤪

  38. The Whistleblower laws protect you from retaliation, retribution or punishment. It does NOT protect identity. Ask Ed Snowden. Rand Paul is right quoting the constitution that the accused has the right to face the accuser. President Trump is still an US citizen who has that right. You can't protect an accuser's identity and be fair , and our founders knew that.

  39. We all see what that AH0le Schiff is doing … he isn't fooling anybody. He wants to impeach the President with whatever lies he can spin up. Impeach or bust!
    Then when he finally gets his impeachment, it'll go to the floor of the Senate .. and it'll sit right there .. gather dust .. and eventually die. Trump will become even more popular and get reelected. THEN Schiff will be implicated in the scam and come under attack for comspiracy …

  40. Being a crackhead, looking to cop in LA & in the Ukraine and being kicked out of military for apparently the same, it makes sick sense for touchy feels joe to ship Hunter halfway around the world to hide from the media and other sources, not quid pro pervert joes best idea.

  41. I think if your going to try to impeach the president. You should be able to interview everyone involved…It is the president after all.

  42. The actions of the democratic party have destroyed this country's election process. Never again will a president be elected without immediate impeachment action being taken by the opposing party. If you don't believe me wait until a democrat is elected…..

  43. Is it his crooked or tilted mouth, that makes me irritating? Or is it the kind of questioning from his high uglyness? Wallace always seems to be fishing for negative news about Trump! One must be stupid not to notice it. There isn’t any kind of objectivity in the questioning of this misfit!!!
    There’s no need for him to do this, because all the biased mudmedia already are doing that frequently! Fox News is the only network that gives several sites the opportunity to tell their story, just look at Julio from The Five. But at least he is very clear about the fact that he is pro-Democrat. Wallace doesn’t admit that, he pretends to be objective!

  44. Schiff will also lie under oath, he has no shame, no morals, no dignity, and no soul, he's a liar and a scam artist, he's a disgrace to our country.

  45. Why don't the president call in the military to arrest all these Democratic for abuse of political power, after all he is the commander of chief

  46. to be a whistleblower you have to have 1st hand knowledge, so the whistleblower cant use whistleblower protections as he/she doesn't qualify.

  47. Schift can't allow the material witness I.e whistleblower be deposed because if CM teastfies truthfully the liar Schifts scam falls apart if not CM perjures himself and nerds don't fare well in jail imagine………

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