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stop man open to more saviors of all Doon cards we have so many powerful cards for you this time let's start with bizarre mugger 5 mana rogue 3/5 rush battle try out of random minion from another class to your hand good mid-range e-type rogue pick up a minion from another class is not quite as good as a card but this has a rush which is a really powerful ability this pretty much guarantees a two-for-one you play it you kill something and then you get under there card it even possibly and very often will get you a 3 for 1 because you play it you kill something it survives you have another card so I might be like a 2 and a half for one that's an excellent value rogue pick up just the question of the value rogue will ever work and also the random minion from another class is so good for vendetta also really good is underbelly fence with it I'd say this is a potential card for putting that meta into more prominence and also moving it a little bit bigger and so facie Ezra obelisk 5 mana 0 5 if you control 3 of these at the end of your turn deal 5 damage to random enemy welcome to the main card of the sent obviously 5 mana 4:05 isn't great it's not good by itself you need to build a deck around it because if you get the 3 Ovilus out you do deal 5 damage to a random enemy 3 times and you could get 6 desert all blissed out for 30 damage that's kind of an OT k now how do you do that well there is potential of gloop sprayer the paladins got emperor wraps all these seem like terrible decks but i for one am happy to see a meme card every card game should have some memes in it for the people who love me me you have to imagine that the fact this cost so much is that there was at one point a really strong desert obelisk combo deck and it was the general enough that they were like a little bit conservative like oh man this desert all blows deck is insane we better raise the midnight cost it's far enough now better make it 5 evil recruiter a warlock 3 mana 3/3 battle cry destroy a friendly Lackey to summon a 5 5 d it's a form anna88 apply the Lackey you get its effect you play the evil recruiter on the same turn as Lockean because he can't counts on the lucky to survive you destroy it you get a 5/5 so you're basically getting a three minute three three and a one mana 5/5 that's really insane you'll almost never be playing this on turn three it's almost always gonna be turned four with a lackey but I feel like between evil genius and evil cable-ready people will have that lackey enough times plus does it matter really how bad the other lackey generator is that might come up if it's not outstandingly bad you'll put it in this deck and it'll be so good almost the other zoo cards I just want to emphasize that this form anna88 it's even stronger than an actual form anna88 which you might be able to pull off an attack like hemlock with tap-tap mountain giant it's split into a three three and a five five which is better than a mountain giant because hard kill spells will only kill the 5/5 and leave a 3/3 a 5/5 in a 33 allow you to trade better than an eight eight as well and if you get it on turn four there is many less solutions to a 3/3 plus a 5/5 than one eight eight not to mention we are in a little bit of a big game hunter meta just because mage can play these Mountain Giants and then conjures calling them so big game hunter has been around the block evil recruiter dodges big game hunter rush cleaver six mana seven five demon four warlock bellowing try destroy a minion your hero takes damage equal to its health Wow that's another strong one I don't know if we're like has the health to pull this off but I like to compare this card with a vowel spine Slayer that card that everyone thought was ridiculous a five-minute 3/4 with combo destroy a minion for one more mana you get for one more stats which is a lot of stats and you get no combo requirement you just BAM destroy a minion this will always two-for-one your opponent maybe even three for one because seven five is a real threat and you killed one of your pawns minions which you're already ahead on will this be good enough to put in Zoo to push your small minions through well this be good enough to be placed in control or lock instead of something like siphons soul because instead of gaining three health it sure is better to get a seven-five and all depends on whether or not the amount of health you have is enough to sustain such a card if you're flying a zoo duck you're usually the one that's ahead and controlling the board anyways right do you really need your health could be moving zuwanie more mid-range version one that requires less life taps use the life that you're saving by not live tapping by playing riff cleaver something like that hunters pack a hunter spell three mana add a random hunter beasts secret and weapon into your hand so that's a three mana for a three card generation card a lot of decks out there would kill for something like this a meadow Valley pushes hunter in a more control or mid-range version well I mean the versions that run hunters pack at least reminds me a lot of masters call which is also a three minute draw three but you have to be running a really specific duck hunters back you can just generally put into any deck that's not fast if you feel like that that means the value and certainly any deck was little gin in it really likes hunter spec because not only do you get another hunter's pack result when you play as a little gin you just might be able to replay the secret you played the first time with hunter spec this could be the amount of value generation hunter is needed in order to really get an edge up on control warrior once warned the mercenary a warrior three mana 3/3 Bela cry choose a damage friendly minions summon a copy of it the requirements are tough but when you look at it this is a faceless manipulator that costs to fewer mana and gives you a 3/3 on top of that just have to have the precondition of damaging a friendly minion and you get a 33 holy cap well let's see playing some sort of combo deck where you play Leroy Jenkins in a rage and then blood sworn mercenary getting another Leroy Jenkins to eight attack Leroy Jenkins hit for face 416 reminds me of a certain force of nature savage roaring this is also pretty neat with the born mechanic in general especially for copying something that's immediately fast such as restless money if you copy restless mummys reborn then it's like a three-minute three three that deals three damage we've got fish flinger a team man of three tumour luck Bala try at a random merlok to each player's hand well that is just so much better than puddle stuff right that I don't quite know how to begin so we have the base puddle stock for stats of two minute three to merlok yes it's a symmetrical effect of having a random merlok to each player's hand but the player playing merlocks is going to appreciate the merlok a lot more than your opponent who will probably just be getting some random at garbage merlok I don't know maybe the fish fling your generates warleader that would be insane and then on your opponent's side if they get more leader it's like oh three minute three three won't form I don't really think there's gonna be any Murloc deck that isn't shaman still but if you were fortunate enough to be playing a Murloc deck that's not shaman you could get underbelly angler with the fish flinger and that would be really insane so here's an attempt to make a non shaman Murloc deck work its paladin's 8 mana tip the scales fell someone seven murlocs from your deck I feel like it's more of a mysterious Challenger comparison instead of of course the card that comes to mind immediately anything can happen because anything can happen typically was a combo finisher on the other hand hit the scales is something you want to play extremely fast and just for value so can you make a mid-range merlok value deck work which has tipped the scales as the cherry on top of that entire deck well it depends a bit on what other merlocks might be printed here I personally don't think it's going to happen but depends on if there's some sort of insane more luck that comes up I guess one potential big Hyrule is you run a deck with only tip the scales as spells and you run for is mana cleanse you turn for your prismatic lens you get the tip the scales and you get I don't know one mana two men and relock the following turn you play tip to scale you have a full board of merlocks for five mana perhaps on your 5-minute turn that seems like it could be really good finally we have Uncas of buried a rogue legendary very exciting a five minute five five that won't cry change each death rattle minion in your hand into a one-one that costs one wow what a game changer big targets with this include mechanical whelp deranged doctor and the biggest of the big mech ethu this looks like a very practical way to dismantle your mecha theme and I'm sure they tested this a lot right buzzard right because rogues also have a card that draws their entire deck Mira's unstable element so it's simple you draw your whole deck and then you have a four card combo unka walk the plank on Lanka Mecca soon backstab make a thing and you've drawn your whole deck so all you have to do is get rid of the other six cards in your hand maybe you just play a bunch of cheap spells maybe this really cements death-rattle rogue because with death around rogue it was already kind of closed between nekron blade and neck cream vile mechanical whelp is so much value if you play unka and then the following turn you play it the one man oh welp and then you play neck ram vile on it like that is such enormous value then put a cherry on top of that why not swinging your neck reom blade along with that and then get another seven seven yeah keep your eye on today's cards in terms of your theorycrafting i think there are a lot of huge game changers here all of those could create really big archetypes centered around those specific cards and sure desert obelisk – for you crazy people and from the dusty tune these legends are the past

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  1. 9:20 "I'm sure they tested this a lot…"
    Since when Blizzard test cards for HS? Look at conjurer mage now, you think they tested that deck?

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  3. If Star aligner has taught me anything, it's that meme cards like Obilisk have the potential to OTK people.

  4. I hate the temporary keyword bullshit, either make them good enough to keep or don’t make them all. This annoys me so much I’m just gonna quit the game.

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