Sanders responds to critics: My campaign is for the working class

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  1. CLIMATE CHANGE IS A HOAX…FACTS SHOW CO2 LEVELS THROUGHOUT TIME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FOSSIL FUELS USE And has been going on for 100s of thousands of years before cars

  2. Bernie: My campaign is for implementing Soviet Style socialism, which I advocated way back, on my honeymoon, with my much younger wife, in Russia. We'll gulag all Republicans.

  3. Trump's drooling cult followers have taken to repeating the line about Sanders having his honeymoon in Moscow. Like, what is that supposed to even imply? If Sanders is an ordained communist for having his honeymoon in Moscow, then Trump must be Vladimir Lenin reincarnated for taking all of his wives from the former Soviet Union, and for trying to build hotels over there. Trump voter logic is bewildering, if it can even be called logic in the first place. They're just parrots at this point. They don't even attempt to think through what they're repeating.

  4. The thing that people forget over and over again is that “Socialism” is a brainchild of Karl Marx, and that it is stepping stone toward “Communism.” And “Socialism” has not worked anywhere in the world, so why can we think so arrogantly that it’ll work here?

  5. Says the guy thats made millions off bring a life long politician, never had a real job and his campaign staff says if trump wins theyre going to burn cities.

  6. How taxing my employer going to help the working class so when witch by the way is own by woman decides to leave all those jobs gone how is that helping working class people by the way only reason I mentioned that she woman is the mainstream media and hollywood wants you to believe that woman can't Be successful in America.

  7. I'm a Republican, but I'll vote for Sanders. Though his view is radically different then the views I've held for my entire life, I've been listening a lot to him and reading about his plan and now I'm kind of changing my stance politically. I think unless you're super rich (baby millionaires, we're not talking about you), the average American would have a better overall life under Sanders.

  8. 4:50

    "You're gonna need the support of independents"

    Recent poll shows that Sanders is 18 points ahead of Trump nationally. 18 points.

    Just saying.

  9. I just cant support someone who has the support of radicals like Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talib and AOC. Otherwise I would love the guy

  10. Sanders stupidity and dogma will cost millions of middle class money , socialists always do ,the6 know how to spend your money better than you do .

  11. I “worked” for my rifles, hand guns, ammo, high capacity assault CliPzZ and my healthcare. You won’t be taking any of that. Even though my steel union endorses you, I will not.

  12. American business news reporter and analyst, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, has filed candidacy papers to challenge Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez in Democratic primary, for her congressional seat, somehow, at her ripe old age, employed as a broadcaster, has escaped the unspecified self-marketing urge and requirement to lighten her hair, or even to blond it, that may not be the case when she enters the cut-throat halls of politics, where hair dye, mostly blond, may prove to be of a more higher temptation and calling, to win public office as a little more than just a must do.

  13. The climate has been changing constantly for millions of years. I’d love to know what their plan is stop the next ice age.

  14. AS USUAL he cant answer the question of how to pay for any of it. he just compares our cost to other countries like that explains where the money is coming from. what an idiot

  15. Is Bernie aware that by giving tax break to the rich they can actually create jobs for the working class? while giving tax break to the middle class it will mostly be spent on stupid stuff?

  16. It's funny how the GOP never has to justify their new spending. If we can afford to start a Space Force we can afford Medicare for all.

  17. Can anyone show me one scientist that has said this? I have not seen a single one, and really want to know who they are.

  18. If you love socialism, it'd be cheaper and quicker for you to just buy a one-way airplane ticket to Venezuela. It beats waiting for it to take place here. It takes the government forever to pass legislation. Plus, you can enjoy the 10,000,000% inflation they're enjoying now.

  19. I don't agree with his policies. But give him credit for coming to fox unlike the majority of Democrats. (With the exception of Tulsi and I think Yang)

  20. Chris, Who's The Liar? Bernie would start with the billionaires and work his way down to your kid's lemonade stand. How else do you support that type of welfare state.That was a weak interview without any serious challenge for Sanders – Typical Wallace

  21. I do not think that open borders and uncontrolled immigration is anywhere good for the working class. If Bernie had kept his 2012 position on immigration the center and undecided would support him.

  22. Bernie has integrity, I’ll give him that. Too bad his ideas are terrible. Working classes have always been worse off under socialism. The rich escape with their money and their best stuff… for example why Honduras has better cigars than Cuba now. The working class is then in turn not allowed to become rich, which means no new innovation. Imagine if socialism had took hold 120 years ago, there would be no cars, no cell phones, computers, etc. but at least the government would buy you a horse and buggy. Henry Ford doesn’t exist in a socialist society. What innovations that most of us can’t even imagine would be delayed or stopped if we follow his ideas? The capitalist American society has been the economic engine for the world for centuries. Every major step forward has come from one place, one society. Computers, phones, cars, medicines, the list is endless. All China and socialist Europe can do is imitate and hope to carve out a niche in those things. Not all the smart innovative people live in the United States, China has many people who could be Bill Gates or the Wright brothers, but they lack the freedom from central planning to fulfill their potential. The world suffers if Bernie wins.

  23. Bernie is masking his socialism in the Democratic Party. He is NOT a Democrat, he is a Socialist who borders on Communism. That’s not hyperbole, that is taking him at his word.

  24. Big business definitely does not want Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination for potus and they will do all they can to cheat him out of it.

  25. How can that old shyster say with a straight face that the "green new deal" isn't a massive hidden tax scheme, in order to extort lots of "green" out of the tax base of America?…

  26. first off Doctors prescribe drugs not pharmacies, secondly, the green new deal creates new jobs but ends jobs for millions, third, is beyond absurd to suggest that destroying our economy and country on "the green new deal" would stop hurricanes like hurricane Sandy that he talks about, fouthly, he honeymooned in the USSR – he tries to get out of that one because Trump said Married by mistake, fifth, he still can't explain how he's going to pay for medicare for all, simply says it will cost less which there is zero proof of that.

  27. I've heard enough, this guy has balls telling is what we need to do when he has never accomplished anything in his life. He is a self proclaimed communist.

  28. The problem with the cost of college is that the government got involved and started giving government loans for college! Socialism is not too far from communism. Who was president when Donald Trump got those tax breaks you’re referring to and was it legal? You have no argument career politician you are the one that set the rules for tax breaks so stop blaming everybody else for using the system to gain more returns on their taxes?.

  29. Bernie: "Let me be very honest with you"
    First off, that is a lie! Communists are NEVER honest to anybody!
    They lie to gain power, they lie to maintain power, they then lie, about why their system (Inevitably) failed!!

    My uncle, a Korean war, line combat vet, used to advise;
    When you shoot a commie, always shoot them, twice! They are most likely faking, the first shot, to get you, when your close enough.
    My father, also a Korean war vet, never disagreed.

  30. Millionaire Bernie is for the working class, he's now just against "billionaires." Communism is for the working people, not the Communist leaders.

  31. Bernie is advocating that citizens receive actual services in return for their income tax. It's what all other western countries in the world guarantee their citizens. The U.S is the richest country in the HISTORY of the PLANET, the notion that it's unaffordable is a joke.

  32. Definitely the best option for Middle Class America. Unlike the one who we have now. Donald only cares about the top 1% while the rest can live on pay-check to pay-check. What a global disgrace.

  33. TRUMP Is Already doing what bernie is talking about…….. ; )
    changing the healthcare system… requiring accountability… wanting to bring down drug prices… and Creating MILLIONS of working class Jobs & Increased Benefits BY giving business owners 'Incentives' to stay In America!!! : )
    ONLY millionaires & billonaires Pay TAXES……
    Low income & middle class get all our money back!!! ;

    If you go after billionaire business owners & creators of Jobs.. They leave America & take the jobs overseas & still avoid the 'changes he talks about….. ;
    it doesn't work!

    the corrupt drug company's I agree need to be held more accountable & the "elitists" who try to "buy" politicians & control their policy's…… but TRUMP IS fighting back against their corruption & bad policy's around the world & that's why they hate him & give him bad press!!! ; )
    Bernie could never handle the Attack & Backlash he would get from ALL sides , if he actually fought against the system,.. the way Donald J Trump IS……. ;

    TRUMP 2020 & to infinity & Beyond ~

  34. If the CEOs thought someone was going to fight against them then they certainly wouldn't contribute money to help them out.

  35. How can he just lie to the face of the American people. There is not a single bit of remorse in politics in these times. Socialism is not for any class unless the government is considered a class.

  36. Retire Bernie. Do the ENTIRE country a favor. Just retire. STOP telling the nations youth that everything should be free. I prefer TRUMPS green new deal. I am making much more GREEN.

  37. that awkward moment when a right-wing "news" outlet does fairer & better coverage of democratic candidates than left-wing "news" outlets.

  38. I make $60K a year and pay $780/year for health, dental and vision through my employer. I’m a democrat. He’s saying that I’ll pay less than $12,000/year under his plan?? That’s insane. I am not voting to have my taxes raised to 40% or more to pay for other people’s healthcare. Tax the ultra-wealthy to extend the tax credits offered under the ACA to subsidize the poor and let people keep their private plans. This just isn’t sensible, Bernie.

  39. Every time his lips move you can just feel the deception, This man wants to turn America into a communist country before he dies. Do not fall for this moron's foolish vision.

  40. Bernie – Is a Communist and despite the fact that socialism and communism doesn't work and especially has never worked for the people effected by it…….there are many stupid / young Americans believing that they can get something for free AND once they give up their freedoms good luck getting them back………it doesn't happen.

  41. This dude also believed in Stalin and Castro…….🤷 After you have made those comments, I will forever question your judgement. I'm more than good off this old man, kick rocks and enjoy the last ten years of your life. I'd like to keep America.

  42. Half the commenters in hear are wearing tin foil hats!

    -Capitalism without socialism leads to Fascism
    -Socialism without capitalism leads to communism

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