Ruthless Business JayZ, Jermaine Dupri, Roger Goodell, Nfl deal Colin Kaepernick

[Music] what’s up y’all I’m Ali a Parker and today what I’m going to talk about is their Jay Z because I see everybody talking about that and this this is about business see because Jay Z was making a big business move and I just wanted to analyze that and break it down and show and talk about what really went down because what I think people think this is I think people think they and they feelings about these see because they think any disease from the hostile feet look JC’s supposed to be morally correct but this was a business move just like when he said did this ain’t about cavity I kept burning yeah I understood them because they’re high swalot eat the nibbling on the football field was about police brutality I had nothing to do with company and I’m gonna do with him or if he was gonna get a job or whatever that’s not the issue the issue was police brutality but then – we gotta understand what this was because it I like this because this is this is actually business one-on-one I mean this is truly showing what business is because I know a lot of people look at people like Jay Z or other business people like Bill Gates or what well I get today but what people looking at is they looking at personalities and they trying to say well they look like a nice guy they look like a cool guy and they looking at morals but in business business is war and since business is war look at that hip I could see somebody like Jay Z did in this deal JZ was persuading was the guy’s name first our peoples pursue persuading Jermaine Dupri bump legs talked about he he didn’t want funk Jermaine Dupri to do business with the NFL because of the situation that was going on and he told gently Jermaine Dupri out of doing some business with the NFL Travis Scott was gonna perform what he did perform for the Super Bowl but uh jay-z didn’t want him to do that jay-z was trying to talk him out of it but then you see jay-z turn right around and he business with the people he attained that he was talking everybody else out of doing business you see now it’s naked yeah it is I’m not gonna sit back and say thanks Nikes because there is he was talking them out of the deal like you don’t gonna make your money because this is about to some moral thing black power but the whole time what are you talking about of it he was leveraging his own power so he could make a better deal with the same people that he didn’t want them to make a deal let’s see that’s good business see because on the water side yeah yes bad daddy but Billy is the main Dupree his family member is he truly his friend I mean did he know he’ll grow I mean come on there this is business Travis got also this is business and if you dumb enough to let more persuade your business decisions then you won’t be the one running things because look you know how businessí and in any business to be straight business or whatever we don’t go straight business let’s just say you had a street beat you selling drugs and you trying to hold this block down and a new a new crew coming but they wanna hold the block they want to take that block but this new crew to come in they will in the murder they willing to do whatever it takes to take that block from you because you you like you know I just want to make money for the fun for my homies family I don’t want to hurt nobody you see how the people is willing to take it there have have they have an edge over they have an advantage and seeing business the business is more and I know everybody want to top this morality stuff but in reality business is more and what Daisy done was strategic that’s just like in the 48 laws of power or if you was reading a book the press when they talk about things in strategy books when it comes to business and war they liken it because the same thing and a lot of times whoever is willing to take it the extra edge further is the person that has the penis and wins that’s just like Bill Gates seems like a very cool guy but Emma Steve Jobs they were in a business war tug of war and when he came to them even though they seemed like cool guys they seem like nice people when they kind of business they was customer they did what they had to do they’ve done what was necessary and they would backstab each other to be on top and say I know a lot of people will disagree with then argue with that but the thing is love your feelings and how you feel about things and social justice that’s a hindrance in business unless you using it to get something you know jay-z will use them things too to gain support and stuff like that but that’s a tactic also see because so this is how long people to look at this NFL thing is this was a major business moving jay-z was doing business so this wasn’t about social justice this wasn’t about black power even though it is still black power because in for black business man is thinking strategically and he’s thinking by him becoming more powerful that’s black power so I have no problem with him doing strategic hard core business in order to get on top you know because look that’s how it’s done look at how many people puffy don’t Rob the Suge Knight don’t write off all record labels of every race Rock people because the thing is in business you have to know your business and if you know your business and kind of Iraqi but if you don’t and it’s nothing with your father that means the Jew was lacking in business so you should lose in peace [Music]

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