Russia-Ukraine war – Crimea, 2 years of “occupation” what happened, what do locals think?

Crimea. A beautiful peninsula in the Black
Sea that few people in the West heard about before 2014… and then… all hell broke
loose! Russian occupation!
Russian annexation! What else was there?
Some of this. Some of that. There was also “land grab”, “19th century
actions in the 21st century”, and even this But what really happened here 2 years ago? Hello, and happy St. Patrick’s Day. My name is Alex and we are in the Crimean city of Sevastopol. Tomorrow marks 2 years since Russia officially either annexed Crimea or Crimea rejoined Russia. We came here to learn the
truth of what happened back then, why it happened, and ask locals what they think about it. So, as you know from our previous videos,
in winter of 2013-2014 there was a movement called Euromaidan in Ukrainian capital of
Kiev aimed at ousting Viktor Yanukovich – the elected president. While there was significant
popular support for the movement in Western and Central Ukraine, people South-Eastern
Ukraine, especially in the regions of Donbass and Crimea, were very wary of what was going
on in Kiev. in February of 2014, Euromaidan, which was
supported both by Ukraine’s robber-baron oligarchs, and the West, came to a violent
resolution. Hardcore ultra nationalists, hiding behind the backs of peaceful protestors organized
a violent and bloody coup d’etat. During the EuroMaidan, Russia and Russian
speakers were often targets of hateful calls and speeches. And Crimea, where the “wrong
kind of Ukrainians” live and where about 90% of people are Russian speakers, was a
favorite target for nationalists. Immediately after Euromaidan overthrew Yanukovich,
the first act of the new “revolutionary” parliament was to repeal laws that gave language
rights to Russian and other minority language speakers. Crimea, was once again on top of
that list. Even before this, before Euromaidan even won,
on the 20th of February of 2014, near the city of Korsun, ultranationalists stopped
a bus full of Crimean who were in Kiev to voice their opposition to Euromaidan movement.
These activists were taken out of the bus, humiliated and beaten. 7 people died on that
day, and the nationalists themselves posted videos of this on Youtube, bragging about
their victory, and threatening to do the same to anyone who disagreed with their version
of what Ukraine should be. They also publicly promising to send a quote
“friendship train” full of armed thugs to Crimea to force the locals to love Ukraine
or else… So blood, Crimean blood, was spilled by Ukrainian
nationalists, the victors of Euromaidan. In the cold of late February 2014, 7 Crimean
families were burring their fathers and sons, and all 2 million Crimeans were preparing
for the worst. ———
But why are there so many “wrong Ukrainians” in Crimea? To answer that question, we have
to take a quick look at the history of Crimea. Crimea is a strategic peninsular located in
northern part of the Black Sea. Because of this, Crimea has been a part of various empires
and kingdoms. Roman, Greek and Byzantine, Ottoman and even
Mongol empires at various points claimed all or some of the peninsular.
Traders from as far as Italian Venice and Genoa established trade colonies here. The
ancient Russian Tmutarakan principality founded in the 10th century laid claim to the eastern
part of peninsula. Ancient tribes like the Tauri and Scythian,
as well as the modern Crimean Tatars had their power base on the peninsula.
Hell, even Goth, the ones who sacked Rome, not the ones who wear all black, called Crimea
their home in the past. For centuries Crimea was a launching ground
for slaver raids into South Russian lands, but in 1783, Catherine the Great of Russia,
after defeating Turkey in a decade long war, incorporated the peninsula into the Russian
Empire. In early 19th century, Crimea, together with
what later became South East Ukraine, was part of the Novorossia, or New Russia region
of the empire. Under Russian rule Crimea was settled by Russians,
Belorussian, Little Russian (as proto-Ukrainians were then called), as well as Germans, Bulgarians,
Jews and many others. The region experienced a growth in trade, agriculture, and later
tourism and flourished under Russian rule. Even after the creation of Ukrainian state
by Vladimir Lenin, and after Ukraine was one of the founding member of the Soviet Union,
Crimea remained a part of Russian Federal Republic within the USSR.
Take a look at this clip from US Department of Defense “Why we fight” film. Ukraine
and Crimea are clearly and obviously separate entities.
And it was the Soviet leader Nikita Khurshev, you unilaterally, and many say in violation
of Soviet laws, transferred Crimea from Russian Soviet Republic to Ukrainian Soviet Republic.
But, again, at this time no one imagined the Soviet Union would ever collapse, so the transfer
was just an administrative and technical decision within one country.
But at its core, in its soul, Crimea always remained Russian. Furthermore, Russian Christian
tradition originates in Crimea – Russian Prince Vladimir, who baptized the Russian
people, was himself baptized in the town of Khersoness in Crimea, and Sevastopol is the
Russian equivalent of the American Alamo – a city that on two occasions – during the
Crimean War of the 19th century, and in World War 2 – heroically held its ground, didn’t
surrender, and fought the enemy to the last defender.
These are some of the historic reasons Russia believes it has a valid claim to Crimea.
———- But you know, Russia’s claim that Crimea
is Russian, because of some ancient prince, or even because of what happened here in World
War 2 is not that relevant. What really matters, at least if we live in a democratic society,
is what the Crimeans of today, think and want So when in 2014, after Ukrainian nationalists killed 7 Crimeans, and threatened to do the
same to anyone who disagrees with the new “democratic” government in Kiev, locals
started to organize into self-defense units and scheduled a referendum to democratically
decide the future of their regioin. However, this was not the first time this
happened. In January 1991, when leaders in still Soviet Kiev where talking about declaring
independence from the Soviet Union, Crimea held a referendum, the first referendum ever
held in the Soviet Union. The referendum asked the question if Crimeans if want to stay under
Kiev’s control, or want to be to restore pre-Khrushev arrangement when Crimea was administered from Moscow. 1.441, or 81.3% of Crimeans came out to vote, and 93.26% of them voted in favor of Moscow. In May 1992, when Ukraine already succeeded
from the USSR, Crimean parliament declared national sovereignty of Crimea, and scheduled
a referendum on that matter to be held in August, but the government in Kiev forced
them to abandon the initiative. Back then, too, armed nationalist sent a “friendship
train” in order to scare Crimeans into abandoning their hopes and dreams.
In March of 1995 the central government of Ukraine unilaterally annulled the Crimean
Constitution. The local government again scheduled a referendum to uphold the old constitution,
but again, under pressure from nationalists and the Kiev government was forced to back
down. Twice, in 1998 and 2006 Crimeans wanted to
hold a referendum on the status of Russian language, and finally in 2006, Crimeans held
an unrecognized referendum about Ukraine joining NATO, and 98.7% of the 900 thousand who showed
up, voted against it. So, once again, as you see, Crimeans have
for decades tried to guarantee their basic national right through democratic referendums,
and for decades Ukraine strong armed them. So, when the thugs who just publicly killed
7 Crimeans, came to power in Kiev, people here knew that they could not count on the
Ukrainian state to fulfill its primary function and protect them, and started to organize
into self-defense units. And, once it was obvious that the state was
not only not going to protect them from murderous nationalists, but that some of those murderous
nationalists became the state, it was time for another referendum – this one to once
and for all democratically decide the future of their region.
And on the 16th of March 2014 over 80% of Crimeans who came to the polls voted for the
Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol, to rejoin their ancestral homeland and become
parts of the Russian Federation And Russia, that “evil empire” dared to do the most despotic thing ever – to recognize
a free, democratic referendum! Now, Ukraine and the West often blame Russia
of having neo-imperialist goals. But what is an empire in essence?
An empire is when a state values territories more than the dreams and desires of people
who live in those territories. Empire is saying “I don’t care what 2 million people have
democratically chosen – all I care about is this land”… isn’t that an attempted
“land grab”? a “land grab” from right under the people who live on this land, and
have lived here for generations? Now, lets do a quick mental experiment. Just
for a minute try to forget everything you know about evil Russia and good Ukraine. Forget
even everything I told you today, and just focus on the questions. There is a Country A that: –
• doesn’t allow the people of a certain region to hold referendums,
• doesn’t recognize them when they are democratically held.
• Doesn’t want to give language rights to people who have spoken their language on
their land for centuries. • Has a government that doesn’t punish
thugs for killing “wrong kind of people” • Values territory over the living and breathing
human beings who live there. Country B on the other hand:
• Defend organizers of a democratic referendum from thugs who proved they are willing to
kill those who disagree with them • Recognizes the democratic and peaceful
desires of the overwhelming majority of people • Values the hope, dreams and lives of people,
not viewing them as just squatters on a desired territory.
Now, please answer the question – which one of these countries is a democracy, and which
one of them is an empire? The obvious answer is country A exhibits all the worst traits
of imperial thinking. And if you did really forget everything, you
can now remember it back, and unexpectedly realize that “Country B”, that upheld
the basic democratic rights of people is the supposedly evil Russia, while “Country A”
that values territory over people who live there is the supposedly good Ukraine.
So, if Western press and politicians were honest in their labels, they would be talking
about Ukrainian empire – the wet dream of all Ukrainian nationalists. A dream, that
Crimeans decided to wake up from! Another thing that empires do, by the way, is exploit territories. Here again, Russia
completely doesn’t fit the bill. So let’s take a quick look at the “HORRORS OF OCCUPATION!”
So since Crimea reunited with Russia, local salaries and pensions grew by as much as 100%
percent. Locals are now guaranteed free quality healthcare, and free education anywhere in
Russia, including world famous Moscow and St. Petersburg universities. Hospitals that
were neglected for decades under Ukrainian rule are now receiving modern equipment, and
doctors are getting higher pay. Furthermore, Russia is heavily investing in
local infrastructure building new power plants, roads, bridges, ports and airport.
The goal is to build up local business and infrastructure and create better living conditions
for the locals. That doesn’t sound like occupation at all, does it? Thank you for watching. We hope this video helped you better understand what happend in Crimea 2 years ago and what is going on here now. When we came here, we though we would do just
one video, but there is some much information we want to tell you, that are doing 2 more
episodes from here. The next one will cover why Russian troops ended up being here and we will talk about the famous Budapest memorandum that Russia supposedly broke In Our final video from Crimea we will focus on the Crimean-Tatar, the people that Russia supposedly oppreses and who “want to break free”. So for those upcoming videos, and many others from Crimea, Donbass and other regions, as well as in-depth analysis of what is going Ukraine, please sign up to our channel. Also, please comment, like this video, and of course please share

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  1. отличные видео.напишите где-то,где можно вас найти в соцсетях,к примеру фейсбук.

  2. You can find this and more videos as well as articles about Crimea, Russia, Ukraine, Syria and geopolitics on!

  3. I also went to Crimea for a visit, and got the same story from all the Crimeans who live in their own land.
    I also met a couple suffering Post traumatic stress syndrome, They are refugees from Donbass, which unfortunately has been attacked by the Kiev regime, and their house and the mother of the wife's house was also bombed by the Kiev forces. And yet Russia is constantly demonized. So who is the real demon here?

  4. Wow, I learned some things I didn't know today! Thank you for sharing such an informative and educational video with the rest of us! 😊

  5. Спасибо автору, очень радует наличие независимых от политической ангажированности журналиста.

    Thanks to the author, is very pleased with the presence of independent journalists from political bias.

  6. Вопрос для кого это? Не стоит распинаться для того зверья, что продолжает войну на Донбассе по сей день убивает мирных жителей. Я вас как житель ЛНР говорю, до них доходит только пулей в лоб и флагом в Берлине.

  7. Пророссийское говно. Адекватным людям не советую смотреть этот фсбшный зализ.

  8. Thank you for the truth ! With respect from Kerch , Crimea , Russian Federation .

    If you need more information about crimea selfdefence – i can tell you about it . I and my friends was one of the first selfdefences of Kerch

  9. The west should hang down their heads in shame for putting genocidal fascists in power in Kiev in the 21st century. The west showed its true mask  to the world with this shameless destruction of Ukraine.

  10. Спасибо, что открываете глаза всему миру, кто пришел во власть на Украине- нацисты!

  11. Thanks for your video. It's brief, dynamic, and of course truthful report about "annexation" of Crimea. I was born and grew up in Crimea. My mom is Ukrainian, my dad is Belorussian, but I always thought about myself as RUSSIAN. Russian spirit in Crimea was everywhere. So… finally Crimeans got back to the motherland.

  12. Thank you Alex. Great video. Finally! Finally someone took the time to tell the truth in English. Living in Russia after 30 years in the US, I find myself up against a brick wall trying to explain both Russian history (which so many Americans simply do not know) and the events of the last 2 years to people I still keep in contact with. I explain to them that 100% of the things they THINK they know about Russia, Ukraine, etc., are all brainwashing garbage the media (in cahoots with D.C., Hollywood, and many others) have injected into them. I tell them how great I am living here and how much better than the US it is here, but I always get the same thing: "Huh?" As for Ukraine, the average American knows as much about the facts as they do about life on Mars, yet they're all so darn "sure" and have the wherewithal to argue about places and events they have never seen or experienced. I don't want to ramble, because as you know quite well Alex, this can take volumes of books to explain, about how utterly misguided and lied to the western public is. For that reason, I think for the time being it will suffice for me to just say thank you, so THANK YOU! Great work. Keep it going.

  13. Russia will take to Alaska and California, according to Russian, this pseudo-journalist tear Americans! Learn the history, the LORD Europeans, Americans, Donbass and Crimea YOUR FUTURE

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  15. the 1991 referendum was not about that:

    Referendum on the State and Legal Status of Crimea,

    20 January, 1991

    Do you support re-establishing the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist
    Republic? as a subject of USSR and a party to the Treaty on the Creation
    of the USSR?

  16. Your such a genius you took out the part of history when Crimea was Ukrainian and how the Russians committed genocide in eastern Ukraine to populate it with native Russians, and that Taganrog region a equivalent piece of Ukrainian land was taken from Ukraine in exchange for Crimea. And please explain to us regular people the two Chechen wars and how Russia is right in fighting them. I know your not getting paid to post videos explaining anything else but how Great Russia is and how evil Ukrainians are, but I'm very interested how your going to explain the 2 Chechen wars.

  17. You came to Crimea to learn the truth… and instead, you are showing us stale scenes from Russian television. This is ridiculous.

  18. I got a bad feeling when this video started, and with doubts i saw it, cause i thought it was biased, but, this was very informative, educational, and good, thanks for this, and keep doing this good job 🙂

  19. Excellent! Excellent! learn more here!

  20. I don't get it. At this point Russia is only eating sanctions because the referendum wasn't legally recognized for not having international third party impartial overseers right?

    Here's a revolutionary idea, make a new referendum, invite UN inspectors to ensure impartiality and let's have all Crimean voters cast their vote. No guns allowed in the voting booths. That would destroy the US's whole argument and would clear, once and for all, the issue of legitimacy. Actually two questions should be asked, because at this point everyone is curious about this. Should Crimea recede from Ukraine? If so, should they be independent or join Russia?

    I'd really, really like to see this poll come to happen. Honestly if this happened and the result turned out the same I'd call my European council country representatives and tell them i'm against Russian sanctions.

  21. Excellent work, amazing documentary. Congratulations! I learned a lot, specifically about the quarrels Crimeans had with Kiev in the 90's and 2000's. I will subscribe to you. I will also suggest that you use footage of Obama, Kerry, Hillary, McCain, or any other Western leader to expose the ignorance we are fed. You should retitle this "Crimean History for Dummies", as in Western patriots.

  22. These kinds of propaganda videos just make people believe the worst. People should try to be objective.

  23. this video is very untruthful and deceptive. there was no coup. the president ran away when everyone, including his own party, turned on him after he ordered shooting of protesters which ended in 100 deaths. all the other members of elected parliament remained. they voted for a temporary president, until democratic elections were held. that election, unlike the one in crimea, was recognised internationally. crimea is recognised by the united nations as part of ukraine, and will be returned before sanctions against russia are lifted.

  24. language laws were not going to change as the president quickly vetoed the suggestion. by your 'logic' chechnya can now have the independence from russia they fought for, and st petersburg can join finland if they wish. they will be happy to hear that.

  25. As an American I find it interesting watching these videos with the other sides point of view. I have found our liberal 'mainstream' media rarely gives both sides of the story. Most of what we get anymore is propaganda for the current regime in Washington. I believe Crimea is where it should be and wants to be, in the Russian Federation. Thank you for the truth.

  26. What a completely biased report. Did Russia pay you? My god you left out everything. The removal and oppression of the tartars, who Russians still hate. How about "The little green men" who turned out to be Russian forces overthrowing a peaceful Crimea. I'm sorry mate but that is a land grab for sure which, if we use your table, Russia would be an empire. And indeed is one. You speak of democracy!!! Where is the democracy in the military take over of some other country's land? Oh and to use the excuse that Russian speakers were being victimized (which was not even true) means Russian can attack any country that has a small amount of Russian speakers. Your information is so smelly no one buys it. I'm sorry to be so harsh but consider doing an independent journalistic report and losing your Russian sponsor.

  27. What a wonderful deep research. The West can not talk about this. Most are either unlearned or ignorant. Thanks for sharing.

  28. so where were the americans when the russians were fighting the german invasion till the last drop of blood in crimea,

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  31. Thanks Alex, good video. You use the phrase "supposedly evil Russia" many times. I would submit it is the obviously evil Putin the west mistrusts, no need lump Russia or Russians in with that.

  32. I like putin, but I have only one question left, does he have mobster ties and did those connections help him get into office ?

  33. Once forgot my wallet in a bed & breakfast place in Sudak and the lovely Russian guy found me at the bus station to return it.
    Thankyou Krim you was and now is Russian and was Russian always under Ukrainian authority.
    Godspeed Crimea and it's great Russian citizens.

  34. 7:40 "Threatens to kill anyone who disagrees with the new democratic government in Kiev" very democratic when you threat people of killing if disagrees! The concept of democracy is very attractive but the way its implemented is sad.

  35. Putin 2016 as Adolf 1938 !!! Russian people 2016 as German people 1938
    !!! Novorossia = mafia , racket , corruption and misery and Humanity
    criminals !!! Viva free Ukraina !!!

  36. Great video and insight. I wished more people educated themselves about what's happening today in Ukraine. American propaganda against Putin is outrageous! Feeling sorry for Ukrainian people who bought the propaganda and can't see the truth. Unfortunately, it will get even worth for them until they realize they are one with Russia. And that Russia is not their enemy but their family. We need to be together to grow stronger. USA wants us weak so we could serve their interests! God help Putin. Wished more leaders were like him.
    Thanks for making these videos.

  37. Well done. This is all true, as I've been keeping closely with all this since Day 1, and I can confirm all of this with Primary Sources. Well done on spreading the Awareness!
    In the end, "Country A" literally Froze and Starved Crimean's in Sept – Dec 2015 to get the Territory back. Right Sector pretty much said "Let's liberate our people, by killing them" in their Grocery and Energy Blockades. Not only did Russia swiftly build underwater electric cables and generators in Crimea, is building a Bridge to connect Rostov with Crimea quickly, but I'm sure the last small percentage that supported Ukraine no longer did, since the land was more important than the people living on it.

  38. my opinion:sounds like crimea would want to join russia after all that's happened,they were pretty much made feel un-welcomed. did russia send troops into crimea,and possibly east ukraine? probably. is the rest of ukraine and europe/the us right about russias actions and the general situation in ukraine? unlikely. all in all:i think it's ALOT more complex than either side is willing to admit,and now,like most-even vaugely-political related things,is one giant,messy, headache…

  39. Thanks very much for this video. It's so difficult to get any real perspective of what has been going on in Crimea over the last few years, here in the west. All we hear is that Russia is terrible, without any real evidence to back up that claim.

  40. Mind blown. Here in Europe our media and EU politicians, state over and over that Crimea was invaded and occupied by Putin. What's the truth?!?

  41. Only the Crimean Tatars as the largest group of indigenous peoples of Crimea have the right to decide in which state to be in Crimea.And not a retired military pensioners who settled in the Crimea after retirement from military service, not "northerners" have earned their fortunes at the expense of their health in the Arctic circle, and not their descendants. Only the Crimean Tatars ! Crimean Tatars see their statehood in the form of an Autonomous Republic within Ukraine. Thus no international law will not be broken – mostly will not be impaired by the Helsinki Act of 1975, putting an end to wars over territory. But Russia is ready to war ! You need to stop it otherwise it will be opened "Pandora's box" !

  42. wow, dude, Im a 60 year old registered voter in USA (western NC) and I gotta say first time i have had any real, straightforward, on the street look at the Crimea & Sebastapol. Only really know anything about them cuz i am obessesed w/ WW2, so of course part Russo-phile…. but also definitely very pro-Ukrainian…. I so dig the Ukrainian Front, (which i realize was probably all east Siberians who didn't speak a lotta slavic, heh heh, still, love the name) BUT of course more, to the point…the friggin Partisans, who used to butt-fxck Nazis up and down the Rails of the Ubermench.. so a lotta us old Ameris give a shit about what happened there… so amazed and impressed about the power of human beings to fight, the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Crimeans, and hell, don't leave out the Siberians, all the Slavs and their kin… wiped out the German horde, and Europe has had peace… almost 80 years…

    a child, or a grand child, or a great grandchild, of people who fought there, summer of 41 to the fall of 44… my God, what a real test, of real fire, like almost no where else ever…. well… maybe Stalingrad… I would not have wanted to lived too close to Kursk either.. anyway, I digress..

    to hear what the people on the ground want, I have never heard anything about that in the American Press, not a word. I listen to NPR & BBC, not much on Fox…. & ABC CBS CNBC are too much kind of like People Mag… Times & the Post & the Trib… Im not entirely retired, I got eat… so I listen to the radio..

    But I have been around the world enough in my life to have seen of RT & Al Jazeera, which have a different views of what's going on, and on the Radio here. Sometimes on NPR, and definitely on Democracy Now, I can pick up more of what's really going on….not full of bullshit, unlike the rest of the Global 4th (estate)) Realize, our Left mainstream press is full of shit (by commission & omission, just not as full (of shit) as Fox), it's all EuroCentric, but it's my own shitty common sense, that I hadn't asked the question, in my tiny fucking head, what about the people who live there?????

    …. anyway man, thanks for making this, thanks for producing it… and really
    On behalf of the US of A my dear brother, thanks for handling (thanks for your ancestors, I mean) all that hell the Crimea went through, fighting off the worst of the Facists in the 20th C, and good for you guys getting rid of the Ukraininan F's in this one, especially if you guys speak Russian…

    Remember this, my thesis, in cultural anthropology, 101, if I ever took it, like from Barry's mom, "Its never about race, creed, color or nationality, in the deepest level, its about Language, accent, and idiom…. the real blockchain…

    Should mention though, that as an American, i got to mention our really broad perspective on your international situation, and maybe just remind ya, "Russian girls, Ukrainian girls… all good… " far as we can tell. But, hey, you guys, fight among your selves, you wild and crazy Slavs!!! But please, fists only, and be careful to leave your lovely, funny, and sweet ladies


  43. You know I am very disgusted that my country and NATO supports the far right nationalists government of Ukraine. I hope President Putin, ignores NATO and does something about this. The war in Ukraine is clearly justified! I am an American who supports Russia. I am very disgusted on what my country has become. NATO is aware that many countries want to rejoin Russia, and they fear Russia will get stronger, so the idea is to keep Russia weak and NATO strong. I have even noticed many Eastern European countries regretting the fall of the USSR especially Belarus and Moldova. This is really sad, and I hope Russia does something about Southeast Ukraine, as well as the far eastern part as well. If I could I would move to Russia, but that is going to take awhile, and I have to learn Russian. I love Russia and the USSR so much. Russia has every right to remain strong. I am so ashamed to be American. The pro Russian forces in Ukraine need to gain some ground. If only they can capture an airport or something then maybe that would be even more possible…..

  44. Wait, you steal another country's sovereign territory and then blame them for cutting off electricity?? So wait, you have to provide power to the criminals so they can keep their tv's on to watch Eurovision and keep the lights on for the criminal occupation forces? I would say that if Putin has the balls to steal sovereign territory from one of his neighbors…then he owns all the problems of infrastructure that come with it. This propaganda fluff piece is yet another example of THUG-ruSSiyan deception.

  45. Thanks for revealing the undisputed truth. Anybody who who follows independent sources of real news knows it is true. Australian.

  46. Country B 50 years ago, rolled hundereds of tanks in to country C, to stop them from becomming a democracy and to grab their land of course. Soldiers of country B killed hundereds of people in the process, deported way way more in to gulags, and kept everything secret for atleast 20 years, which is how long the "saviours" from country B kept country C under it's occupation. Question really is: how much did country B change since then?

  47. Oh but people in the west know what's REALLY happening! Right. I'm just so disgusted at my fellow humans. Time and time again I tell them, if you want to know what's going on in Syria… Talk To Syrians. If you want to know what's happening in Russia, Talk To Russians! There is only one voice that matters here… Want to know what's going on in Crimea… TALK TO CRIMEANS and LISTEN… and then kindly S.T.F.U!

  48. What a load of crap. Nobody gives a shit about the regular people, neither country A nor contry B. Country A does just like country B would do in this situation, since they're both violence orientated ethnicities. This is just a product of not assimilating the russians ethnics from your territory, if everybody would have identify themselfs as ukrainians there wouldnt been any problems. It's not safe to not assimilate the national minorities, cuz they always stir shit around, expecially if their "mother country" is a neighbour.

    The people are victims of instigators, from both pro-russian and pro-european camps. Russia is an expert when it comes to "liberating" other people, organize revolutions and coups. I mean the only ones that benefit from this mess is Russia, you dont need proof of anything when you just see who gains the most out of it. KGB tactic 1o1: infiltrate some people among the pro-european side, then infiltrate some people among the pro-russian side – make the agents instigate shit on both sides by killing innocent people, exagerating the number of deaths, plant paranoia etc.

    55 possible russian agents are more efficient, silent, and deadly than an actual russian army. Plus, 9 mil of russian ethnics in a region is already like an army. In this way, you have both, which is kinda funny in a way.

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