Rpt: Rudy Giuliani Said To Be Under Investigation For Ukraine Work | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. My gawd this guy is so dam irritating. I cant stand looking at his annoying face and hearing his voice.. Why is he on TV??? STFU man!

  2. He can’t be trumps lawyer, he’s actually a witness in the case. You can’t be both. Next up for Giuliani is a prison cell

  3. What a crock of crap.. do people actually believe this garbage.. only the brainwashed propaganda eaters listen .. Nothing but BS..

    WHY didn't Jennifer Reuben tell YOU about the two high level Gubmint officials in Ukraine who have been CONVICTED of helping Killary in the 2016 election?
    It is all "unsubstantiated"…
    ANYBODY listening to MSNBC is a MORON.

  5. The person responsible for Giuliani's dental "work" needs to be locked up. Makes me retch every time I lay eyes on his mouth.

  6. One things for sure . . . Rudy knows and works for Trump . . . no amount of deflection or projection by Trump can stop his wall of lies and illegal dealings from being revealed to us.

  7. Trump's position is weakening by the day . . . . he knows it . . . . . and that's what people who still support him don't want to see – his loss of power. At some point, the feeding frenzy and betrayal starts increasing on Trump – beginning with his on crooked cronies.

  8. Trump has NO loyalty to anyone but himself. He will throw anyone, even his own blood, to the wolves if he thinks it would benefit him. He is despicable to the core.

  9. Sure investigate the guy bringing stuff to light and not the actual criminals. Didnt bidens son just step down? Lmaooooooo

  10. Love Ari's reporting style… with TRUMPS lawyer "'WHEN DID LEARN THAT..' conversation was stellar! I cried laughing!

  11. You people are pathetic, if you can't see this is a smear campaign then you need better glasses, nothing new for the Democrats.

  12. IF TRUE….. lol just put anything out there and add IF TRUE…. Demacrats are so desperate they won't see the truth anyway. Democratic party is self destructing. 4 more yrs of Trump should do it. Trump 2020 by a landslide!

  13. Rudy Giuliani is under investigation for investing the corruption in Ukraine…. I wonder why that would happen he must not have found anything dems are worried about hahaha this reeks of deep state corruption the truth will destroy the dems and MSNBC frankly

  14. How is it said to be? is he or is he not? all this misleading for a narrative, being investigated is not the same as guilty. if he is guilty he is a scum bag no different than anyone else. But i am soooooo sick of misguiding news headlines, find out then report on it. Not hit me with possibilities.

  15. NYT reports Rudy Giuliani is under investigation for investigating biden in Ukraine how surprising lol MSNBC are a bunch of crooks

  16. This may be a little random I've never liked Rudy Giuliani's teeth 😝 and I don't like what he's doing under this Administration. When Rudy Giuliani put away those criminals in New York he left a legacy. Years later and now he's the one committing crimes ain't that a shame.

  17. Get your affairs in order Rudy. You may be going for a bit of a holiday. The good news is that it will be at tax payers expense.

  18. This criminal administration ruined the career of a woman who actually cared about their work. They fired her to further the corruption she tried fighting.

  19. the dems investigation is a biased liberal kangaroo court investigation. The investigators are the real Russian colluders!

  20. the dems investigation is a biased liberal kangaroo court investigation. The investigators are the real Russian colluders!

  21. If you ask Trump whether Giuliani is still his lawyer you can be assured that Trump's answer would be "Are you talking to me"?

  22. Are they really investigating Rudy and not Trump or some other side person. With everything he said alone, We need to see Rudy go to Jail or Get Indicted at Least. There is a Big fat Circle that Everyone allowed Mueller to just toss out because he could find no “tacit” agreement, Kushner, Don Jr..-Why was allowed that much Power, He was the Detective-Prosecutor

  23. Not the Judge, His investigation should have been interpreted by someone else, other than Barr. I hope their is sufficient time to re-open the whole thing and get people in the future- hopefully Statute of L. wont Run out or It will probably be a stupid OJ, Don, Dad and Kush wil, rob a bank just to see if they can get away with it and wham-9 years?

  24. Trump : I've never worked with Giuliani. I don't even know who he is. Ask him. I've only heard of him. He's a good man.

  25. all Giuliani did is knock over a couple of low level mob guys and thought he built a big reputation he's a crook he's worse than the mob ever was now he has a new mob boss Trump

  26. People will remember the Republican Party election time and how they went right along with Crooks let the Republicans that's backing Trump go down with Trump there is life after Trump

  27. No one listened to Michael Cohen when, paraphrasing, he told them if they get in bed with 45* then they too will wake up someday on a small cot.

  28. rudy and 2 ukranian bodys were having lunch at trump hotel . and then. and then the 2 got arrested .jejejejejejajajajajajoojoojoojooojo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Was Trump one of Guiliani's "Rats" when Giuliani was D.A. of New York and Giuliani is so tied to him that he has to protect Trump or was Giuliani corrupt and is Trumps puppet.
    The 3rd option is Trump is an honorable man who has been maligned, mis-judged and because he is so intelligent and wise the Media cannot hope to divine his subtle plans and so always put the wrong spin and motive regarding his jocular Tweets.

  30. check these out….giuliani and 2 ukranians having lunch at trump hotel planing their scape .some body must to have been listening and then they got arrested. jejejejejejejjajajajajajjojojojojojojojojooo!!!!!

  31. The State Bar Association for New York needs to revoke Giuliani's Law License. When someone used their license and knowingly broke the laws, they shouldn't have a license.

  32. Giuliani's problem is he thinks he holds the same
    position as Trump, in the
    government. He's always
    been a liar. Check his conduct with the union boss,
    who wanted a full investigation into the fires
    that demolished the twin
    towers, on 9/11, and also
    the useless phones, the
    firemen were issued with.
    J. Calveley.

    J. Calveley.

  33. to Rudy Giuliani: Rudy just because you say you were working for the president does not mean what you were doing was legal. remember Nixon and how many people that were working for him that went to jail…

  34. If Trump thinks he will be impeached in the Senate he will not resign unlike Nixon. If it looks like he is going to be convicted and imprisoned in any court he will do an Epstein.

  35. this is what panics jennifer rubin – '…Parnas, Fruman and the Settlement Nexus. Parnas also inveigled themselves into a summer 2018 “pilgrimage” to Israel organized by Mike Huckabee. Among those he partied with according to Haaretz were Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister’s foul-mouthed son, and Ambassador David Friedman, who’s pretty handy with a pickax at demolishing Palestinian homes….'

  36. geoffrey berman was a partner in giulianis' law firm and is a huge trump supporter and trump appointee  – I'm not holding my breath until justice is done considering how geoffrey berman and william barr handled jeff epstein – maybe giuliani has to worry now he will commit 'suicide' too and be whisked away to stay on the same fat cat island epstein is probably hanging out on.

  37. lol. I am citizen. A homeowner of a paid for house. I have a degree , b.s. in accounting. A former gov't employee. I intend to vote for Tom Steyer. I have WW2 family who fought the Nazi's and won.

  38. Rudy Giuliani, William Barr, Mike Pompeo…. men who have reached their sunset years and feel that their retirement nest has not been adequately feathered, so they hitch their wagons to Trump's "I'll make you so rich , you'll get tired of being rich" sales pitch. The only problem is that the rainbow ends in prison.

  39. Did Rudy let Trump off when he ran the SDNY? Seems to me that New York excused Trumo for years and that's one reason he thinks he above the law now.

  40. Lets not give Barr any compliments because as soon as you get next to his arm pit(President Sharpie) he is going to try and shut things down(just as he did with the Mueller report). We need to impeach Trump and his top 7 corrupt swam dwellers.

  41. This so-called president is nothing but a crook! Americans need to be careful because this man is like his father of old he was a murderer and lier from the beginning. SATAN!!

  42. this is what happens when you elect a wise guy to be president, you get nothing but trouble and are constantly wondering just how much they are stealing!.

  43. 7:20– 8:05 Sekulo Not Typical Dirty Mouth Piece. I must say, though I'm no fan of Jay Sekulo, I saw nothing really strange or unusual about his response here to Ari. Seculo's vs. kRudy's job as an attorney to the Pig has in common that they are both private attorneys to Trump (aka, the Pig), rather than presidential counsel or members of D o J. As well, the Pig has others whom we barely see, called in (late) on both the impeachment and criminal possibilities. I've seen Sekulo defend Giuliani when he thinks he can do so without being blatantly dishonest, but in this case, he's been asked when he learned about Rudy's running around asking foreign folks to do shady stuff implying a request to, or directly asking for them to investigate Biden.
    This very much seems like something Rudy and the Pig cooked up together which Sekulo has not been seen to be involved or even interested in. (Maybe Pompeo later was pulled in to it to some extent, IDK how much. Likewise, Barr is doing something similar supposedly with an official mandate, though the task seems something much more like what should be assigned to the FBI.) Sekulo is (quite wisely), and to all appearances quite honestly separating himself from Rudy's activities, without actually throwing Rudy under the bus (which he also likely lacks direct evidence to do).
    So, when Sekulo said he and Ari likely found out "at the same time" about "wha'dup w Rudy" going around stirring things up against Biden, Sekulo actually said, "I learned, I guess (emphasized) when you did," not presuming, as Ari implies, that Sekulo knows when Ari found out about it. Sekulo obviously meant that he has no secret, private knowledge about what Rudy's been up to, and is neither endorsing nor denying the that Pig (aka, Trump) has a hand in it, which we should ourselves suspect. This is perfectly honest and the right thing for an attorney to do in representing any client. This is not trivial.
    Sekulo has from the beginning distinguished areas of work responsibility that he and Rudy may share . . . and there are not many . . . and laid out stuff that he himself was working on. Sekulo to our knowledge has never had ANY part in going on foreign expeditions of any kind, as even Barr is claiming to have a responsibility to be doing at the present time, again, a task more properly that would be assigned the FBI. Sekulo came into the scene during the early Moeller investigation days, and at the time, I thought he was a sort of bumbler, and indeedd some pundits said he was. So far, I have not seen him make a lot of stupid mistakes. He advised the Pig's strategies of various kinds during that time always separately, sometimes agreeing with McGahan (the presidential counsel), sometimes with Rudy, but never all speaking with one voice.
    To my surprise, I think Sekulo has been correctly balanced between his obligation to speak in agreement with or simultaneously with Rudy (and other less shady Trump attorneys) in representing the Pig, and now publicly separating himself from Rudy when directly asked about it. He has not compromised his own integrity, either as giving the Pig the best effort he can, nor as on his own, going out to support Rudy when he cannot do so. A criminal private attorney has privileged communication with his client (for Sekulo, the Pig), but if he had knowledge of crimes committed by another attorney who represents the Pig, namely Rudy, he has no such obligation to Rudy, and indeed he has, by degrees, depending on the area, an obligation to report crimes done by Rudy, if he knows about them, in the latter's world tour of trying to dig up dirt on Biden on Rudy's behalf. The fact that he's saying that he had no knowledge of Rudy's efforts, and specifically no knowledge of any direction by the Pig to Rudy to do such digging, is likely not some dishonest claim. More likely, it is the expression of facts at the present time, and largely due to Sekulo's wisely making it clear to the Pig, if not also to Rudy, that he does not want to know anything about any kind of shady goings on of the kind that it seems Rudy has been doing, at the request of the Pig. If I'm right about that, it's not dishonest nor any kind of lack of virtue on the part of Sekulo. It's actually wise lawyering, and a wisdom of the kind that was strategic on Sekulo's part from the beginning. It would make him a good attorney, and both more skilled and more honest than I thought when he first came on board. We'll see if I'm right, maybe not.

  44. Let's not lose sight here, they are just sticking with the original plan to have Guiliani as the bait, have him incriminating Trump and then invoking attorney client privilege. Basically just have him put incriminating statements even ones that haven't been addressed currently. Trump's defense would claim that issues that may be under investigation and have not been injected into the impeachment proceedings at this time or will become clear in pending compliance to subpoenas are fruit from his personal attorney's testimony. They will demand constitutional protections that can be enabled in this and criminal proceedings. He will fill us with stunning information then state the material provided was attorney client protected, and was just complying to an obligations under outh. Sort of an exculpatory statement from Giuliani to comply with the court. A very clear loophole here. They had taken a step back, but have figured out that they can taint any new issue and upcoming events in the future thru Guiliani.

  45. Giuliani should go straight to jail maybe they will give him new teeth. Old man Igor should be arrested. Mr. 911 is a big fraud and a disgrace to our country and democracy.

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