Ron Carson – The Business Growth Hack Used by Billionaires

Brad Johnson: Where was the transition where
it went from Ron with a staff, more of an administrative staff, to where you brought
on your first associate advisor or second advisor in your office and what frustrations
did you have maybe along the way and what worked well, what did you figure out? Ron Carson: Yeah so lots of stuff there. Back to the love affair marketing, so because
I identified love affair marketing, I started identifying, going back to that question about
the type of client that I had. What were their passions? I really wanted to know and I really targeted. So I had events and I would look… Because I didn’t have much money when I first
started off so I was looking for things that were already going on in my community that
I can bolt on to and have some sort of presence to something bigger without having to spend
a lot of money. The other thing was referrals, my clients
went out of their way to give me referrals and it’s really a stat that’s out there and
it’s probably two or three years old, but it doesn’t change from year to year. While 50% of new clients come from referrals
but only 11% of advisors actually ask. And so, I taught myself to always ask, but
only ask after I’ve made many deposits in the emotional bucket. The other thing Brad that really drove my
business was systemization. How do we have repeatable processes so that
things don’t fall through the cracks. I always promise my clients a Four Seasons
experience with FedEx efficiency. Staff, I am glad you mentioned that. One of the turning points of my business as
well was to not think of my co-workers as staff but as internal stakeholders. Don’t think of human capital as an expense
but truly as an investment and an investment that you are making together, you’re making
it side by side with your internal stakeholders because you’re building something together. And I think if you can get over that mindset
of, it’s an expense, I’m going to bring people in you’re looking for some sort of bargain
in that area, that was a mistake I made time and time again but once I learned to really… And this really came from one of my billionaire
clients. He made his billions from scratch, he didn’t
even start his business until he was 50, a year older than I am… a year younger than
I am right now and a self-made billionaire in Omaha. I said, “what was the…” I used to do a series called Habits of Top
Achievers where I would interview very successful people, now I really did it because I wanted
to get to know them to become a client and by the way that worked, but it gave me a treasure
trove of great advice and what this particular person told me said, “Ron”… Because at the end of the interview I’d always
say, “okay, what’s the one piece of advice that you can share with me that has most led
to your success?” And this particular one was, he said, “Hire
the best people you can and get the hell out of their way.” And he said, “As soon as I learned that I
was a good delegator but I wasn’t the person to do the stuff, my businesses flourished
well beyond anything I thought possible. So think about love affair marketing, systemization,
a different way that you view a team… understanding to… I used to sit in front of clients thinking
I had to have answers for everything. You don’t want to be a library, you want to
be a librarian. You want to know where you can find the information,
you don’t have to have the information. When you’re building your team, and I think
we are going through a major change today in the way that service is going to be delivered
into the marketplace, to make sure they share your culture. I have a philosophy that culture eats strategy
for lunch. I don’t care how great your strategy is, if
you don’t have people that share your vision and your passion… We’re very careful here at the Carson group
as to anybody that we invite in and make part of the group because human… your internal
stakeholders and the human capital that you allow to make up your organization are going
to drive your… The quality of your success is going to be
directly proportionate to the quality of the people you surround yourself with.

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