Recap of Regional Event in Russia 2019 – Success Factory

Something truly exciting is happening
right now in Russia, something everyone should be a part of. The people in Russia are extremely welcoming
of new technologies, and cryptocurrency is one of them. The interest in Dagcoin can be seen from
the immense growth in users in the past years. We have gathered here in Moscow with
the best leaders from Russia and all around the world for an amazing event full
of inspiration, motivation and news. About leadership, it’s really working hard
on yourself to create the right example, and if you are really a leader,
you must pay the price for success. So if you really want to succeed in Success
Factory, then you need to get along with the team. In 2017, they developed something that the rest
of the world in 2019 still doesn’t have. Children, in my opinion, is one of the most
beautiful experience you can have in life, to actually give the knowledge and experience
that you have and teach them everything that you have and do everything you have,
be responsible for their success as well in life. When we raise the community, when you and I
come together and we become we, only then we can get “the team work
makes the dream work”. This is the essence of Success Factory,
whose purpose is to help people reach success. And everybody has a possibility, the possibility
of becoming an entrepreneur. Dagcoin is a company that has very big chances
in becoming one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world. For many of you, the path of success
is not easy. They stopped believing in themselves. …that in network marketing, in a community,
they can reach this result. So, first, the desire, second, concentration
and third, perseverance. What do you do today, you can depend on it
for the rest of your life. Sometimes, bad things happen, and then
a few years later, you find out that actually that thing was the best thing
that ever happened in your life. You are your own boss, you can work when
you want, with whom you want, when you want. I love events, I believe that events
are charging our batteries. We can become the biggest company
in the history of humankind. Reaching the Diamond is the person you become
when you reach the Diamond. And when these people are able to use
that innovation, something amazing happens. The only thing that you must do is keep on going,
keep on going, work with the willing, work with the excited people,
work with the people that have the vision, share the vision. I believe that your job is just informing people,
motivating them and showing them the vision. Here, in this company, I continue my mission. My mission of education. Today is a special day in your life,
today you’re going to make a decision that you are stronger, because
you will go home a different person. Everybody in my family would be wealthy,
everybody, all my children, that they would be wealthy, that my parents
would be wealthy, my brothers, my sisters, that everybody would get inspired
enough to start doing something.

17 Replies to “Recap of Regional Event in Russia 2019 – Success Factory”

  1. Ты суппер, ты яркий луч надежды потерявший уверенности в себе ,"SUCCESS FACTORY" мы с тобой 👍❤💥💥💥💥

  2. И я там была!!!! Это круто, пишите ваши вопросы и получите ответы)))

  3. Это круто, ты яркий луч надежды потерявший уверенности в себе.

  4. Читаю коменты, много несчастных, бедных людей, даже не представляющих, что на свете есть Любовь, хорошие, честные, богатые люди без ЭГО, готовые давать это другим, хоть как называйте, обзывайте, от этого ИСТИНА не поменяется, есть энергия денег, мощная, благоприятная, честная во всех отношениях, и МНЕ ВАС ИСКРЕННЕ ЖАЛЬ, ЧТО ВЫ НЕ В ЭТОЙ ЛОДКЕ, А ГДЕ ТО БЕЖИТЕ ПОЗАДИ ГЛАТАЯ ПЫЛЬ… ЗАПОМНИТЕ, ВАМ НЕ ХВАТАЕТ ЛЮБВИ В СВОИХ СЕРДЦАХ ЧТОБЫ СТАТЬ ПО НАСТОЯЩЕМУ БОГАТЫМИ, ЛОХОТРОН ГОВОРИТЕ?)))) УВИДИМ))))) ВЫ ВСЕ САМИ УВИДИТЕ И БУДИТЕ КУСАТЬ ЛОГТИ ЧТО У ВАС НЕТ ДАЖЕ МОНЕТКИ))))

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