Rapid Fire Questions with JoJo and Jordan | Engaged

– Make a happy smiley face. – Okay, wait (lip flutter noises) – Come on. – Okay, we good? – Now, it’s going to get interesting. You guys asked a bunch
of advice questions. (cassette rewind noise) There’s a reason you’re
not with that person. – I’m better than this, I deserve more, I respect myself more. – When you’re in the right relationship, you get deeper. You start to have honeymoon phases about other aspects of this person. – I love that; that’s
a really great answer. (cassette rewind noise) – But you also asked some other questions that are a little more off the wall. So we’re going to go
rapid fire through these. – I get nervous about these. – Let’s go, let’s go. (guitar slide remix) (huffing) – Okay, 30 seconds each? – Yeah, you got to scream em’
fast, you gotta read em’ fast. – Oh, I’m so nervous, okay. If you’re life was a movie, pick which actress and actor would play each other. – Rachel McAdams. – Ooo, Ryan Gosling. – Bradley Cooper. – Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams; what? I’m so confused. – You’d be Rachel McAdams;
I’d be Bradley Cooper. – Okay, but they’re not
in a movie together. – It doesn’t matter, they’re
playing our life in a movie. – Okay, great. – What really happened
during the overnight date? – We ate a lot of food,
I got in some cute pj’s and went to bed. (slow motion replay) – I did wake up really early though, like six am, woke her
up because I was like, I’m maximizing this time. – You didn’t talk about – And the rest you don’t get to – Okay, okay. – Oo, me: who are y’all’s hall pass? Bradley Cooper. – This was a tough one,
we talked about this the other night. – Rapid fire, this is so good, I asked him this the other
night and he didn’t answer. (tongue tied mumbles) – Don’t say who you’ve been saying, because it’s not true. I don’t know about y’all but you’re… (clock ticking) – This is…. (clock ticking) – Five, four, three, two – Amanda Seyfried. (sighing) – I know, it’s weird. – That was a default pick; okay. It’s just a couple movies. – Jojo, have you or Jordan picked up on each other’s vocabulary or mannerisms, if so, what are they? – Oo, um, um… – I got one for you:
so when she’s watching her own stories on Instagram, she goes… – Oh, please, no I
don’t; that’s what you do in the mirror when you do your hair. (swing dance jingle) And when you’re around
your football buddies you talk differently. – I do, that’s true. – What kinds of shows or movies do you two enjoy watching together? Is there anything one
of you loves to watch that the other can’t stand? – Yes and yes: we love
watching crime shows, murder shows, murder
mystery, all that stuff. What she doesn’t like
watching is what I love… – I don’t like watching
the History Channel. – I don’t watch History Channel. – But you like history;
I don’t like history. – I love history, black and
white TV shows, old movies. I love the Andy Griffith
Show, Gilligan’s Island, I Love Lucy, Beverly Hillbillies. I love all those old shows
and she doesn’t like them. – It’s hard for me to get into it. And then I obviously like my really bad reality TV that he hates when I have on. – Pass; what’s the hospital one? – Okay, that is not,
Grey’s Anatomy is amazing and I’m offended that… – Out, out. – You’ve never even watched it. Ugh, times up. – Everyone miraculously lives. – No, everyone dies; you
haven’t even watched it. See, he doesn’t even know. I’m stressed that you even said that. – Go, go, go, go. – I don’t even know, what’s the next one? Jojo, during The Bachlorette,
were you ever on a date with another guy and you found yourself thinking about Jordan? All the time, yes, all the time. Were you ever on a date with another guy? – Out with a guy? Were the other guys in the
house thinking about you? – Yes, all the time. – Okay, Jordan, do you ever have concerns about Jojo still having
feelings for Ben or any ex? Oo, not at all? – That’s it, that was easy. He’s met Ben, like we’ve
had lunch with Ben. – Yeah, he’s great. Nope, nothing. – All of my others are not great so, easy. (laughs) My question is: if you had one day to live on this earth, what would you do? Absolute cuties love from India. – One day, this is hard. – What would I do? – One day… – One day left? Oh my gosh, this is hard. – I am… – I’d want to spend time with my family, my friends, Jackson, Jordan… – One gallon of mint
chocolate chip ice cream and what ever she said. – And, mama’s pizza. – Bam, bam, bam. What is on your bucket list as a couple? Where would you like to travel? I love you all way from
South Africa, Jorley. – I would love to go to South Africa. – Oh, I would love to go to South Africa – Australia, Iceland. – Oh, Iceland. – Oh, we would also want to
go to Bora Bora, obviously. – Oh yeah, somewhere with
those huts out on the water. That would be amazing. – Don’t we want to go to like somewhere… – History; I want to go to like Rome. – Yeah, yeah – I love history; she doesn’t, so… – I’ll go, I’ll go; I would love that. – Jordan, were you jealous that Jojo met Taylor Swift, are you kidding me? I almost said that for my hall pass, was trying to keep it to actresses. Yes I love Taylor Swift. – You’ve met her before. – But, I did meet her, 2007,
out in Northern California and there was only a couple hundred people at the show so who’s the real local? – And he asked me when I met Taylor, he sent me like their really
old photo and he was like, just see if she remembers. – It’s old; and we’ll put it up right here cuz it’s really good. – Oh, are you gonna, okay. – You were jealous though. – It’s up; I look good; she loves it. – Me and my buddy, Todd. – That was Brandon. – Nope, Brandon wanted his own picture. Me and Todd are like… – Oh gotcha, gotcha, gotcha, okay. – So yeah, I was very jealous,
Taylor Swift is my girl. – Okay, do you guys already
have baby names picked out? We actually do, we have some. – Yeah, what… – We do; Yeah, we like Carson. – Love Carson; who’s a guys name though? – I also really love
Fletcher for a first name. – Yeah, we’ll talk about that one. – What, you liked it; Fletcher Rodgers, that’s such a cute name. – Remember, we learned what Fletcher is? (arrow string twang) – It’s the arrow maker. – I love that, Blair,
we’ll like to add Blair because that’s a maiden name. – Yeah, it’s a maiden name in my family. – You know what’s really funny? We have a ton of names for girls because we like that
androgynous to a name. But we don’t have any names for guys? What are some good names? – Jordan – Jordan Junior? – Nah, okay. How often do you guys have sex? – Wow, wow, no, my family
watches this; we don’t. Jojo, floor is yours. – It’s hard when I sleep
in the guest bedroom. (mumbles nervously) – Oh Jackson, perfect timing. – Hey, oh hi buddy. – All right guys, so that
was the rapid fire Q & A. Hope you learned something
and keep em’ coming and don’t forget to subscribe. – See y’all. Jackson, why so weird? (guitar hand clap remix)

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  1. 😂😂jojo is triggered that he doesn’t like greys anatomy. My husband will walk into the room see I’m watching greys roll his eyes and walk right back out, apprarently it’s a universal reaction

  2. FOREVER jealous that y’all met Taylor Swift 😭😭❤️ and I LOVE how y’all used Jackson as an excuse for the last questions 💀😂😂

  3. He doesn't like Grey's Anatomy?! I'm so sorry, Jojo. You clearly put up with a lot. LOL. But seriously, how can you NOT like Grey's Anatomy? 15 seasons in, still one of the best show out there in so many aspects!

  4. Have you ever thought about traveling to a place where very less people know about? If yes then may I suggest you a small town in the northeast part of India called Shillong. It’s beautiful. I might be biased though cus I’m from that place 😅

  5. Ahhhhhhh I weirdly wanted to know the answer to the sex question!! HAHA! But I love Blair for a girl's name. Some boy names I like are : Malachi, Caleb, Micah, and Silas.

  6. It just came to me what the two of you NEED to do – get your own local lifestyle TV show where you interview people, have beauty/fashion segments, cooking segments, and sports segments (esp football), relationship segments, etc. You're both so good looking and charismatic and relatable and your chemistry is totally engaging. You have the "it" factor.

  7. If you really want to know my favorite baby names for guys here they are:

    A lot of those I think would make good middle names too
    Love you guys!

  8. Oooh Australia! Come visit and you guys can stay with me and my family 😃
    Or I can just suggest some places you can go visit also off the grid depending what you would like to see here 😃 little hidden gems are the best in countries you may only hear about the popular things to do 😊

  9. I love how Jojo was so offended about the Grey's Anatomy comment… like she couldn't even speak hahahahha . Cutie haha

  10. Lmfao ,Jordans mind goes straight to ice cream on his last day Alive 😂 An Y’all don’t have sex JoJo? (Saved By Jackson)😜😂😂 i’m sure you probably didn’t do anything in the fantasy suite either right?😜😜 To Funny!!

  11. Lmao I love you guys such good answers “ I wanna go somewhere with those huts on the water” YESSSS such a mood. Also, who did the editing I love it lmao it was perfect

    Last meal ever what would you both eat ????

  12. Love you guys!!
    I actually wish you did answer the last question because Im very curious what you guys would think is healthy for a long term relationship!
    I’ve been in one for 8years and would love to know your thoughts!

  13. What are your enneagram types?? I love the way you two interact and would love to see how that fits with your enneagram! ❤️ you guys

  14. Let's get quainttant. with a friend in hand we can go shopping and find all the good stuff they want so the next we're out also, we're here at the winter party at Cary Academy Snowflake Ball 2019. Woo!

  15. My sons name is Carson! Definitely a name that can be used for both boys and girls. He is one month old on Monday ❤️

  16. omg i never realized how much i have in common with jojo! bradley cooper is my favorite actor. i’ve always loved the hangover, american sniper, and silver linings playbook, but after seeing a star is born i grew a whole new level of love and respect for him! he directed and starred in the movie, he’s so talented. and greys anatomy is so amazing! i’ve been a fan since the beginning and absolutely adore alex karev’s character development! i love crime shows too, you have a great taste! 💗

  17. You guys are so awesome and sweet! Love you guys!! However, I think you guys misunderstood the maneurism question, I believe it meant have you started saying/doing something your S.O. does, like using word bro or something for example!

  18. I wonder why folks are so interested in other folks sex lives but why would you even ask that question when you know that’s private and their not going to answer that!? Whoever asked that did you really think they were gonna be like yeah 2 to 3 times a week definitely when we go out of town or whatever! Gezzz worry with your own sexy life!

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