Rakdos Aristocrats Along With Cascading! | Cascade Constructed (MTG Arena)

hello everyone I'm a GK and welcome to another Magic the Gathering arena a video today today I am super excited so I am going to be trying out the Cascade event that is going on right now and there's nothing else I want to play in the Cascade event other than my baby the rack dos aristocrats deck so I was thinking like even when you get to cast like skewers you can cascade until I Creek smadi or priests or you cast your two drops and you can cascade into another one drop or ravenous chupacabra just cascading into like a Judith or something like that I am I'm super excited so the decklist for this I played this deck many times I love this deck oh so much but for gutter bounds 4 foot light beam to graveyard marshal for priest of the Forgotten gods 3 Rick's rep Mahdi reveler for fire blade artists 3 midnight Reaper for skewers for Judith's 3 ravenous troops in one gruesome menagerie so for the land base we have 4 dragon skull summit for blood crypt 5 mountains and 10 swamps so I'm gonna be going through the Cascade event we are going to be trying out we'll go and just spend some coins will play a rack DOS aristocrats some myths deck and we're going right in if you guys are super hyped for some cast skating please hit that like button I was super duper appreciate it if you want to see further content hit that little subscribe button but this hand looks pretty good I like it we can fire blade artist hard to into a one drop our opponent is Mulligan to 6 all right let's play the mountain I am so excited cascade is my favorite mechanic of all time let's go do we just cast the Judith or I'm sorry the the priest if we go priest we can get a one drop next turn we can go fire blade artists I think we just cast priest priest seems so busted with cascade all right foot light-being get on the battlefield Oh value the value oh my god this is so good yep electrostatic field that also seems busted good god we need to draw a Lando okay that seems that seems to be even more busted when I'm doing we don't draw a land unfortunately um so let's play a fire Blade artist we will cast the gutter bones and let's attack we need to land a land would be super super good I think we can cast a judith and like cascade into like a fire blade artist or something that would be insane guttersnipe oh my god what my opponent is doing is so much more busted than mine alright let's go ahead and decline we need to land land please thank you very much let's go Judith gutter bones is fine it's at least a creature I get in there fam squad all right so next turn if we can go cheap that would be amazing if we can just go midnight Reaper that's totally fine too I will take them in i Reaper skewer me what are you casting these double casts are pretty cool we're taking a good amount of damage but I'm okay with that well it's the X out card or was there an exile card I'm not sure all right fire Blade artists we could sacrifice the footlight feet and get rid of this guttersnipe I actually don't mind that let's let's sacrifice you let's ping you and then let's draw can we get a mountain or a land like a mountain would be fine but a land in general so let's go midnight Reaper if we can cascade into a fire Blade artist that would be pretty cool we cascade into a priest I will accept priest I attack in oh no I'm so sorry about it alright one more turn just don't get anything super busted like cascade into like a guttersnipe or something I don't care skewer the critics me that is totally fine I will take skewer the critics what do they reveal their reviewer they reveal a wily a goblin we get to keep our priest though so we can cast ravenous chupacabra lightning strike me alright fire Blade artist I'm just gonna decline so let's play yeah let's just play fire blade artists that is fine and let's activate actually let's just let's just turn things sideways turn sideways turn sideways turn sideways turn sideways and attack I hope you had fun cuz I certainly did oh my god okay I love this deck so good for this cascading all right we're wanna know we are wanna know what did we get we got an art art wait angels let's go in for number two if we could just keep being on the play that is best case scenario best best case scenario all right Alice Drinker we do go first this hand is good I like to stand a lot so we can go turn one foot light beam the whole deck is shuffled even that little interaction is quite a lot of fun to look at Koo Mina – Menna with with the the whole cascading also just seems like a ton of fun so let's go play the blood crypt let's attack in with the little guy and we're gonna play our priest I feel like priest is going to be oh so good it'll be oh so good against this plus we have the gruesome menagerie – so that's just gonna be super super good for us if we can get a lands that would be good we need Judith Judith would also just be extremely good yeah that's right there staring at the cards they're just like oh no this interaction is so good they got the island though that's unfortunate merfolk miss binder would you find a coup Menna cumin is fun so we are not going to block oh my god birth look with this like there's so many good decks all right so let's cast you let's go I think I'm just gonna go graveyard Marshall and then we can we can skewer the merfolk miss binder I think I like that a lot so let's go you what are we revealing we find a foot light beam I will take foot light beam and then let's I think we just go ahead and activate the priest and we'll target these two creatures so our will target you target foot light beams the foot light beam triggers will go on the stack will target you target you then you have to sacrifice something actually I guess we coulda just brought back our Gutter bones but I yeah I just really wanted to get that merfolk miss binder gone God priest is so good so so good we get Al and let's go I think I just want to play the fire Blade artists yeah let's play the fire Blade artist I guess it's every first every first card has cascade right whenever you catch your first spell each turn okay that is fine that is totally fine we now have use for this graveyard marshal – which is really good for us really really good if we can draw a Judith that's best-case scenario may be cast an on creature spell would you find Jay light Betty oh all right yeah Jade Light Bearer attacking in four three I will take the three I don't mind so let's decline we draw a land so let's go ahead and cast actually we can priest first we could play our land activate graveyard martial use that or we can cast we could cast Menagerie – I think I think I want to just activate the graveyard marshal so will exile you will get a token so activate you target you and then will target the gutter bones and the token we're get to add some mana to our pool we draw up the footlight fiend so now our options are we can cast skewer skewer the coup men I get another card I think I like that so let's cast the skewer get something good I'll cast great I'll definitely get graveyard marshal I don't mind and then we could even we could try to think of what we want there's so many possibilities for things to do let's go ahead and just cast the footlight Fein because the gutter bones can go ahead and just stay in the graveyard because we can get it back so I'm gonna cast the footlight beam and let's just attack in we have a blocker for this deep root which is good and they're actually going to block the graveyard marshal – that is so so good for us disperse that is fine just bring it back to our hand and you get a jade Bearer feels bad man feels a super bad man oh what a just the end they can't handle it priests to the Forgotten gods and this cascade thing is so busted it's so so busted alright we've won – let's keep it going keep it going keep it going keep it going I'm having so much fun I need to do some more videos on this cascade thing saya bar gara he all right saara bara okay let's go ahead and keep this wink a skewer on turn two which will be good for us and we can cast midnight Reaper after that cycle through the deck we can't cast a soul oh we should put it doesn't really matter like it had work for Judith but we could put one amber or whatever it's called in this deck for our one drop that would be really good they're going to tickle us for one they are that is that's good for us because now we can secure actually graveyard marshals even better so let's go blood crip tap or not tapped untapped untapped is better and let's go graveyard Marshall get another one drop like a foot light beam would be perfect perfect full life beam we can now block this fanatical firebrand we can trade it off with like another creature to say if they play the the Pyromancer but we have midnight reaper for next turn we can cascade into something else sure firebrand are you going for me I like that cast the cast the the divination the new divination viewers get a shock shock my other guy a value town population you going on right now so let's target you you'll go to 70 Judith is pretty good um I think I want to get this midnight Reaper down first though so let's go let's go midnight Reaper just to get it down so we can have value yes priest thank you come to Papa now if our creatures die at least we're gonna be drawing cards off we have Judith for next turn so we can go nuts with this priest they're just now playing their second land to kill my Reaper I would prefer you to kill my Reaper that's fine Guiteau lava runner alright we draw blood crypt so we won't block I'm in no need to block let's cast Judith cascade into something else we get another priest all these priests love us and we're just gonna get in for a bunch of damage the only threat thing is is do I want to play a skewer this turn I kinda yeah I kind of do just to get this lava runner off the battlefield or do I do I want to go to 11 I think I think I'm gonna go ahead and just go to 11 we are we're taking quite a bit of points of damage but next turn we can open up to get through even more damage I guess probably keeping it just for skewers skewer would have been better because we have this midnight Reaper to where opponent is missing land drops opponent just concedes oh we're three you know we're three you know all right we got a justice strike can we just go can we just go five oh no this is the first time I'm doing this event but I love it I played I play living in I've played living in for so long it's been my pet deck it's not very good right now because everyone's playing 52 surgical 's in their deck but what can you do poni goes first we can I like this we have turned one gutter bone turned to fire blade and then we have Reaper allowing us to Value City everybody's just playing aggro decks which is understandable is this is just another aggro deck it is not whores of a guild gates so let's cast gutter punks we are a little bit ahead right now which is good we have the first spell we can start attacking and hopefully and they have no to drop that be best-case scenario but likely they do I would assume that they're not that bad it's magic even though that has nothing to do with it so I like it we're gonna be able to go we're playing against expert thought erasure that seems pretty good feel like uh-oh spell Pierce yes sure take a card any card you can take something I'm just gonna cast something else next turn hitting spell Pierce feel so bad I would not put spell Pierce's in my cascade deck I don't think like I guess if you in response cast like a removal spell and then get the spell Pierce on the stack to count or something that added that'd be like best-case scenario I suppose but that's okay we can cast Rick's body next turn depending on what we draw we draw a foot light beam so let's go let's go Mountain will cast Rick's body we're just gonna discard this foot light beam cuz we're likely to just get yeah we're like real like we get another card anyways a replacement with this cascading so we'll get rid of the Cascade we draw a priest priest is pretty good get in for two we have midnight Reaper next turn and then the turn after that we can go priest into skewer we've got value we just need to not get raft or anything that would be worst case scenario worst-case scenario or we get rat please don't under mourn ego thought you raise your oh that's so much value oh now they can just thought he raised her in the name another card that is so good ha sad panda that's okay they get me to the midnight Reaper and then they could under more an ego the priest but luckily we get to a skewer next turn get some sort of value off of that if we draw Judith Judith in to say the the – – hey stir the fire wheeler that would be that would be pretty good what are you naming skewer the critics the F that's understandable unfortunate get rid of all my skewers give me a good card at least gruesome menagerie I will take that so gruesome menagerie is gonna be so good so let's cast you tit will cast the Rick's and then I'm just gonna get rid of this priest get rid of the priest draw a land perfect perfect perfect perfect let's attack so we have oh my god gruesome menagerie he's gonna be so good we get to Cascade Plus get back three creatures our opponent can't have kaya's wrath yet kya is totally fine hero of precinct one they're just dead aren't they they can exile and gutter bones but we can still just get in for three six nine yes they're just dead perfect you got rid of my skewers you jerk yep that's fine yeah so they block one of the threes they take three six seven eight perfect attack you attack you all my boy I can respect it block the Judith all right we're doing so good this event is so much fun all right we need one more dub right just one more dub let us be on the play and just run our opponents right over No all right we get to go first this hand is garbo though this hand is not much better if we're gonna go ahead and try it though if we need a mountain so we'll cast got our bones we need a mountain if we can go skewer next time that would be best-case scenario best-case scenario we need you not to play anything either that would be unfortunate eat you lava runner look at all the cards go alright so oh my god we don't draw one um that's unfortunate we are probably going to lose this game just because of that so let's play you so next turn we can hopefully midnight Reaper or Judith like Judith would be really good Wizards lightning God that is so good yep lightning strike dome e46 don't need for six gimmie for another two you're so good alright land please no okay they can have this one that's okay we're gonna get the last one we are going to get the last one that was by far the worst hand that we've had we're gonna get this last one gonna get this last one gonna get this last one gotta have faith you got to got to have a little alright opponent goes first this hand is doable oh so many red decks tilts it's understandable though like it's an easy way to just grind this Chupacabra is pretty good so let's go gutter bones next turn we can attack in + skewer skewer will be really good skewer the turn after we have ravenous chupacabra to run away steam kin so they get another ghee to lava runner I wonder if they'll block I'm hoping hoping hoping that they do not block Wow okay I guess that works I suppose I'm still going to attack in though I am still attacking in I don't know why you would lay off the pressure I don't think that's necessarily correct I would keep attacking in like I'm coming in okay I guess we're just now going to play skewer that was big big mistake why would you not attack and block I don't understand we get a full life beam one of the worst things that we could draw but next turn will be able to play Rick's body plus skewer will play the skewer first obviously well we're looking good we have Chupacabra the turn after which is going to be a spice we have a removal spell this turn this fanatical firebrand can kill this foot light beam that is totally fine I'll tickle you tickle tickle yep get in for one you have another light the stage that's a good one the cast are they get a fanatical firebrand so that's pretty good for us I will I will take that light up the stage again what is that that's a skewer eat you lava runner they are going ham right now okay so what do we want to do here I still I think I still want to just attack in for to attack in for to apply the pressure all right they're going to allow that so let's go I'm thinking I could Swamp priests so I definitely want to skewer this turn I'll skewer one of the creatures maybe I go Rix mati hey no I can save Rick's body for later so let's go let's go skewer well target you will just keep getting things off the battlefield we need a good card though right off the top graveyard Marshalls not bad I will take that I love that skewers are technically a free drop like it just feels so good and that's cast priests cast the priests they have a land drop Plus skewer for next turn which is going to be busted but I have a ravenous chupacabra for next turn which is going to be just as spicy we can tube something plus hopefully get like a Judith Judith would be the best case scenario so they're going to skewer the it looks like they're skewer in something one of my creatures is that priest it's me straight to the face they get a runaway steam cannon we're down to 14 what else do you have lightning strike on me while they are going ham they are going ham right now so I'm probably going to block one of these lava runners yeah I think I think I just have to block one of these lava runners so what do we want to do here we can go shoot and then into graveyard marshal I like it so let's go so let's cast shoot what do we get we get a fire Blade artist not bad I will take fire blade artist kill you and then we will what do we want to do this turn so we can attack in attack in four four let's activate you target you and we'll sacrifice you and do we choose the ravenous chupacabra or do we choose the fire blade artists like do we want the the the second blocker I think a part of me wants the second blocker because we'll have yeah I'm gonna choose the second blocker I think oh this is hard yeah I want to keep the second blocker just in case just in case I know that might be a big mistake but we'll cast graveyard marshal alright our opponent is low on the life totals risk factor I'm gonna go ahead and decline you can draw your cards they get a runaway steam kin I do not want to take four please and thank you you're gonna get to draw more cards but that's totally fine I am I'm okay with that I accept we can activate graveyard marshal Pyromancer so I'll go to five we need something good fire Blade artist is actually really good so let's go so let's cast Rick's body so let me let me do the math right here so fire Blade artists or we can cast the Rick's mati we can activate we can activate graveyard marshal to activate graveyard marshal I think I want to start with that though so let's go Rick's mati ha do the math okay so we can get rid of two other creatures that go down to seven we have to hurry okay let's just cast the Rick's mati cuz we'll get we'll get a one drop off of this anyways get rid of this blood Crips play the swamp that was actually a pretty good draw so let's go fire Blade artists activate you target you and let's go submit on you and on you so you'll go to seven then three four five six seven we can attack in so we could also yeah so let's go ahead and activate you and we'll exile the Rick smadi get a token and let's attack in for lethal they have to block so okay so we just need you not to kill me please and thank you which is is probably easy to do at this point which is unfortunate but maybe I should have left a blocker run away steam kin that is not there's not something fanatical firebrand that puts us to poor it's not Guiteau lava runner which is good it is not Guiteau lava runner do you have the burn spell yep I go to four do you have skewer a skewer light up the stage something busted another fanatical plus shock oh this is so close shocked me do you have another one fanatical firebrand and then you just have the mana Oh tilts Oh light up the stage please don't please don't know the Wizards lightning okay they don't they have it oh that's so tilting oh that's so tilting I feel like we should have had that one man they just spun the wheel so so quick alright we'll see what we get we got – we got our coins back and we got a row I will take that so yeah that was that was a ton of fun I highly recommend this deck for this cascade event um I'm definitely going to be building some other decks that can maybe benefit around it so we'll see we'll see how that goes but yeah give this give this deck a try the priests of the Forgotten gods is just the most fun I've ever had when it comes to being able to cascade along with it you get so much value but yeah if you guys enjoyed the video please hit that like button I would a super duper appreciate if you want to see further content hit that subscribe button that is gonna be it for me I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll catch you next time

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