Raising Hope at Work Campaign 2018

Raising Hope at Work is an employee
giving campaign that allows us employees of University of Florida Health to give
back in a way I think that’s very important and necessary for our growth. I think the most unique part about Raising Hope at Work is that we are donating to
the place where we work. So we’ll be actually able to see those dollars have
a benefit. You’ll be able to literally watch your dollars grow and have an
impact. It’s a way of investing in our own community it’s a way of investing in
our own organization and sort of putting our money where hearts are and where our
minds are and letting people know that we really care about the work that we do
and we’re showing it through our own investment. I mean it’s been a lot of
growth that we’ve had going on and still going on. Pediatric ED is one of them.
The south tower. As long as I keep working here I’m going to keep on giving. So I do my gift to raising hope at work through payroll deduction which is
super easy. It just gets taken out of my paycheck
automatically, I don’t even notice it, and it really makes my gift compound over
time. If everybody in the College of Medicine could give five dollars a
paycheck think of how many scholarships we could give to students and then help
to relieve their debt burden when they graduate. If you live here and if
something were ever happened to you or a child or a loved one, the first place
you would want them to come to is University of Florida. You’re going to want to
be a part of something special. It should be a no-brainer to give back to something that’s going to end up giving back to you or a loved one in the future.

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