Presentation Quick Tip #6 – How to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Hi, it’s Carl Kwan here with Presentation
Quick Tip #6. In this week’s video, you’re going to learn
about how to time and space out the content in your presentation to keep your audience
from getting bored. Now, everyone has a very limited attention
span. They can only pay attention for maybe 3-5
minutes, maybe 7 minutes if you’re lucky. So what you wanna do is after 3-5 minutes,
you wanna say, “But here’s something really interesting.”
And then present a fact or a statistic or some kind of really interesting piece of information
that will re-engage your audience. And make sure though that that piece of information
really is interesting or they’re still gonna be bored.
So remember, if you want to engage your audience and keep their attention, and make sure they
don’t kinda start dozing off, every 3-5 minutes introduce something that is going to be interesting
to them…A stat or a figure, or whatever kind of fact or information that they will
find interesting, that’ll re-engage them. And that is Presentation Quick Tip #6.
If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below this video.
Thanks for watching. Talk to you again soon.

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