100 Replies to “Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza Recipe | Mythical Kitchen”

  1. I've really started to not like Josh since he's gotten his own channel. He has an annoying voice and he jokes way too much when he's uncomfortable, which is always. You gotta have confidence if you're going to be on screen… especially as a lead. This self loathing comedy bullshit is reserved to supporting roles.

  2. Your so much better in your own show than with rhet and link you act as if your managers manager has just shown up an you don't know what to do

  3. Why hasn't Trevor been on camera since episode 1? How did the cookies turn out. Have been waiting for these answers

  4. I'm enjoying this show but the end is always a little disappointing. Please try to add more to the final taste. Maybe have the same person like Rhett or Link. Make it more a part of the show.

  5. I remember how dissapointed I was when I found out "pizza pie" was just what you Americans called regular old pizza.
    I always imagined like meat pie type thing but filled with pizza toppings.

  6. Did I just fall in love with Josh??

    Anyway, would be great to get a guest, Rich Brian would be great, he does lots of cooking!

  7. I'm finally ready to admit to myself & others that I'm willing to risk it all to hold Josh's hand……maybe a hug too as a treat

  8. We had peanut butter and jelly pizza from East of Chicago in my hometown all the time as kids! I forgot about it until this video. Memories! Now I need to make it myself.

  9. I finally understand why the team does what it does. Pushing the envelope and expanding everything that can be thought of. It's really great what you're all doing.

  10. Looks good. I would have opted for ricotta salata. I think the pepperoni wrecked it too. And, that looked like some shitty trash roni from Hormel or some bullshit.

  11. I will stick to my pizza place desert pbj.Sorry i excpeted alot but Eek i am sorry josh. But you lost me with garlic and onion i can get past tomato paste and maybe the chicken broth. Jelly okay

  12. This looks awesome! So much better than Marshmallow Pee (Lol) but nah for real this is one of my favorite recipes of yours so far just on looking at it I'll have to give it a try soon. Any more phenomenal recipes from your Aunt?

  13. When Josh started talking about Maffe it took me “home” to when I was kid in The Gambia gathered around a community bowl of Domada (their version of Maffe) eating with the locals. I truly do thank you Josh, from the bottom of my heart for taking me back home for that brief moment!

  14. Do you remember a dipping sauce that Burger King created In the early 2000's called Gooey Green Apple Ooze? What was your take on it, I've never really seen a sauce like it since it was released

  15. I love how literally right after Josh goes NICOLE YOU THROW AT PEOPLE NOT TO THEM the thing darts across the screen straight at his chest

  16. I really think you should do the peanut butter and jelly burrito that they had on the show that looked phenomenal can you put that on Mystikal kitchen

  17. Josh: Oh no i just touch the spicy pepper, im gonna forget about that later in the bathroom.
    Also Josh literally 5 seconds later : eats the diced grape right after

  18. Josh asking for the pan to be thrown to him “one time” just confirms to me that he’s worked in a restaurant, and he’s not just a poser

  19. If cats were the size of horses they would, obviously, poop in plastic baby pools. Or just continue to poop in sandboxes, I suppose.

  20. Im ghanian and peanut stew is the besttttt i totally relate too aunties sending over huge container of it, you can also freeze it for months !

  21. In my house we stan pineapple on pizza but we always get something salty/savory flavored like bacon or green olives to counteract all the sweetness from the pineapple. So good.

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