Pat O’Connor Orthopedic Trauma Devices Business Opportunity

OrthoXel was founded in June of 2014 on the back of the body of research that was completed in Cork Institute of Technology’s Medic Center We are an orthopaedic trauma company focused on the development & commercialization of intramedullary nails for the treatment of tibia and femoral fractures. When we incorporated OrthoXel we had a very clear perspective on how to productise the basic research from CIT. However, we needed resources and funding and what we’ve done is we have resourced or funded the company through private investors, Enterprise Ireland and Local Enterprise Office. Those funding sources have enabled us to develop the technologies, through the CE mark, US FDA approval and European Clinical Study. As an orthopaedic trauma company we operate in a very competitive market which is dominated by a number of orthopaedic multinationals, because of that, we know need a very clever innovative technology to compete and so we’ve set about developing a new standard of care for treatment of tibia and femoral fractures. We’ve built our foundations on rigorous technical developments, clinical regulatory work, with the objective of developing the best tibial and femoral nail products on the market, with accelerated healing and improved patient outcomes and this objective has been borne out by the results of our clinical study and the data analysis to date. OrthoXel is primarily a technology development company with significant skills in technology development and commercialization. We recognize that the most efficient route to market for us is to leverage sale channels of an established orthopaedic multinational we will spend the next 12 to 15 months completing our technical development & clinical activities on the tibial & femoral products to position ourselves for a commercial deal in 2020. You

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