Our New Home First Look | Engaged with JoJo and Jordan

(upbeat music) – What’s up guys? We are still at Mom and
Dad’s, the house is not done. However, we are going to
give you the first look, the exclusive.
– No one’s seen it. – Into what our house
looks like right now. You ready? Here we go. (upbeat music) Oh, what’s up Jackson. So we’re gonna take you
back to the beginning of what this house was. What it looked like. – [Jordan] It was a dump. – I originally bought this house ’cause I was gonna flip it, and I was gonna sell it and someone else– – And do one of these,
someone else’s problem. – But I, you know what–
– Now it’s our problem. – Okay, I love taking on projects. So this house was abandoned. It was vandalized. There was asbestos in the home. It was just a train wreck, but. – We did it. – We haven’t done it yet. – Almost. – You were with me the very first time I walked through, right? – Oh yeah, I was there. – Give them your first impression. – I mean, shattered
broken windows everywhere. I don’t know if there was
a window that was intact. The other ones were all boarded up. The floor where the kitchen is now, which was kind of the dining
room, was so caved in, there was no base, so it
was like, a trampoline. – The water heater.
– Oh my. – Was hanging from the ceiling. – That’s safe. What else? Oh, the master bathroom, – [Jojo] Mold and gunk. – [Jordan] Wasn’t it like a blue like– – [Jojo] It was awful. – [Jordan] Like bright
green weird tile too. – This house was probably,
no, it was the worst house that I’ve ever taken on.
– Easy. – The worst house I’ve
ever tried to remodel. – It took some convincing. – No I was all in from the get go. – Oh, I meant for me.
– Oh. I’m just gonna be real with
you, I’m pretty frustrated, the house was supposed to be
done before we moved to L.A. last summer, which was May?
– July? – June? – June.
– June. It’s November. – November, guys. And. – Only five months. – I don’t even know when
it’s going to be done. Oh boy. We don’t have electricity. We don’t have all our
plumbing fixtures in. We don’t have grass. – Don’t have grass. – We, aw man, there’s a lot. – We don’t have a front door yet. Still have the temporary front door. – We don’t have a back splash in yet. – Where are we with the back splash? – Well, it’s– – Last I heard, you had about. A few samples? A couple samples? – Standby. – That’s a good sign. – [Jojo] Standby. (upbeat piano music) Oh shoot. – You got it? – Do I got it! Okay! – Is that whole thing? I have no idea. Last I heard. Or our original decision. Which, if we would have stuck
with our original decisions this thing would have
been done months ago. – No. – So, it was supposed to be
just white subway tile, right? Easy, everybody loves it! – Right, white, except. – So, where are we now, Jojo? – Let me paint a picture. – Please. – The idea I had going into this kitchen was white, fresh, clean. Not yet. White, fresh, clean,
airy, then I got in there and I’m just feeling like it’s too white. And I know you’re gonna say, whoever said a kitchen’s too white? ‘Cause you know, I love white kitchens. But I just think that I
can find something better. So! – Okay! – I’m gonna show you what I
ordered from, ha, for samples. Ah, just wait ’cause,
I’m gonna put this down. – See, I like this one. – Hold on. Okay. I’m just gonna get a couple
that I think are contenders. Oh my gosh, I’m sweating. So, I love this a lot. Do you love it initially? – I like it. – Show it to them again. – It’s a little smaller
than I thought it would be. – Yeah, they are smaller. – These things are a little smaller, I thought they’d be bigger. – Right. – It’s very, uh, you know what? It looks like fish scales. And now I can’t get that out of my mind. – That wasn’t my favorite anyways. – Okay. – And then I was thinking; I really, we bother really love the color, like, hunter green. So I was like, let’s get crazy. And it’s actually terrible. – It’s very heavy too. Because like the walls. – Well, we don’t like it so that’s fine. – Pass on that, but don’t break. – I like that one a little better. – But it just, it’s still not gonna work. It’s just not gonna work, it’s too heavy. – It’s not bad. – What? You like that? – I don’t hate it. So now we got white. – Okay, we do have white,
and I really like– – I like this too. – It doesn’t do anything though. – That’s, I like that. I’m like Vanna White. – Okay, tell me what you think. Now envision it, envision it in the space. – I’m envisioning it. You start to see squares? Do you see the squares? – I was in there the other day. Jordan was gone working. I took all these samples into the house, with my mom, actually. So Seriah did give me her opinion. I personally had a favorite. – Is it one of these? – Yup. Do you like any of these? – Yeah. Love this one. – That’s the only one you like? This is just your basic. I think these are too small, so I would opt for like,
a bigger subway tile. – So. So this is the one? – So, I’ve already
placed the order on this. – So what are we even doing? – Oh, it’s cracked. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. – I told you. Oh, God.
– Wait one minute. You already did the order? – I love this one. I think it’s really perfect. – So it goes that way, not the other way? It’s different. – Mom, mom, can you come here? ‘Cause mom was with me. – Seriah, did you pick? – Mom, come sit here. – [Seriah] Not back splash again. – Mom come sit here. – [Seriah] Not black splash again. – Yes, again. – Sit down. So, let me talk to mom. – This is the best one. – Okay. – Because the other one it
looks like a dungeon house. The green. – The dark one was too dark. – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. – But mom, you look really
beautiful by the way. – Thank you, baby. – Yeah!
– Wow! You can never go wrong with subway tile. It’s clean, right? – Yeah, it’s too clean. – Wait, I meant, Jordan? – Agreed, I’d get kinda
bored with subway tile. – Right. And so we’re going to do this, in our house, we’re going to take a risk. – We’re taking a risk. – And so, without further ado. – This is the best rescue I’ve ever taken. I love it, because I want
you to be done with this. (laughs) – She said she’s so. – You’ve been a year, you’ve
been roommates too much. – That’s the, yeah. She’s like, get out of the house. – Get out of my house. – Make a decision and
get out of the house. You know the only
problem with this though? What the told us is that this is gonna take another three months to install, so we get to live with
you another three months! – No, please. I’m gonna rent you a motel six. – Whoa. – At my cost. – Motel six?
– First off, mom I think is lying to you. Because I think that she does
love the fact that we’re here. – Yeah she does. – No, I love you guys, but it’s too much. You guys been here too long. – Dad said he loves us here,
and he wants us to stay here. – Well, why don’t you stay
here and I’ll move out? – We’re gonna take a risk and we’re gonna live
here for another year. – I just got an email from them and they said another seven to 10 days. Relax. – Hallelujah! – You and Joe and have
that empty house again! – What does that mean? (upbeat music) So, let’s do a little mini
walk through of our house. It’s a three bedroom, two bath. The house originally only
like 1500 square feet. – No, it was less than that. – Oh, it was like 1300. – I think it was like 1200. – Okay, the house was
originally 1200 square feet, give or take. So we decided to do a
little bit of an expansion. So now it sits at roughly, like, a little under 2000 square feet. When you walk into the front door, you come into the living room. And throughout the whole house, it originally had just eight foot ceilings all the way around. But when you go into the
living room you will see that we have vaulted the
ceilings in the living area, to just make it feel a little bit bigger. – Yeah, it’s an older home, so– – It’s much. – We needed to open it up. – I think this house
was built in like 1940. – Yeah. – I think a little detail that
we did in the living room, on that back wall that was really nice, was we did a ship lap back wall. – [Jordan] And it’s the big ship lap. – It’s the foot long, 12 inch, ship lap; which makes a huge difference. Especially when you’re
putting shiplap in a space, it helps it make it feel bigger. – And a big open kitchen. – [Jojo] Oh yeah! – [Jordan] With an enormous island! – [Jojo] Yeah, the kitchen before guys. – [Jordan] Love the
island, waterfall island. – [Jojo] Was, yeah, we did nice. We opened it up, we
knocked some walls out. Now it’s just an open concept. You go from your living
room, into your kitchen. And then you have french
doors that lead you to the back yard; which is amazing. – [Jordan] Love the backyard. – We have a laundry room that really is gonna be Jackson’s little space because it has a dog shower in it. – He’s so fancy. He’s got an automatic doggie door that opens up with the
thing on his collar. – Yes he does. And then we have three bedrooms. The master suite, kind of is in it’s own section of the house. Before this house had
a hallway that went– – [Jordan] That was probably
the best thing we did. – [Jojo] We decided to
eliminate the hallway and– – [Jordan] Expand the bedrooms. – Expand all the bedrooms. So, ’cause that hallway was
kind of a random dead space. It didn’t make sense. Eliminated that. Master bedroom, master
suite has french doors that lead to the back yard as well. You know, a nice waterfall shower. – Good sized closet
– Big closet. – I mean, it had no closet. It had a tiny bathroom. It’s got a big shower, – [Jojo] Yup. – [Jordan] It’s got a floating vanity. – [Jojo] Yeah, so. – [Jordan] Added some shelves, big closet. – It looks so much better. And I think we’re both very
happy with where it’s come. It’s like, obviously
like, when you do a house there’s all these things
that you look back on and you’re like, ah, I should’ve that, or I should’ve done this. Or I wish I could’ve done that. But I’m learning that I need to just be happy with
what I have right now. – Woosah. (upbeat music) Alright, let’s talk about the best space in any house, the back yard. We have these two trees
that kind of make a little, like, a little nook. (Jojo laughs) Why are you laughing? – I’m just thinking of the hammock that you wanna put up. – Yeah, there’s– – Not a hammock. – I mean, when you see two
trees that are perfectly spaced; what else do you do? You put a hammock. – You don’t put a hammock. (laughs) – Who doesn’t love laying in a hammock? – I do love laying in a hammock but I– – You wanna entertain people, maybe someone wants to take a nap. Maybe someone. – In Texas? – Had one too many drinks,
and they need to go lay down. (Jojo laughs) Like, you can always use a hammock, and it just looks cool. Like, if you see a picture of the beach, there’s always a hammock. – On the beach. You know, you’re not serious about. – I am 100% serious about the hammock. – You will totally disrupt
the fung shui of the backyard. – How? No, there’s already like a
little natural, kind of like, nook for that area right of the deck. Like, then we kinda just close it in. Create nice little. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – What do you have against hammocks? – Well, I like hammocks, I
just, we’ll figure it out. – We can get a Scandinavian
rustic hammock. – Scandinavian, eh. (laughs) – What was that? – We wanna know what you
guys think as far as design, decor, if you have any
cool, like, wallpaper. – Types of furniture. – I also need help choosing
a rug for my living room. So if you guys know of any good
places or any cool designs; like, please let us know. Comment below, I wanna
hear what you have to say. I need help. – And don’t forget to subscribe, ’cause you do not wanna
miss the big reveal. You’re gonna see it for
the first time with us. – Ah, I can’t wait. Anyways, thank you guys so much, and we will see you next time. (upbeat music)

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  2. Lol DYING with Jordan’s comment on the hammock. Is that just a guy thing then? Cause the first thing my husband did when we moved into our home was slap a hammock between the trees!🤣

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    I wanna have more of the house!! Its so amazing!!!
    Jojo, I know you're in your element and you're so good at it, but let Jordan have sth to say!!!!!

    Love you both anyway!

  5. Have you guys done any research into sustainable decor?! A lot of the companies out there that provide it have super modern and clean vibes! A cool example is company Modern Macrame. I can definitely envision that in your space (:

  6. Sorry Jojo, but I completely agree with Jordan about the hammock! I was at a huge garden party/BBQ a couple months ago at my fiance's friends house. (Mind you, we're a bilingual couple who don't share the same native language) But it was great when they were all speaking Czech, I could go relax and lay in the hammock and read a book or take a nap after a glass of wine or two. Also, Czech BBQ's tend to last like 8 hours, so…. a hammock was a nice way to relax in between social times. Just give the hammock a chance is all I'm saying 🙂

  7. I love www.rugsusa.com I have bought the prettiest area rugs there and they have decent sales and clearance. Safavieh has been my fave brand so far

  8. Check out this artist:
    Instagram- @morganandrefineart
    She has done everything from pop art, to modern, to mixed media, to oil paintings, etc etc etc. We’ve been best friends for 15 years and I’ll tell you that she does not display all her talents even on her Instagram page. She into avant- grade fashion and old photographs and much more. She could commission anything you’d like. Good luck in your future home!

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  13. Jojo. No one cares about your shit love story. This video was on my recommended list and that’s how I came here but you two will reach divorce court. I promise you that. Simply because you’re an American. Kissing 10 guys at one instance, having an orgy with them,falling in love with all of them on national TV and finally settling for just one man out of that bunch. Your sense of morality and real love is questionable. And same applies to that stupid thing sitting right next to you. And please stop the happy ever after thing. Its making me want to throw up blood. Things people do for views and fame.

  14. So if you’re into Scandinavian style, I know the perfect dining room table, if you don’t already have one 🙂 called the Hygee, a danish word for cozy, comfortable and content, I think the really light wood would look awesome in your totally white living spaces. I seriously just love this table and thought you might too! https://www.chiltons.com/products/hygge-table

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    energy and is sooooooo likeable (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

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  20. You arent giving the poor guy ANY spot around the house or yard, isnt that both of your home? He should get part of the closet and should be able to choose finishings in the house and who the hell cares if he wants a hammock…like is that going to seriously cause you stress? Lighten up its your HOME not a picture in a magazine.

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  23. Regarding the comments on the space being “too white”. I also wanted a white, bright living room/main room, so I painted the old wood floors a warm ivory so it didn’t seem too cold. I also put up rich, velvet chenille off-white drapes but placed the rods almost near the edge where wall meets ceiling (instead of top of window) to create the illusion of height. It really opens up the room and makes the ceiling appear higher than it is. I was struggling to add color as I didn’t want to create too much disruption of the neutral color scheme I’d wanted, so I’ve added some pale, subtle, faded gold and camel velvet pillows, a gold throw with very subtle sheen and vintage gold based table lamps with pale camel shades. The subtle, not bright accents of gold, tan, camel, and flax give it some warmth also and breaks it up from being too monochromatic. Your backsplash has a hint of gray, so maybe play up with some deeper gray or even subtle, pale blue gray accents to give some depth. Hope it’s all going well over there! Looking forward to seeing the final stages!
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