One Room Factory – Tutorial

Our game is about building a factory line that produces PCBs. To build objects, use either the Build Icon or Press B. There are 2 buildings used for transport There are 5 stations (processing buildings) Selecting an item you want to build will get you to build mode. When in build mode, you need to rotate the objects by pressing R, to put them in correct rotation. Left clicking in build mode will place the object. To destroy built object, use either Destroy Icon or Press F. This will open Destroy Mode. Clicking on built object will destroy them. To Pause or Quit the Game, use either Menu Icon or press Escape. The goal of the game is to build Stations that produce intermediate products. First you need to build Station 01 (UV) that accepts Cuprexit. Once first station of specific kind is placed, resources will start arriving on designated belts. Stations then start processing resources into their products. Station 01 output is used for Station 02 (Acid), that also needs Acid Barels. For more efficient use of resources, use Robotic Hands. Each Hand needs to be configured with the Output tile and Resource it moves. Station 03 and 04 each accept resource from previous station. Station 05 needs resource from Station 04 and Electronics case. Then you just need to ship Final Product out! Try different setups for your factory to find the most effective one! You can also rotate (hold) and zoom (scroll) your camera with mouse wheel. Find more about our game at. Thanks for watching!

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