Office Organization: Planning Projects

Hi everyone, so in this video, I am going to share with you guys one tip for getting things done. And that tip is to have a project planning board in your home or in your office. So I’m in my office. I’m in front of my project planning board. And this is by far not my to-do list, my to-do list is separate from this board. This is instead a place where I track and I manage all the projects that are going on inside of my business. So let me grab the camera and show you guys what this looks like and show you guys how you can do the same thing inside of your home or your office. These are my project boards in my home office. I am going to quickly go up and down and share with you guys what they look like then I’ll explain to you guys how I use them. So aren’t they so pretty? I feel like they are so pretty probably just because all the Post-it notes are in a color-coded order, and they just look so neat and organized. Let me first quickly tell you what these boards are. So these are, they’re white boards. They don’t look like boards because they are very thin, but they are white boards that are laminated and you can write on them with a dry erase marker and they erase perfectly fine. I am not really a dry erase person because I am left handed and so the ink will just smear on my hand. So that’s why I like Post-it notes. A company called Planet Safe Planners makes these boards and they are 100% biodegradable and they make all kinds of white boards. They make calendars, they make spiral bound charts like this. I forget what this is called. This a is 36 by 24 five column tracker. They are double sided so on the back is something different. They have different sizes, different calendars for different uses. They sell Post-it notes. So they’re actually made to put Post-it notes like this. They have tons of different colors, tons of different size Post-it notes. So they are just very cool. Let me tell you what I use this for. So every different thing I do at work, I track. Every different project that we are working on gets written down just so I know whats going on, Ed knows what’s going on and everybody that is working on something has a clue of what’s going on. Basically what I do is every time a new project comes up or we think of a new project that we want to work on. We’ll just take a sticky note, we’ll write down the project and then we’ll put it under the master project category. So for example, design, Matt is our graphic designer, so these three projects are three projects that Matt’s working on. So if I want to know, or Ed wants to know, what Matt’s working on he can just come here and look at the design column and see ok Matt’s got 3 things going on. Or what are we doing with the website? Pete’s got six things going on, he’s working on these six projects. So we can just kind of know what’s going on. We all kind of understand where we are with things. Once something gets accomplished it gets moved down to the accomplished section. I just made up this category and used my label maker and labelled this. You can label it whatever you want, obviously label your catagories whatever you want. But once something gets accomplished, like, for instance, this – if you haven’t noticed we have a new YouTube background – thanks to Matt our awesome graphic designer, he did an amazing job. So once this is done, then it comes down here and it goes into the accomplished section. You’re probably wondering, well, why do we have an accomplished section? Why don’t we just throw away these sticky notes like a normal person would? Well when I look at this board. Well, I come up here and I look at all these sticky notes, I don’t know about you, but I am like ‘Oh my gosh, we have so much to do, we so many projects going on, how will we ever get these things done?’ When that happens, when I have those thoughts, I just look down here and I look at everything we’ve accomplished and I’m like ‘okay, I know everything is going to get done, look how far we’ve come. Look at all the things I’ve gotten done in the past few months.’ I have no doubt in my mind that all these things will get accomplished in time. I do that by just looking at everything that we’ve accomplished and then I am reminded that, okay, in a few months all these things will be moved down into the accomplished section. That’s why I have an accomplished category at the bottom. What else was I going to say here? Oh yes, this – we kind of call this our Tetris board. If you stand back it kind of looks like a Tetris board, like all these things are blocks and down there is the blocks where they fall into. I don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s what Ed and I always think this board looks like. I love these project boards! It’s just a place to write everything down – write down all the projects we have going on or that what we want to tackle in the future. Like, maybe I’m not going to tackle this project next week, maybe I will be ready to tackle it in 3 months down the road. But now that I know it’s in a safe place where it’s not going to get lost and the idea won’t get forgotten about, I know it will get done when the time is right. This by far is not my to-do list. My to-do list is separate from this. I have a different process that I use. This is just what I use to manage all the projects we have going on in the business. One thing I do here is I color code all the master project categories. So for example, the YouTube category – these are all YouTube projects or YouTube videos that I will get done. These are all ideas that you guys have given me or ideas that I came up with of videos that I’m going to do. So anyway, I use orange for YouTube, so when I come to the project planner, I know I am responsible for all the orange Post-it notes. While Ed’s our tech support guy, he’s responsible for all the blue post it notes and so forth. We color code so it’s easy to distinguish who is responsible for what. So now that you guys have seen my project planning board, now you guys know what I do with all the Post-it notes if you guys watched my Post-it note video that I did a few weeks ago. A lot of people were like, ‘why do you have so many post it notes? No one in the world needs that many post it notes!’ But yeah, this just one area where I use Post-it notes. I use Post-it notes everywhere in the house. This is just one big area where I use them all the time. So if you wanted to do the same thing inside of your house or your office, but you don’t have the wall space to do it, you can totally do the same thing and do a digital version in Excel or whatever spreadsheet software that you use. I am such a creative, visual person, so I like to have something physical to be able to touch and see and always have it in front of me. Because I am out of sight, out mind, once it’s gone, once the file is closed, then I tend to forget about. So having something that I can see every single day and peel off when things are done or put it up is very helpful for my organizing personality. Okay, so that’s our project planning board in the office, I hope this video was helpful, if you want more information on where to get these cool whiteboards, that I showed you guys with the Post-it notes, I will put a link to the website and the bottom of this video in the description. I’m sorry – the last video I did, I don’t think the link showed up. So I will make sure that the link works this time. If you do something similar in your home or your office, related to managing projects, then leave a comment below or create a video response and let me see exactly what you do. And that’s everything that I have for you guys. I will see you soon! Bye!

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  1. great idea.. but just wondering how eco friendly this is (apart from the white board itself).. by throwing away all those post-it notes…? wouldn't it be better to just write everything out?? πŸ˜‰

  2. Your a kid , she is a grown women im pretty sure she knows what she is doing and the 'c' in OCD stands for cleaning , so it doesnt really work.
    It is her way of life , and again , it's her life.

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  5. Yes, I'd love to see the to-do list system. Also, any suggestions for teachers in organizing the paperwork and planning?

  6. Thank you so much for this genius organizing tip.. I especially like the "accomplished tasks" section. I want to see the todo list too. Much love!

  7. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your to do list/planner or organizer organizing system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. Alejandra, what size post it notes are you using on the board in this video? Wonderful idea that I'm going to implement today!

  9. You are an amazing woman!!! You share all these great tips on YouTube for FREE!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

  10. You say you use this as a "project planning board" & "track & manage all the projects going on" in your business, but I find it very hard to believe it does all that b/c it is only a color-coded-by-person data-dump of projects/high-level to-dos. There are no individual tasks w/start & finish dates, durations, predecessors… Viewers: this is a fun format for the personal to-dos of us visual-kinesthetic types, but not for managing a team project. For that, borrow/buy a bk or use MS Project.

  11. Thank you. I own my own business and this just might be what I need to keep track of projects. Dont have money right now but I do have a pin board and maybe I can use different colored pushpins to represent different projects. Thank you so much.

  12. I'm translating this idea to plan my day. I'v bought a 7 column "Sheet". I would love to have see a tutorial on how to go about it. I'm happy to have made the investment.

  13. In our home office, my hubby and I painted one wall with dry erase paint. We measured our ideal white board size, taped it off, did a couple of coats, let them dry and voila. We use Velcro to hold cups on the board for markers. Or we put Velcro on the markers and erasers and then just stick them on the side.

    I also use tons of post it's. My favorite for my lists are mouse pads with sections for either the day of the week or with three sections for 'to do,' calls, or email tasks. Great videos.

  14. Hi there – really love your clips – it is changing my life (and my sister's – I got her addicted!) Just rying to find the "To-Do'List" youtube – can't find it anywhere. Anyone out there know where it is – or perhaps you haven't done one yet? Cheers!

  15. My only problem is that we don't have The Container Store here in Michigan.Β  The closest one to us is about 100 miles away….I should do a video of my house to show you, Alejandra….I think you'd faint!

  16. Teacher tip! If you can't find that type of board in particular, just get a regular white erase board. You can create lines on it with a wet erase marker. It won't come off the board unless you get it wet so it'll stay around for a long time.Β 

  17. Thanks for the tips. How do you determine what goes on the project board and what goes on the to-do list? Is it based on when each item has to get done, and/or how complex they are? I like the idea of keeping separate lists because if I put long-term or low-urgency items on my daily to-do list, they just keep getting pushed out and often don't get done until and unless they become urgent. I'm just not sure how to manage with more than one list. Thanks again, I love your videos!

  18. Check out for a digital variant on this that also allows team contributions and workflow (moving the stickies from one column to another as it moves through a process).

  19. This wouldn't work for manufacturing projects that include kaizen, lean manufacturing and product realization. The difference between manufacturing and this small projects, is that she is obviously an office person, in manufacturing you can't be 100% an office person.. you need to go down to the floor and be expose with all the mess… sorry but manufacturing is real work, not this.Β 

  20. Hi Alejandra! If you like boards you should check out scrum boards or kanban boards. The concept in them is to know at what point a task is and have all task prioritized. We use kanban at work and I love it so much that I created a board (a little bit changed to fit in my necessities) for home too!

  21. Some of your clips have been very helpful, but I am looking for tips on managing basic chores with one hand. Any ideas?

  22. Not bad but how do you organize your project files? I know window folders is popular but I feel like maybe there's a better way.Β 

  23. Hi Alejandra, I love watching your videos and I am caught up with all of them πŸ™‚ I use #trello Β  for organizing my projects which I thought might be very useful for you. Have you tried #trello ?

  24. I'm left handed too!!!!! Team left handed girls!! Gahaha I'm only 18 and I been doing crafts ever since I was born and I been watching your videos and they've really inspired me to get organized it's so hard! I still live at home of course! And my room is kinda small but I'm really hoping I can organize everything!

  25. On the project board organization if you like a color coded digital version try It's free and has post it notes. Also has an easy app for your phone or tablet too!

  26. On the project board organization if you like a color coded digital version try It's free and has post it notes. Also has an easy app for your phone or tablet too!

  27. i act a little bit like Jim carrey and Micheal Jackson put together do you think nah just joking had you their.

  28. this is basically a physical board of trello which I prefer cuz it's digital but this a good thing for nondigital ppl who hate online things.

  29. I'm having trouble one finding a space for such a board (apartment) and two since I am very busy I'm finding it difficult keeping it this neat (on a consistent basis) so it looks nice too! For now I'm going digital with trello but would still love to be able to do this, maybe when I have a larger office!

  30. You don't have to buy this board to plan your projects! I have a video on my YouTube channel called "personal kanban" where I show how I use post it's, paper flags, a paper planner and my actual wall to handle my projects! check it out!

  31. I absolutely adore this. I wanna do this too. my heads so messy. it helps me so much to write everything down and divide it into categories. I love this accomplished area. amazing!!

  32. I love the colorful post it notes but I'm the type that doesn't like to waste anything if I can help it. I would take stacks of these colorful post it notes or just colorful construction paper and laminate them and place a thin magnet on the back so I could reuse them and write on the front with dry erase markers.

  33. I just love this idea. I wonder if it could be used for new moms who are trying to keep up with household chores, feeding schedules, doctor appointments and meal planning both for the family as well as food stages for the baby. Later they could possibly add to it if they have a baby and older children. Keeping up with activities, school work, and extra curricular activities away from home; such as soccer practice and dance classes.

  34. Its too expensive! Its no different then a normal board at the wall with sticky notes! Can't believe I almost bought it

  35. Great idea! I have a large paper calendar that I rarely use and I just realized that the back of each month page would be perfect to organize my tasks on sticky notes! Thanks Alejandra!

  36. I am a leftie, too. Never thought above the smearing with a dry erase board. Came from


    under this comment , she links this video.

    Gena AnhaltYesterday at 7:11am

  37. wow, you are my inspiration Alejandra, why don't I find your channel before? Thank you, I almost finish watching all of your video.

  38. I haven't even watched more than 7 seconds of the vid and I already loved it. This is definitely what I was looking for. Thank you so much Alejandra!!!

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  40. I love it!!! I could do this in my office for all my craft projects that I want to do to start an Etsy Shop.

  41. Hey great video! Did you know that you can do all of this on Zenkit? It's basically a digitized version of your to-do board.

  42. Do you put your to do things on the post it and on your list? How do you decide what goes on the post it vs the to do list? Would love a walk through of your process.

  43. I know this video is 6 years old – but does your affiliate link still work? I know I can click it, just want to make sure the item is still available before purchasing if you eve know at this point. Thanks for all you do!

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