October 2019 – Engage

Happy October! Let’s talk ENGAGE … it’s all the rage! While teachers cannot directly control students’
moods or interests, you can positively affect their engagement in class by utilizing tactics
of engagement. Specifically, we want to talk to you about
how to incorporate play in your activities. Many students love a friendly competition,
so Gamify It! Gamification is simply the act of linking
competition or game-based methods to learning. For example, students might work in teams,
score points, race against time, “Level up,” and earn achievements. Doing this can increase motivation and the
likelihood of continued use of learning. Consider how you might incorporate game-based
elements to get students to become passionate about learning. If you’d like to learn more tactics for
engagement, click the link provided on our Engage video description. The link can also be found on Google Classroom. Have a great October!

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