100 Replies to “NYPD’s Shea Calls Officer Shooting An Assassination Attempt”

  1. The way police constantly harass people in the Bronx and Uptown Manhattan, there always going to be one or several that's so fed up, they take matters into their own hands. Maybe if the police start respecting the neighborhoods, they will be less at risk of being harmed.

  2. Honestly F New York. Who cares Cops are just as bad as the criminals. The only people really doing their job is the news 👍🏼

  3. Bloomberg is pushing hard for more gun bans, so only these violent criminals will be armed. The rest of us will be fish in a barrel.

  4. Once again, another black person committing a crime. No one says anything no one knows nothing. That same person gets gunned down by police, and here comes BLM and the NY Democrats and their followers creating a giant protest on why said black person was “wrongfully” killed.

  5. As Long As There Is Mass Prison Incarceration And Mandatory Minimums And Three Strike Laws
    And Prison Guards Abusing Inmates This Will Be The New Normal..🖕🏻😎👉…Cops Are Always Out Looking For A Clean
    Kill ,There Are Citizens That Will
    Kill Cops Knowing The Consequences.!!!..To Make A Stand Kill A Citizen..Cop Gets It.
    Just How It Is These Days..💩.Cops Wanna Carry Themselves
    As Gangstas With Badges Or The
    Gang In Blue.Well Gangstas Do Get
    Shot .Its Part Of The Lifestyle. No
    Tears Shed Here..Lol..😁🤣😃😂

  6. I'm advocating what what this asshole did, but cops murder unarmed Americans every day; especially if they are black or brown. And they get away with it more often than not.

  7. Damn, they got a warrior. Its gonna get worse. Pigs are outta control…. lazy and disrespectful..lie all the time…..

  8. I wonder why the media does not do what it does when police shoot someone. They will say "white cop shots black man". Where is the "Black man tries to murder police for no reason".

  9. Funny how when someone shots multiple cops the police chief always calls them a coward but when cops kill innocent civilians illegally everyone calls them heroes…

  10. Wonder how many millions of TAX PAYER $$$ will be funnelled into catching the guy that did this (that's if they haven't found him already, not following this story)? When it's "one of their own", they pull out all the stops, money is no object. If it was one of us, the great unwashed/plebs then it MIGHT get a paragraph in a local rag, that's about yah lot.

  11. This demented person decided he was going to shot police officers, he did not consult the Mayor or the Governor. How can any rational person blame them for his actions.

  12. You go boy get them scum fucking cops . If everyone that knew they where dying would get a gun and take out a cop ,judge or politician the world would be a much better place . Keep the scum in check🤔

  13. Thanks to media stations like yours that paints cops as racists etc. You and your buddy's at MSNBC and CNN are poison for all Americans. You divide our country pathetic like the Democrats

  14. And these clowns will try to make even more gun laws!!!! It wasn’t an AR 15 that you keep portraying as the problem! It also didn’t look like a high-capacity magazine. And the government wants to take away law abiding citizens fire arms to protect them and their families the police can’t even protect themselves! Cuomo has ruined absolutely ruined New York City and Bloomberg is destroying the state!

  15. Thanks Democrats and leftists! The blood of many police officers is on YOUR hands! All you care about is getting black votes! TRAITORS!!!

  16. You reap what you sow. . . it is as simple as that. I don't condone what that man did BUT given the current climate with civilian police in NYC, in particular with the nonsense they get away with, and you know what I am talking about. Eventually it is bound to happen, people will push back, and this is the result. To say that you should have seen this coming a mile away is a huge understatement!

  17. Wait. Doesn’t the NYPD unjustly fuck with people everyday? Especially people of so-called Color? Fuck em. Doing they’re jobs without being profiled assholes and then maybe they deserve sympathy.

    If politicians don't have respect for our BRAVEST defenders of our freedom, crooks definitely don't either😠😡… IMMEDIATE DEATH PENALTY (🤔Deblasio or the crook… don't care in what order)

  19. Australians stand with your police officers! They ARE the only line between your safety vs total lawlessness & anarchy.
    What a DISGRACE your mayor is

  20. Assassination "Attempt"? If these cops were to be assassinated it wouldnt be on duty. They would get handled with family ,etc…. When someone gets assassinated the Government pushes tooth and nail to make it look natural…GOOD! Bout time this world starts shaking the government's boots. They are not invincible and they most of the time abuse their power.

  21. He is described as a "man with a black jacket" hahaha no mention of anything that would help finding him such as facial hair race build.

  22. These people is crazy. This is not the only time it’s going to happen because u might have some stupid ass person try to copy cat. That’s the world we live in today no respect on both sides that’s goes for Policemen and US Citizens.

  23. Who would help the police find the guy all the nypd cops do harass and kill innocent people good lick with the public help on this one

  24. Be careful everyone in the comments – the anti police NYC anti hate squad or whatever they are called are monitoring these posts.
    If anyone writes anything bad about the cop killer, they'll come after you.

  25. Probably another officer that shot him, or this whole shooter incident is a fake news police report, staged, so they can further demonize the 2nd Amendment as if gun laws prevent criminals from obtaining guns. Gun laws only harm Americans, criminal history or not, "shall not be infringed" means what it says. Do the time and you should automatically gain all of your Rights back, no excuse.
    If this was a real incident, this was karma for all of the law enforcement running around violating We The People's rights, while wearing their Freemason Thin Blue Line flag on their oath-breaking uniforms. Until law enforcement stop acting like tyrannical thugs breaking laws and not respecting We The People's rights and defend our Rights with every word coming out of their mouths and defend our Rights with every muscle movement, then LEOs deserve every bit of karma that comes to them. Our founding fathers would have hung the whole lot of them, decades ago for criminalizing farmers growing a plant in 1933(cannabis/hemp), and defending the Federal Reserve take-over 1913.

  26. Strict gun laws didn't prevent the shooting and also the police officers being both armed with guns didn't secure their safety either . It appears both arguments got cancelled out .

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