Nord Keyboard Restore to Factory Settings

Hello this is Marc from My Keys To Music.
Thanks for joining me on this video! Today we’re talking about restoring your
Nord keyboard back to factory settings. if you have a Nord Stage 3, a Nord Electro 5 or a Nord Electro 6, even a Nord Piano or a Nord Grand, any of those
keyboards can be restored back to factory settings.
Now why would you want to do this… Who would want to do such a thing? Well
it could be that you’ve purchased a Nord keyboard secondhand and you’ve received
this and when you receive it it’s got all kinds of configurations
programs and settings that were look foreign to you or from the previous
owner simple you simply download a restore file from Nord keyboards and
replace it like new essentially you will be upgrading and updating your keyboard
with the latest software and with the factory settings from the manufacturer
so that is a cool thing so what I’ve done here is I’ve created a little
five-minute lesson on how to do that if you’ve never done it before this will
come in very handy especially if you like video verses reading their
documentation and such on how to do this you can see it firsthand in action I’m
going to be doing it on my Macintosh here but we’ll be downloading and using
products like the Nord sound manager and the restore file we’ll be going to the
website and getting all this done the lesson you’re about to see is very
similar to the lessons I have for sale at Mikey’s to
and I also have some free courses on there as well so check that out if you
have a moment but in the meantime here’s how you restore your Nord back to
factory settings and thanks for watching in this lesson we’re talking about
restoring your Nord keyboard back to factory settings this will restore your
keyboard back to the way it was when you first purchased it actually it could
even be better than when you first purchased it because they’re
continuously updating the default settings and the factory settings in
terms of programs sound samples things like that you’re always going to have
the latest version that they offer if you download and replace and restore
your keyboard back to factory settings alright so with that in mind you simply
go to downloads from the Nord website which is Nord keyboards comm you then
identify your particular keyboard for today’s lesson we’ll just use a nord
stage 3 once you land on this page you’ll see it says right here nord stage
3 factory restore there are written instructions if you want to follow along
with those this lesson will take care of it though nord stage 3 factory restore
so download that which is essentially a backup file or a restore type file
you’ll see that even though I have very fast internet it’s still a two point
five nine gate file so for me it’ll take about three or four minutes maybe less I
have the restore file already downloaded so I’ll close the website and then I’ll
proceed to the nord sound manager if you haven’t already installed that you can
also download that from the nord website let’s just show you where that is so for
the nord sound manager you’ll actually want to locate software and the very
first thing here at the top left called nord sound manager click on that it will
bring you out to a link that explains what it is the latest version is
typically found here so you can click on that and download that as well so once
you install the nord sound manager then you’re in a position to restore back to
factory settings please note that if you use Windows you will need to install the
clay via USB driver I’ve seen that without this driver you don’t get very
far with the nord sound manager or the OS updater or anything like that and in
order to do this restore properly it’s in your best interest to also download
the latest operating system for your particular keyboard for that you’ll go
back to downloads locate your keyboard and update to the latest OS that you’ll
really want to do first so the order of things here is if you have Windows you
want to install the Clavel USB driver then you want to update the OS software
then finally install the nord sound manager then you can restore back to
factory settings this will get you on firm footing to get this so that it
works well the first time assuming you’ve done all of that now we’re at the
stage where we have the nord sound manager locate the restore icon
and locate the downloaded package I happen to put it on my desktop but this
is the Nord stage-three factory restore now of course before you do any kind of
restore it’s going to wipe out whatever programs and systems you have in place
already so it’s assuming that you already have
backed up what you want to back up either by saving your programs as a
bundle and any configurations you have make sure you save those to learn how to
do that you can watch my other sound manager videos on how to manipulate and
save files and move them back to your computer but this restore process will
wipe everything and go back to a clean slate so I’ll click restore locate the
file push open and at this point the waiting game begins it will verify that
the restore file is in good shape and then once it does that it says here the
contents of your instrument will be replaced by the contents of the backup
archive in this case Nord stage 3 factory restore but this could read Nord
electro or whatever Nord keyboard you have so you can click restore and it
will restore all the pianos the programs the samples the synth settings and wipe
out the songs too by the way so if you’ve stored any songs on your song
list if you’re using a Nord stage 3 those will go as well during this
restore process I hope this lesson helped you get oriented around how to
perform this restore process now keep in mind you don’t have to restore from a
factory setting necessarily you can actually restore from your own backup if
you recall the button that said restore in the Nord sound manager right next to
it is a button called backup and you can actually click the backup button to
backup your entire keyboard again all the programs the samples the piano
sounds even the songs you can backup the entire thing to your hard drive and
actually move forward with knowing that no matter what happens in the future you
have a backup from a certain date and time that backup can be restored using
the exact same process you would click the restore button and restore from your
own backup so there’s some things that you can do as far as maintaining and
protecting your keyboard and your work as far as programming it so hope
you learned something from this lesson feel free to subscribe if you like this
content keep an eye out on my keys to music comm we’re constantly updating
those courses and the content therein appreciate having you really do we are
we have a lot of videos coming out from now until through the holiday season for
the rest of 2019 there’s a lot of interesting things coming out so stay
tuned thanks and we’ll talk to you soon

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  1. Short & sweet 🙂 I would add, just in case of interruption/corruption somewhere in the process, maybe create a backup before restoring

  2. Hi Marc.
    I just love your videos.
    But I have a Problem, that the Danish Importer is unable to solve. I have 2 Stage 3 keyboards, one 76’er at Home and a 88’er in the rehearsal room. I have Tried to make a backup from the 76 at Home, and then I have Tried to Restore it on the 88. Both have the newest OS, and i’m using the same Windows computer with the newest Soundmanager. When I try to Restore the backup, I get an Errormessage on the Computer screen, saying “Invalid Input Argument” and then it stops. I can use the Bundle copy, but That does not copy Songlists and other parameters, that I have changed on the 76. I wonder if you or Anybody Else can help me out. Thanks 🤘

  3. Hi , thanks for all your useful videos ! You seem to have the knowledge I´m looking for. Is there a way to hook up the small Seaboard block to a Nord Stage 2EX ? I would like to play some Nord sounds with that little keyboard to have the pitchbend working.

  4. There are about 8 LIVE bank presets on the Electro 6D. These were on there when I bought it new. Will these get wiped, or reinstated, please? Thanks Marc.

  5. I have just purchased Marc's online course for the Electro and it appears to be most excellent and very in-depth. Also, signing-up and making the transaction is an extremely fast and trouble-free process. Looking forward to starting…

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