Nevada Dem Party Hires Buttigieg Staffer, SCRUBS Work History

you all know that this is not a conspiracy
theory program. I am not particularly conspiratorial by my
nature, so today I have to tell you that the Nevada state election of the Nevada democratic
party has hired a former P Buddha judge staffer after Buddha judge behaved weirdly when it
came to the Iowa caucus. Now I am not saying that this is part of a
concerted effort for Pete boot edge edge to steal the Nevada caucus. I am telling you that it’s evidence of the
way to incest incestuous nature of politics in the United States and how the same people
keep showing up in too many places. For my comfort and this is a story in that
it is getting a lot of attention and we have to figure out what it is that is and is not
going on. I will tell you what I know. I will tell you what the Nevada state democratic
party has said and then you tell me what you think. The Nevada democratic party hired a former
paid P Buddha judge organizer to be their voter protection director. Her name is Emily Goldman. When you looked at her LinkedIn page yesterday,
you saw that she started a job this month as voter protection director for the Nevada
state democratic party. Her last job until starting this one up to
and including this month was organizer for boot edge edges campaign Pete for America. This already just doesn’t look great given
the theories that are floating around about the connections between pizza and the Iowa
caucus and the developer of the app that was used to train a transmit results. Even without going conspiratorial the way
some people are doing, it just doesn’t look good. People notice this yesterday and it started
to get attention yesterday and it didn’t look good to a lot of people. Emily Goldman also tweeted late last week,
some personal professional news. I’ve joined the Nevada state democratic party
as their voter protection director. DM me if you’re interested in volunteering
to help us ensure that every voter is able to get the assistance they need. As soon as this blew up, Emily Goldman has
locked her Twitter account. You now have to, uh, she has to accept you
in order for you to see her tweets and also completely removed her employment history
from her LinkedIn altogether. And if you go now and look at her LinkedIn
profile, there is no employment history. It just skips right to her educational history,
no record of working for Pete. And then the Nevada democratic party, no matter
what you think about nefarious forces working behind the scenes to steal the election in
Nevada for Pete Buddha, judge, this just looks bad. And of course the most likely explanation
for her scrubbing the LinkedIn and then making her Twitter private is that she’s getting
harassed and bullied. Uh, that that to me makes much more sense
than she thinks that by doing that this controversy is going to go away because clearly it’s not. So let me be like extra clear, crystal clear. I think if you have a good plan to steal the
Nevada caucuses for Pete boot edge edge, you don’t have to hire people who worked for him
to vote to go and work for the party in Nevada. You do it in a more sophisticated way with
technology or with people whose work history wouldn’t directly point to Pete, Buddha, judge
anyone clever enough to steal the caucus wouldn’t have to resort to such an obvious attention
grabbing tactic in order to steal the Nevada caucus. The Nevada democratic party was asked about
this. They put out a statement saying that Emily
Goldman’s position is going to handle planning for the general election in November and that
she has no decision making role in the upcoming caucuses on February 22nd and even if she
did, they say there’s no one person in a role like this who could actually affect or change
the results. That’s their position. Another point to mention is that if you actually
want to steal the election with dirty tricks, it’s true that even if she were involved in
the caucuses on the 22nd the voter protection director probably isn’t the person you need
since they are unlikely to actually be able to mess with vote totals or do the things
that are being alleged were done in Iowa by the people who believe those theories, but
it just looks terrible and it’s more about the fluidity with which people move between
working for candidates and the party, which is actually not unusual. People move all the time between candidates
and party. Think back to the 2016 Republican primary
into the general election. Sean Spicer was RNC, I believe it was communications
director or something during the Republican primary. He moved very swiftly into voting for Donald
Trump. It happens both ways, but when the democratic
party nationally has been accused in 2016 and now in 2020 of working to help certain
candidates at the expense of others, people are obviously going to react this way and
of course are going to be more suspicious. Then you add to this that Nevada was scheduled
to use the exact same app that imploded in Iowa for their upcoming caucus but have since
changed their minds and things look weird and they one could surmise motive to figure
out other ways to take control of the caucus given that the app will not be used. So I understand why people are flipping out. The reality is there’s lots of DNC people,
uh, and party people working for Biden and vice versa. Anybody with establishment connections is
likely to have the employment fluidity going on. Tell me what you believe. And I think it’s really important, you know,
once we start saying not that the DNC has a preference, which obviously they do and
we talked about in 2016 once we start saying there is a conspiracy to manipulate vote totals,
we are crossing a line that is a very significant line to be crossing. And so what I want to hear from you is what
you make of this is this the incestuous nature of party politics in the United [inaudible] States. Is it more nefarious? Let me know. I’m on Twitter at D Pacman. The show is on Twitter at David Pakman show
and boy do we have a full one for you today,

75 Replies to “Nevada Dem Party Hires Buttigieg Staffer, SCRUBS Work History”

  1. 🤔 Always remember: (1) When you pay someone, and they do what you want, normal people call that “a job” except the rich and their lackeys who call it a “conspiracy theory”. (2) “Civility” is weapon of the powerful to keep the power pitchforks at bay (ask any customer service rep.).

  2. Come on Donald, not everything that happens has to do with you. Your ego and paranoia are unreal. O wait, this is Bernie…same thing really.

  3. Conflict of Interest is not the way to campaign for next POTUS. Although, the current "President" gets away with anything, so perhaps it's good to see true character of candidates now rather than later.

  4. Cheat Pete should be removed from running we don't need this in this election we have to show democrat voters we aren't gonna put up with this shit

  5. Not particularly conspiratorial, perpetuated Russiagate propaganda.. I'm not a Trumpist but you're one of the very few on the left to actually believed Trump was guilty in all of that.

  6. I fundamentally disagree with your assessment. These are not smart people and they are still trying to steal the election. They think they can be lazy and still get away with it.

  7. We know the DNC was manipulating the vote totals in Iowa. A majority number of votes going from the front runner to two basically non contestants doesn't just happen.

  8. From Nevada volunteered it’s not uncommon at all for past work history to included working for a dem candidate honestly not that crazy she’s working for the dem side

  9. Old perceptions… no understanding of the new reality of social medias… ether they accept a democratic process or they deal with 4 more years of Trump to learn it…

  10. I think any time the majorities vote is not what determines the winner it is a sign that the election is being manipulated. You are not having an election at that point because your vote no longer determines the winner. It also makes it easier to hide wrongdoing. Any time the majority doesnt match the outcome you can easily say yes because of districts where he did better etc. It makes it harder to get a clear overview.

  11. If Pete steals the nomination: Trump wins.

    Democratic voter turnout will be at its all-time low — because ain’t no POC voting for Mayo Pete. I’m a decade-plus Kamala voter, and I would vote for Biden or Bernie over fraud Pete.

  12. You seem to forget David, the Democratic party is incompetent. They don't know what they're doing? Rigging elections are hard… with social media.

  13. I don't think they need to conspire to rig an election, the system is already broken enough that it can no longer be considered Democratic.

  14. you dont have to say it i will: theyre corrupt af and trying to steal from bernie again. of course there are better ways of doing it. but theres also doing it in plain sight. trump does it and gets way with it why wouldnt others?

  15. David suggests you hide conspiracy better When you make your conspiracy too obvious it looks like incompetence…which makes it (ironically) easier to give you the benefit of the doubt for people who dont like to see conspiracy for what it is.

    David is so inqusitive sometimes that he becomes ignorant.

  16. Hey David, I think that you're glossing over the online bullying that the Buttigieg and Warren campaigns in particular are going through since Iowa by Sanders people. You're spending a lot of time going over what Clinton is "contributing" to the discourse, and on DNC anti-sanders conspiracy theory discourse, so I'd expect you to talk about this as well. I personally think it's no less destructive.

  17. I don't believe in conspiracy theories, except the moon. 2016 was Russian interference. 2020 they'll screw Bernie again. I was kidding about the moon. Sort of.

  18. They're not even trying to hide it, democracy is crumbling right before our eyes. The inept DNC is going to hand the election over to Trump and it's sad to watch. Bernie beats Trump all day, let's hope he gets the chance.

  19. David, they aren't clever. The Democratic Establishment are composed of, quite literally, the dumbest people on the earth..

  20. This actually doesn't look that bad. She probably got the offer after she had a prominent campaign on her resume. And she loves being involved in the Democratic process. Let's try to beat the toxic Bernie bro stereotype

  21. I’m pretty sure it’s evidence that they are trying to steal the election. The DNC has pretty much said anyone but Bernie…

  22. Call 702-737-8683 (Nevada democratic party) and voice your concerns about Emily Goldman (a paid buttigieg staffer) being appointed as Voter protection director for nevada caucuses

  23. David, do you recall the 2016 Nevada caucus? Police were called, delegates were locked out, the second wave of voting was undone by a voice vote, people from different sides linked arms and had a sit in. When chaos keeps on favoring one side, maybe it is no longer chaos.

  24. CORRUPTION CORRUPTION CORRUPTION is a PROBLEM to the point that's literally killing people it's a EVIL SERIAL KILLER that takes lives around the country THIS HAS TO STOP

  25. David,you display typical human denial, rooted in the realization you may not have as much control in this reality as you previously believed, when confronted with a glimpse of machinations behind your back.Wake Up People! Conspiracy is Real.

  26. Too many suspicious things.
    Whitewashing is never a way to improve a person's image and reliability.
    If she can't handle it, she should get out of politics.

  27. I can't help but think back at mayor Pete's face as he left the Iowa caucus grounds and the media was asking him questions and he just smiled and kept walking. it totally reminded me of that smug look on that rich guy's face, who was holding medications hostage for exorbitant prices I forget his name but I think you guys know who I'm talking about. The look on his face reminded me a lot of that guy who knows though. Everything is so surreal anymore you never know what to believe.

  28. Just looking bad is disastrous for the Democrats. Democrats need to be on point and bring their A-game to defeat this dumpster fire. Just the fact they don't want Bernie in the top 1% doesn't want Bernie tells me to vote Bernie. The middle class has suffered enough.

  29. I think we usually attribute incompentence to things that look shady and I agree with that. Mayor Pete's rigging is simply done incompetently. Never before was there such a magnifying glass on these party insider shenanigans so I think it's simply being caught more readily because of voter vigilance.

  30. This 100 percent in order to sow doubt in the democratic process in order to push Bloomberg as a third party candidate savior from trump and the democratic party

  31. Is this woman good at her job ? If she is, why the Fuck do we care ? If she was a trump with no skills and got the position, ok, I can see the consternation. If she is very qualified and went for an upgrade job from Pete to the DNC, who cares ? I guess you gotta talk about something though right ? It seems like we on the Left are just looking for ways to shoot ourselves in the foot every day. If hinky stuff happens, then make a big deal about it, but not before when YOU don't actually know anything. Good Grief.

  32. Absolutely disagree with the assumption of stealing an election being more likely to use sophisticated methods – we’ve seen the history of the DNC and America in general. There’s nothing particularly sophisticated about it. In fact, simpler is better, and electronics are easily manipulated and traced.

    The law recognizes there doesn’t need to be a smoking gun nor a confession to imprison a criminal or decide a tort case, so why are we holding ourselves to a much higher standard?

    There’s more evidence of dirty play than there is of incompetency in both these specific cases and in American history as a whole. I understand how important it is to remain skeptical and to withhold judgement until high quality evidence is brought up, but as a scientific researcher myself, the truth is rarely elucidated by such explicits.

    It’s also important to remember that statistical significance does not and cannot equal clinical significance (as a parallel). The importance of an election, especially in today’s climate, is far too volatile and potent to allow this level of circumstantial evidence (legally recognized as one of the highest forms of evidence) to simply stay on the back burner and wait. The implications are existential in no ambiguous terms.

    If there were no dirty play and we had honest actors, this lady would have not taken the position or at worst, separated herself from the whole system out of transparency and recognition of bias.

    It’s time we audit the whole system. We must hold ourselves, as well as our opposition, to the same standard in which we hold the president – very high

  33. Mayor Pete will have a harder time beating tRump than Bernie will because some of the Bernie votes will go to tRump because Pete is gay. I don't care if Pete is gay, but some voters do AND we need to get the pos Traitor tRump out of the White House. I will vote for the Dem nominee in the general election but I hope it's Sanders.

  34. Pakman: The DNC probably hired former Buttigieg staffers because of incompetence. The DNC not commenting on this incompetence and how to ensure that it wont happen again? They are too incompetent to understand it would help their reputation.

  35. I don't get your argument that anyone smart enough to rig an election would be more sophisticated than this. Isn't that like using "Anyone who has the nerve to try to murder his wife is going to do a better job hiding the evidence" as a defense strategy? No one said that because you try something you have to be good at it.

    How about this: "I think anyone smart enough to organize the democratic party would be sophisticated enough to pull off the Iowa Caucus without a hitch"….

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