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I very pleased to be here and Perriman ratio when co-founder of namur We’re here to unlock business opportunities at the point-of-sale this meaning offering this point of sales opportunity To offer installment plans to to their customers We see unsold frictions in the market, although more than 3 billion have been invested in FinTech developing the point-of-sale The point-of-sale most of it have been with an online focus where basically Less than 20% of purchases are made online and where tickets the average ticket and the fraud also Increases increase a lot and the average ticket is below 500 euros in in average However, the offline world is more taken by the banking industry with big focus on only big partnerships on the auto segment And of course with technology with legacy systems from the 90s or or maybe beginning of the of the century, ok So we’re focusing on this on these offline opportunity. What is the frictions we observe now? So basically This point-of-sale can send their customers to the branch neck time to the branch next door with an agreement of price Which is takes a longer than one week to accept and it’s an ad hoc evaluation process they can have also like the consumer finance tool from the from the bank side, which will take 1 to 2 days to accept and Have all the paperwork attached to it and what Nomura does is reduce this friction and in just three minutes The the borrower part will do an onboarding process. We will capture all data We will do the machine learning algorithms behind it to assess the risk profile and we’ll connect to multiple lenders in order to improve Approval rates. Okay. We’re trying to be convenient Universal and simple in this way We are focusing on the offline channel with greater average tickets. We do up to 20 K per operation We are focusing on the point-of-sale selling services Not just not just goods in the sense that when these services can last a little bit on time We put the scroll count in the middle. So they have like a digital certification scheme to liberate the money and we’re multi lender We partner with with lenders behind so that don’t have the risk in our balance sheet and we can maximize approval for the for the point of sale as a as a parody of Market just starting in Spain the home-improvement market is already like more than more than 18 billion per year and A very granular one with more than 350 K SMEs and freelancers there. So it’s like our party to start testing the product Our business model behind is of course a servicing fee on the lender side, but not only a servicing fee But also I wanna see that aligns our incentives with them and gives value to our to our risk models on the merchant side we’re performing the the testing right now more than 35% of them are in fact paying a fee for using the zero APR program and of course also as we have a platform that is completely app if I’d We are starting to monetize data and machine learning algorithms directly from our Patrol platform From are launching we’re increasing the demand of these of these loans For above 1 million monthly We’re bringing in more than 300 users with very good conversion conversion rates of around 45% When when acquiring this point of sale the recurrence on I mean meaning how much they use it per month It just multiplied by 3 since the since the beginning and we’re on an average ticket of around 6,000 K We did a quick launching of the MVP will start in summer 2018 and in just four months we gave the first the first product We’ve raised already 2 million with local pcs in order to explode that Our model, we we closed those with 2 spent to top Spanish banks for the funding operations. Ok And we reach these 300 with more than 300 users Of commercial partners. Ok right now we are in the in the phase of Scaling of growing it, of course We’re amplifying and testing other verticals like education and health for example, and we are Changing also our focus to more corporate sales To to to increase the of our merchants this is what we’re doing right now with this vertical expansion in 2020 we want to complete the product in terms of Biometric to also put be able to put these on the and the complete online channel but also preparing the international rollout since we we figured out like Almost 20% of our organic traffic comes from Mexican Columbia. For example And our banking partners already are there and are willing to be there also, so it makes a lot of sense to us to follow this way The confounding thing myself pediment as Natalia Puccini Angela where we both we all have experienced previous experience in the in the banking sector I come from from the consulting in financial institutions but also when launching in launching companies like Natalia Ben before launching a similar platform Back in Argentina and Enric is the person in charge of product and data with deep expertise in in machine learning and technology Thank you very much. I’ll be around for any further conversations Thanks You

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