Nearly Half Of Working Americans Are Employed At Low Wage Jobs

Donald Trump loves tweeting out and telling
us how great our economy is. He typically does it several times a day. We have the best
economy. Everybody’s envious of the U S economy, jobs, jobs, jobs. He tells us at the end of
random tweets all the time, jobs, jobs, jobs, and sure it’s true. Unemployment in the United
States is at about a 50 year low. More people are working now than at any point in the last
50 years. So, so that is a good thing, right? No, actually it’s not because here’s the problem.
People only want to ever look at that unemployment number. Is it high? Is it low? If it’s low,
the president’s great. If it’s high, the president’s bad. But nobody ever stops to look, as I’ve
repeatedly said, we have to do at what’s actually in those jobs reports, right? What kinds of
jobs are we creating? Are we creating $100,000 a year, white collar office jobs? Or are we
just creating, you know, 50 jobs per city by opening up a new McDonald’s and it turns
out it’s the ladder. According to a new report, nearly half, almost half, 44% of American
citizens are working in low wage jobs that do not pay them enough money to be able to
support themselves or a family. 44% of people in this country don’t work at a job that pays
them enough money to survive. That’s 53 million working Americans. And the Republican argument
typically is, well these are probably mostly the teenagers or you know, the severely elderly
who also get Medicare and Medicaid and you know, social security and all that stuff.
So yeah, it’s their little part time job. Nope. Majority of these workers are what they
deemed to be prime working age, which is between the ages of 25 and 54 these aren’t teenagers.
These aren’t people just starting out in life, just moving out on their own, trying to make
it in the big city. These are people who went to college, people who went to trade school,
people who maybe didn’t need to go to either and they entered the job force only to find
that there is nothing for any of them. We don’t have a jobs problem in the United States.
We have a good jobs problem here in the United States. So whenever we get those rosy reports
showing that, Oh my God, the us economy added a quarter million jobs last month. Wow, we
are the envy of the world. take a few minutes and actually look through those jobs reports
folks, they’re not as rosy as the president or this administration wants you to believe
just like they weren’t during the Obama years because the truth is the middle-class never
recovered from the economic collapse. The George Bush and the Republicans brought us
in the early 2000’s it didn’t. Obama brought a lot of jobs back by virtue of just being
the president. When the jobs came back, he didn’t physically go and get us jobs, but
they weren’t good paying jobs. And that trend continues today and Trump is sitting there
taking credit for it. And God bless it, let him take credit for it because these aren’t
good jobs. They don’t support people, they don’t have any benefits. They still force
people to work a second job just to be able to get by. Our economy has only recovered
for the people at the top. For everyone else, things are just getting worse and worse, but
we get forgotten and we get overlooked every time. The political leader of the day comes
out and says, look how awesome my economy is. It’s only awesome if you overlook a majority
of people working in this country today.

100 Replies to “Nearly Half Of Working Americans Are Employed At Low Wage Jobs”

  1. Farrah the problem is lots of the loser left will believe this. When in reality it's so far to misleading its almost comical. Small business growth has NEVER HAD SUCH A SURGE in America from Start ups to growth and expansion. The median household income has surpassed both GWB and Barry ObUma combined. Construction jobs are paying at record highs. Computer jobs are setting high salaries. So please dont try and scare those that dont research and educate themselves

  2. Im confused. Do you guys want $100,000 a year jobs to just be handed to any teenager out of highschool? I know that might sound like a strawman but I honestly think this is what you are saying

  3. 44 percent of jobs are not paying enough money, yet Trump resorts are making money employing those low paid jobs including at Mar a Largo using H-B2 work visas good for a two year 10 month stay?
    Every year, hotels, theme parks, landscaping companies, and country clubs across the US jockey for several of the 66,000 H-2B visas, a type of temporary work visa, that the federal government makes available for non-agricultural jobs.
    These visas are valuable, because they allow employers to bring in foreign workers for up to 10 months to take unfilled jobs during a business’s high season. Mar-a-Lago, the president’s private club in Palm Beach, Florida, and a few Trump golf clubs regularly hire housekeepers, cooks and servers through the H-2B visa program.

  4. In Obama first 3 years as president the median household income dropped from 50,220 to 50,011. In Trumps first 3 years it has went from 57,716, to 62,725. Record highs. And record growth. Let's also not forget the record of most Americans working at anytime in history and the % of workers and labor participation and bad as I hate them Unions and union member are on the rise.

  5. The Corporations of America are greedy and want to pay nothing for their workers. They overrule the voice of the people and own our politicians.

  6. Which is why 15 dollars minimum should have been the standard hourly wage years ago, however, especially in this 21st Century 😲.

  7. Yeah right. Our economy stinks. Not for the rich!!! Welfare mostly goes to rich in tax cuts and corporate cuts. Outrageous and disturbing.

  8. You have to factor in that this time of the year seasonal workers are hired for the holiday season and then after its over they get laid-off

  9. All retirement accounts should not be invested in stock market. It keeps us anchored to a fake sense of financial gain. We need to invest in our own communities!!!

  10. My father is 87 and this year I was laid-off and he asked how much will you make on unemployment I said 370 a week and he says that's about what they paid in the 70s so I retired at the age of 55

  11. I work full time at my main job, grab whatever overtime I possibly can, do food delivery on the side, but because I have to rely on government assistance I am told that I'm a mooch.

    Edit: Thank you guys for all the positive comments! It really does help 🙂

  12. Trump puts too much stock in the stock market but that bubble is getting ready to burst, and when it does a lot of people will be out of work and he will have nothing else to fall back on.

  13. Legal slavery iv said it all my life and the rich get rich by them peolpe. Im one of them peolpe the true back bone of America.

  14. I had a job once, not low wage, and an employee got caught 'living' in the building because he was homeless.  To hear nearly half of Americans are employed at low wage jobs is a measurement of things to come.

  15. They also don't factor in that it's during the holidays and a lot of stores are opening Phantom stores in empty malls and employing a lot of people there but this is always an annual occurrence that stores and other service Industries increase their number employees kind of like Florida during the season

  16. Exactly the same in UK, also Conservative 🤮for the last 9 years😔. Almost half of working families (and that’s husband and wife) are on some form of benefits, that’s when I take issue with politicians and supporters who say how great the employment figures are. Makes you sick 🤮.

  17. This is the political topic that makes me the most angry. I went to college got a Bachelors of Science and I work in a god damn call center. I am fortunate that my employer has decent health care benefits and provides HSA and 401k contributions to employees who work over 30 hrs a week. I feel that I am entitled and worth at least 75k + benefits a year.

  18. Or how about apply for better jobs? How is it the government's fault that people stay at low paying jobs? If your complaining about your pay, start applying to better paying jobs. It's not hard. It's not a lack of good jobs, its people just sitting around not doing shit to improve their situation.

  19. Lets say you got 10 bucks an hour Daycare or child support eats up 5 of that 10. Then the rest goes to rent. After you pay the rent you have to hustle to pay the rest


  21. Fake news, greatest Economy EVER, CNN sucks, libtards, you're a socialist. Trump keeps his promises. Ok trump trolls, take the day off

  22. Don't forget the way the "unemployment number" is generated – leaving out those people who gave up, for instance, or those whose unemployment insurance ran out (or were cut by a nice Christian Conservative politician). How about the people who never were able to find a decent job throughout those "rosy" years? We're not counted. I could go on and on.

    The number is deceptive – unless things have really changed in the last few years, it's based largely on the number of new unemployment compensation claims. It doesn't reflect reality AT ALL. (It just is a political tool for politicians to use against each other, or to try to make themselves look good when things are bad.)

  23. The economy is shit, the jobs aren't full time, they're dollar tree, Wal-Mart, target. I said this before and people are doing 3–4 jobs for survival. I said this about 2 yrs ago the DUMP is grabbing the attention of his base with half assistance and a 20 hr work week in the bible belt. ✌ ☝

  24. The rich are buying their own stocks to inflate the market. Trickle down economics never worked and the poor have to work 2 or more jobs just to survive

  25. I wish I could work but my health is to bad. My partner is taking care of me. If it was not for him I would not be here. He at the age he should be working but he taking care of me. I wish he could go to work but he worry’s about me falling

  26. I am now what is called the working poor I knew trumps economy was going to harm people like me when I received $400 less than usual from my tax return last year

  27. In the Bush bust, consider the thousands upon thousands of people in their fifties who were literally booted out of the job market and NEVER allowed to return. They had it bad. Real bad.

  28. The trend of low paying jobs started years ago! Corporations started this crap to put decent pay and benefits in their own pockets! One party supports this crap! "Global economy" was and is the reason they used to underpay American workers. Many people working today are getting jobs that will not support them! They are not getting "Living Wages"! These job numbers are straight baloney. It does not matter which party you support but one party is instrumental in supporting the wealthy! Most Americans are "Working Class"! The poor are still poor, the middleclass is shrinking, the super rich are now even richer! One group is getting the carrot and the others (majority) are getting the "STICK"!

  29. There are no jobs where I live . if you want a job at McDonald's you probably will have to drive 45 to 62 miles one way to work , ya I get angry when I hear Trump rant on his b.s. jobs report

  30. You can't create jobs and bring economic growth by watching TV and playing with twitter. Reality is, donald dump is riding momentum. We're now overdue for a recession.

  31. A lot of people are simply no longer looking for work – which artificially lowers the jobless rate. Were they counted, that jobless figure would double.

  32. Yes 2 to 4 hours shifts at Six Flags Magic Mountain from 1 to 5 day a week if I’m lucky since it’s been a slow year for that park on top of other budget cuts. I’m trying to find a second job that is flexible to my first job but it still well not be enough at least I don’t have student’s loans but my coworkers do sadly and they are losing hope. I went to community college and Trade school at the same time I was working in my first career as a flower designer after I graduated from high school back in 2005. This is not what I expected for my 30’s to be….

  33. That's why you should always beware of people touting statistics to try to prove their point. Like the difference between a casualty and a fatality.

  34. And in order to make ends meet,they have 2-3 jobs. Thats why the unemployment numbers are so low. I don’t know why the major news outlets don’t report this.

  35. The corporation is trying to get rid of the middle class for the IMF, stagnate/jobs and wages, inflation, no social goverment services, bank ponzi schemes. Kind of like the Great Depression.

  36. Unemployment is low because Obama made it decreased over time as he was passing the torch to Trump. And Trump is the one who's slowly disintegrating anything that Obama had accomplished. Just so he could put his name on it like he always does. Simple always be that spoiled little man child who always has to get what he wants with forms of Tantrums.

  37. Wages have been stagnant for years, inflation has exploded every humans quality of life is going in the toilet…it has nothing to do with politicians ALL politicians are greedy members of the elite class and will do everything to keep average sheeple controlled and distracted

  38. The numbers for unemployment don't tell everything. When the unemployment insurance ends within 6 months for someone, they are no longer in the system. Corporations refuse to pay a good living wage.

  39. I always say that…Never before have so many people had work. And never before have so many people had work that they can not live on.

  40. Can't blame the corporations but blame your elected leaders. If your elected leaders would raise the minimum wage based on inflation which should be around $20-25 dollars today people wouldn't have this problem of living pay check to pay check. The fed minimum wage needs to change. We have become a service economy and not manufacturing so these jobs being currently created aren't going anywhere anymore.

  41. people who don't ''need'' food stamps. we aren't looking at a recession……hell no-we're looking at a 2nd damn great depression.

  42. Trumptard supporters brainwashed by Trump and Sean Hannity feel our economy is kicking ass. But it isn't kicking ass because so many of the jobs created are low wage jobs.

  43. When your not making a living wage at your job, which a lot of Americans don't, the job reports/unemployment rates don't mean sh!t to you.

  44. If this ill-conceived and impulsive Trade War with China Dementia Donny started continues much longer the unemployment rate won't be looking so good anymore because there's going to be a lot of people out of work due to companies going bankrupt, as well as having to laying off employees in order to survive. Sorry for making two comments in a row. They just didn't blend together well so I decided to comment twice.

  45. I'm one of them and can barely survive with skyrocketing rent and auto insurance (with an exceptionally clean driving record of 6 years!!!); cell phone, electric, gas, internet…….the system is totally working against the grain here and bills keep getting higher and higher. Companies have no shame and no empathy for the people who can barely make it. It's a fucking nightmare.

  46. 13 Million work Multiple jobs. The Green New Deal for the Middle Class is the Only Hope, but Moron doubles the wealth of the 400 wealthiest Americans instead.

  47. I get annoyed by people quite often, a couple of days ago a person said to me "If people are only getting sixteen hours work at one job the solution is to go and get another job, it is as easy as that." This is of course bull because the reason why people are not getting more hours is down to the fact that work is so scarce and there are people at those other jobs having the same problem. Since Trump came into the White House the workforce on Zero Hours Contracts has doubled to 25% and the reason for it is normally lack of jobs. About 12% of our workers are not able to get more hours or a second job. Even when a person gets another job they have a problem with being available to go into a job at a minutes notice: However that person may well be at their other job. Zero hour contracts should be illegal because all they do is to let a President get away with phoney unemployment figures: Trump will tell you that the unemployent levels are the lowest seen in half a century and if his 3.5% unemployment rate was true it would be impressive but if you include the under employed the figure is closer to 14%-15%.

  48. Questions: But who are responsible to create high pay jobs? You the TV host? Or the US government? Or the Congress? Or the Senate? Or the Businesses? But why private Businesses must pay you a lot more unless they are forced to do so? But if they are forced to do so why should they do the business? But if they are state owned businesses that will be different story because they are mission is to provide high pay job for the people. But Is it better to have low jobs at all then have no jobs? Is it true that only the few super rich can afford to pay more to hire few lucky servants?

  49. I know I'm preaching to the crowd here but free speech is all but over now in this nation I was born in. One thing we dont get ever is the unpopular ugly truth here. im not sure what the total population of the U.S. really is? Some say 370 million up to 450 or higher? Even if we do that census jazz we still won't know the actual number? However, all we ever hear about is what you just pointed out in that video, the new poor wage jobs created are in that 50 to 250k range? Even if 10 million of these new "give the dog a freaking bone" jobs where magically created that still leaves tens of millions looking for that little something these same lazy useless politicians refuse to do, like working hard for a living like the rest of us taxed to freaking death slaves to this corrupt system. my friend Bill is 81 gets SS has a weak failing heart and is forced to work at walmart due too all his criminally high bills. $450+? smart meter dictated electric bill? the poor guy lives alone has a fridge and a small led tv and a few led lights for christ sake!!!!

  50. Stop calling them trump supporters, call them what they continue to be…that is chumps. People who willingly defend the indefensible.

  51. I know people black n white who hve to work two jobs and hve a side hustle to make ends meet most people checks go from hand to mouth

  52. My place of employment puts 8.9 billion into the local regional and state economy.but they cant afford to pay their employees properly

  53. Natural resources have to be own by the ppl and for the ppl 80% / 20% like Bolivia did and president Evo turn around his country check his rate and poverty

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