My Work From Home Morning Routine: Expectation vs. Reality ⛅😴

Shout out to Squarespace for
sponsoring today’s video. I don’t have a morning routine. It
all sounds really complicated. Okay. I’m just a girl with the wifi password
and a dream and a puppet and bubbles and snacks. I always try to have snacks.
Hey, YouTube world, it’s me Evelyn. It has probably taken me three solid years
and a lot of YouTube videos to get it through my head and finally understand
that I can’t just copy someone else’s morning routine because
they’re talented or popular, successful or extremely wealthy. Steve Jobs wore the same outfit
every day so as to not waste time clothing himself. Ava DuVernay drinks four glasses of water and writes five things she’s grateful for every morning, every
morning she got five things. Shonda Rhimes wakes up at 5:30 in the
morning just so she can have some alone time before her kids wake up.
That’s how much she love herself, that she would rather be awake and
in her own company than sleeping. Can’t relate. Your routine has to
actually make sense for you. It has to serve you and your lifestyle
and your responsibilities and the things that you value in life. So
here’s what I’ve come up with. I’m wanna wake up every morning and do something not related to the internets. Look, I know it’s my last name, but there have been way too many mornings
when I wake up and I stumble out of bed and walk directly to my computer and
start writing or editing something or I scroll through Instagram for half an
hour in the bed or I watch four pointless YouTube videos back to back
to back to back algorithm, just going wherever the
algorithm takes me instead maybe I could draw, I could read a book, mess
around on the piano. ♫ Eee, ooo ♫ (mumbles the lyrics to “The Box” by Roddy Ricch) What’s the next chord? People who are much busier than me seem to be able to do this and I get
that it’s because they’ve got employees, but they still understand the psychological benefit of easing into the day, especially in our hyper connected
world. You feel me? And to be clear, I don’t want this step in my morning
routine because I want to be more productive and get more
done and hustle hard. I want this step so that I can be happier. It’s like I said in one
of my previous videos, just because your job is cool
doesn’t mean it’s not a job. I don’t want to stare at a screen all day. Next in my dream morning routine
and this one’s revolutionary. Okay. Uh, I want to have
breakfast. Currently, I usually skip breakfast, um,
because I ain’t got no food. Um, I didn’t prep the food like
I don’t have any food items, um, to eat for breakfast and
I hate overnight oats. Don’t suggest it. They are disgusting and I’m trying
to eat something better for my body than Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But
it is the taste you can see. I would also love to form the habit of
showering and getting ready for the day every day. But for the most
part, I be here in this room. It’s a cute room, but I be, I be here. So that means I be staying
in the clothes that I slept in. Crust all in my eyes still.
I mean I brush my teeth, but I’ll usually get started on my
work and then shower later in the day. Maybe. Maybe. This is my reality and I
think that’s part of the reason why, I never know what day it is, like it be filling like three
Wednesdays in a row and I don’t like that. It’s taken me a while to understand the
things that I need to do in the mornings to feel like a well adjusted human and
it’s not waking up super early or even at the same time every day. It’s not being on a tight schedule
so I can fit more things into my day. It’s being able to incorporate
some play into my morning, some creative roaming around tinkering, and it can come in the form of choosing
which head wrap or which color eyeliner to wear that day. Those
things make me happy. Being on my Jamie Fox and spending
a couple minutes at the piano, just making myself laugh, a little
breakfast, a little nibble, all right and then we’ll get on with the day. I am probably going to track this in my
bullet journal and see how I feel after a while of doing it. I probably will update y’all
somewhere on the internets but I won’t be filming the process
because that I wouldn’t be doing it. I would be filming it, which goes
against the first thing on my list, so I feel good about this. So shout out to Squarespace for sponsoring today’s video. Voiceover Evelyn, do the drop girl. Squarespace gives you a powerful and
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In the comments below, let me know if you have any tips for
me on my journey to having an actual morning routine or, I mean, let me know if you think this is
pointless to be honest, if it, if resistance is futile, let me know if you have a very specific morning
routine and I will see you on the internets somewhere. Bye. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Every time I come around the city….bling bling I’m sprung…(mumbles)

98 Replies to “My Work From Home Morning Routine: Expectation vs. Reality ⛅😴”

  1. I filmed this a couple weeks ago before lots of people were ordered to work from home or lost their jobs due to COVID-19 closures. Most of my gigs that require travel have been cancelled, and to be honest I haven't started my "dream routine" – I've been watching Westworld and sleeping on the couch. Please don't feel pressure to be extra productive right now – take care of yourself first! Listen to my guided meditation: do something in my "overwhelmed routine" video: or watch these chill youtubers to calm you down in these confusing times:

    Love y'all like a cousin! <3 <3 <3

  2. Been doin' this lately and it's super great:
    1) Wake up (mostly groggy AF lately, but sometimes well-rested…but mostly exhausted…)
    2) DON'T reach for the phone right away. F*ck you news cycle.
    3) Washroom. Do the things. Freshen up, brush teeth, weigh yourself, put on contacts/glasses, whatever.
    4) HYDRATE – get that wata' in.
    5) Grab phone. Don't read about the apocalypse. Don't go on social platforms (yet) put on Spotify, a happy playlist!
    6) Tidy up. Put clean dishes away, ponder what you might want for breakfast, feed the pet if you have one, drink more water, wipe down counters.
    7) Get dressed in some comfies.
    8) Meditate. (Sit comfy, use an app if needed, or a guided meditation on YouTube. Calm yourself, breathe deep, think, or don't, look inside yourself).
    9) Feelin' great! Now you can pretty much do whatever you want. I usually have breakfast at this point so as not to get hangry.
    10) Exercise: this could just be a walk outside, or a HIIT workout, or yoga.

    Then either:
    – shower and get ready for the day
    – stay in comfies and clean, de-clutter, journal, call a friend, work, whatever.
    – EAT LUNCH! Don't forget to eat healthy meals regularly to keep yourself sane during this messed up time.
    – Afternoon should be fun stuff; gaming, netflix, watch youtube, read a book, have a dance party.

  3. Love the idea of a less tech morning routine and your ideas of drawing and playing the piano! An ideal morning routine for me would be like a morning walk or a YouTube Walking Workout like Leslie Sansone Walk from Home, watching the sunrise, reading a bible verse, drinking water or tea.

  4. I tried to go to bed at 9pm, I was still up at 2am. This quarantine has my sleep schedule all the way messed up. So yeah mornings are hard. I end up waking up close to noon now that I don’t have to go into work.

  5. First thing I do is meditate. After that I drink ONE glass of water (not four Miss Ava don’t judge me) mixed with apple cider vinegar. Next, I shower I have to upload lesson videos on ClassDojo for my students. It’s a new normal.

  6. You are so relatable it's insane. I would love this too but being in the bed in the morning is my hap po y place. Its breaking the plane of the bed that burns my soul

  7. Try eating yogurt in the mornings. When I don't feel like making breakfast right away. I usually eat a yogurt or two.

  8. Cinnamon Toast Crunch was definitely my breakfast all last week and then my stepson came and now the box is gone 😭

  9. I have a morning routine that’s not rigid. I give myself 2-3 hours (depending on what time I wake up) of me time. Some days it includes journaling, sometimes reading, sometimes meditation sometimes devotional, and scripture of the day etc. sometimes it’s all of the above. Other times it’s music and dancing, or cooking breakfast, but the point is that it’s my free time to do whatever I want before I start my workday.

  10. "Look, I know it's my last name." 😂 Father God, thank you for Evelyn, and the joy she brings. Continue to bless her, Lord. May she always know that she is loved, and appreciated. 🙏

  11. First off, I struggled finding how to add comments on here through my phone app, but so glad I did! Girl!!!!! So happy you shared this because that morning routine struggle is real. Sis likes her beauty sleep too!! #foundmytribemember

  12. Yes! Your routine is for YOU. Take what works and makes sense, throw out the rest, and add some custom stuff.

  13. EVELYN! Imma need deets about that cute silk wrap you be sleeping in!!! please and thank youuu. I also hope it not too expensive on my student wallet 🤲🏾

  14. I hear this so hard. I will say I finally have a mor ing routine, but it took a while for me to develop it… like a year long while… I knew how i WANTED to start my day but couldn't seem to drag myself put of bed to do it all. I started just adding one thing a month after several months of inconsistency. It's much easier to wake up up only 5 minutes earlier than you have all month than trying to wake up an hour earlier just so you can do all of it all at once from the very beginning. Add just one step to your routine each month so you dont get exhausted and stop doing it!

  15. For your lovely singing at the end, T-Pain said "I'm sprung, dog she got me, got me doing I things I never do, if you ain't been, I'm telling you"

  16. As long as you're being productive and also setting aside time for yourself, it's fine. I don't think its mandatory to have a set routine, but it definitely helps. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer before being evacuated and brought back to the US. I used to have a daily checklist and tried my best to check everything off on that checklist. Shower, eat, drink 100oz water, pray, devotion and water plants were an everyday thing. Other things were read a book, practice Spanish, something else important and then to call a loved one. Now, I'm currently in a 2 week self-quarantine. My routine has been waking up to eat, shower and Netflix. Or shower, eat and Netflix. I had a Spanish lesson this morning, talked to 6 different people today and edited a podcast episode today to be productive. I told myself that I'm going to do my podcast course tomorrow, so hopefully I'll do it. If not, it'll be shower, eat, Hulu and possibly Netflix.

  17. I chuckled so much at this video. Now that I’m working from home I can definitely feel the WFH struggles!

  18. I just feel more normal when I get up and get dressed before working from home. I wfh on a normal basis (pre quarantine) so it’s been my goal to at least style my hair and put on decent clothes. I feel more awake when I do that too

  19. “But it is the taste you can see!” #DEAD😂😂😂 I think this is a great idea! I was definitely thinking about this since I know find myself working from home due to the Rona 😑

  20. I'm so glad someone finally said it. I always felt like I was doing something wrong or something was wrong with me if I did do other people's morning routine. but it's so good to hear that you've got to find what works for you. And over the year I just felt drained by trying to wake up early or go to bed early or do what works for other people. I think I'm going to follow you on your journey by doing a morning routine that makes me happy.

  21. Hi Evelyn! I dont have a specific routine, but every day if I have to get a lot done, I'll make a list of things I must do and plan that accordingly. For the most part I like showing the night before and eat whenever I'm hungry. Routine is so harsh, I prefer something like a 'morning guide'

  22. Honestly, all creatives always talk about waking up at 3-5 AM and a sis just CAN’T. I rather go to bed at 3-5 AM because I was writing. So I think your goals of just making breakfast and showering are legit. Especially during this lockdown, now that I’m at my desk for MOST of the day between work and class, I have to remind myself to take a bathroom break lmaoo. So I understand how showering and breakfast can get lost within your day. I’m rooting for you!

  23. My routine is sleep and more sleep I sleep as long as possible, lol, then wish I had gotten up earlier because I have no time, but damn I love to sleep. Love your videos you always make me laugh. I'm getting ready to start work from home, my job sending me home ….social distance ing… and I'm sure I'll never be out of my sweats…or pjs… but takes okay for right now.💜

  24. Morning routine can help. Do what works for you. I’m like Eva. I have children so I’m up early to get as much as possible before they’re up and start calling my name

  25. Wednesday after Wednesday after Wednesday 🤣 I’ve realised that a shower by myself without interruption from small humans is really lovely.

  26. I never thought about having a morning routine. Or waking up earlier than is required to get 10 minutes for breakfast and then run after the bus. You might have changed my life today.

  27. The only "routine" I have in the morning is 1st thing, drinking hot water with lemon wedges in it, then a couple of mugs of green tea. For me it's about hydration to wake me up.

  28. My current morning routine:
    -Thank God for waking me up & say my daily declarations (i.e. "I have the divine power to do all that God has called me to do!"
    -Sing/have a dance party while I freshen up
    -Have quiet time (read a devotion & pray)
    -Breakfast while watching YouTube
    -Get to work crossing things off of my To Do list! ( My job is on pause due to COVID-19, so I'm trying to declutter my apt., read, avoid spending too much time on the overwhelming amount of IG lives and challenges going on right now😑, etc.)
    *I need to start working out in the morning again, but I'm not there yet. I'm hoping to get back into it soon, though!

  29. My routine consists of snoozing my alarm twice before finally rushing outta bed to brush my teeth because I’m late for working at home 💀

  30. I love this, you're so creative!! I have no morning routine other than coffee and food of some sort. I would love to get a routine but I am just not a routine kind of gal.

  31. Did anyone else heard something other than snacks? Rewinded and said oh ok that makes more sense. No just me, okay.

  32. I love this💗 My routine- I wake up early to pray. If I dont pray you can tell. I end up doing some weird nonsense.😁😁

  33. Yes! I feeeeeeeeeeel youuuuuu &
    Mama always taught me to make the bed in the morning smh gotta get back to that…

  34. Thank you Evelyn for being so real. As someone who has worked from home on and off for year as I work in tech, right now I'm struggling to get a routine in place. My gym is my anchor but with the UK being on total lockdown and gym being close right now, I'm finding myself in my pyjamas at lunch time and I hate it! I've put on a blazer and lip gloss over my crusty overnight getup many times lately for the obligatory MS Teams video conference call.

  35. I'm reporting your channel because you're blinding me with this lovely smooth chocolate skin. What you ain't gone do is come on here looking flawless shaming me, no ma'am.😋

  36. yes, greetings from a crusty individual who has been wearing the same pajamas for the past three days. my whole school term is going to be online starting monday and i need some tipsss on how to live this WFH life. because historically i CANNOT concentrate on homework at home.

  37. Omg!! You are too funny😂 but I love your morning routine and if it promotes productivity and good vibes, i think you’re good💯

  38. “…Algorithm…just going wherever the algorithm takes me.” 🤣🤣🤣 I felt that in my soul🤣🤣🤣

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