Yop! Hi everyone we’re back to the MV
Agusta factory setting for a week test and to prepare my bike for
the next event because there’s coming months between May June
it will be full of in full What is the new engines? Two new engines for a motorcycle for F3 and for the brutal like that
there are new engines They are original
I think the F3 they changed the springs and valves.
engines that I made it a year I type in with. To make sure you have
no problem because then we will Both have three months with full full
of shows we put new engines and the engine of my bike is re control if ever I break an inadvertent engine but
we will have two engines for rab change case in the season
but I made a year with especially with F3, no nothing broken
sound ok so I think I could have yet been reached this year with no
worries. It’s a bit much work for By Lele against because you have to disassemble
the two bikes but at least it’s good owl There remains much on your bike, not sad So you also dismounts the motorcycle? Yes, I started to work. It was hard
work, we have a week to do there they are now advanced on f3
suddenly I decided to started dismantle the brutal because
it also changing his engine It saves time to the team. The
goal is to try everything Finally this week basically we have
two weeks of work to do in a This week is one to disassemble
the Brutale? To explain, on my motorcycle On my motorcycle is STM clutch so
this is one of my sponsors for mechanical part and there we built
a special. Originally the bell opens 30 degrees and there we
commissioned a tailor for it opens 20 degrees. On the f3 the concern I
have is that when I’m in a curve eg I’m drifting and I need
to make the gas to re control my trajectory the
bike takes grip I need to have many angles and speed and
speed to be able to manage and there with the clutch housing which should allow me having a clutch that opens much
softer that expected a poorly absorbed this effect is
what we hope so I can not wait try on the MV Agusta parking see what’s going to change on the bike but what is certain is that
the bike it will totally change behavior already when
we passed the step clutches of origin, STM ca had absolutely
nothing to do the bike really limit another bike
has really changed Thibaut is focused
on the maneuver They are finalizing the last setup mount the new fairing because we
spend poly track. So there it is train up the motorcycle without fairing
just so that could test the motorcycle to see what happens with
the new STM clutch. in one day I think you drop the engine,
and another day goes on you full. But the goal is to fell
in two hours not in one day The guys are ready not on the track What’s your feeling? It works here is what is my feeling In drift you know you need to put gas to make When I used the gas the bike she took a grip but a madness grip with the
new STM clutch STM thank you for giving us
this beautiful clutch could say because suddenly I can make gas
and the bike not repeat the grip and fear that had been with Lele
was that with this new system Maybe it would work for drifting but
I was going to have a problem for winter sports and I have no problem
in fact it works at 100% it’s a boy crazy thing. So little message to Redg I’ll wring your on the circuit but as ever I’ve
twisted. To finish the day a little fun there is a challenge
a challenge between Lele Lolo and me one that dismantles
and back wheel of the f3 as quickly as possible so you’re doing
the clock. Frankly you two mechanics against you that are rather strong.
I will kill it is me who will win The first is Lolo We have a big competitor the

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