Mummers 2019 Fancy Division 2160

famer steve high speed. Good mw year. Live In sadr city Philads gone. Look Down broad Street be and The creators Of wonder stue more adding up does go round tn Glitter Shout and sing and Plar welcome to The greatest of Peos The 2018 Sugarhouse casino Mum7 good morning And happy new yeae highsmith and jennifer lewis-ho arrogant Happy new year to your to all Of Philadelphia Everyboy we’re So glad you’re with us. s it’s a wonderful Day we’ve gotn starting up With golden sunrisr two. Let’s check In on the strt alba on this ball may morning g Not even Let’s join the parade. n my career with his sister thers like so much Fun country you be family That’s Such a giant scas Is one of my favorites this wir Personal goals In high School y Especially those of us who is 6 Month old There Are busy line t Right there. The Arts really cr it was all Out there just got . Congratulations Legislation lie Country Government’s Performan9 Sugarhouse casino bombers parar also in that group So in the Fh There is one club right Now ann sunrise which you’ve been arout Elbows standing by right Now Wy in The middle Hey good Morningw was that everything that you g? Wonderful Rather than last Yeas almost One degrees out. This yg That happened To this little wy Grandson In his first Members r he was dressed For that he wasy call them don’t bring him Outst the Convention center with Thel hopefully is a long Time bombes guys. Happy new year. Hart guyd it back to you. We’re Looking l and this is A handsome costumes magnificent well no. That’s coe Maybe this will come to The ciy come through the Circus categod emily mccain Has come to the cx rate. Jones right behind them.o s amazing how Right Kelli Enablio the crowd. The Mcdonald’s showd moving Into position now Will e All the way to europe voice ofs Ending cox’s brother John SupeA guy that for a Long long time d knows historic art Lives suppos A windy day to Brown as a You d To work at slate agnes she wasn unit and he is Now a tour guidy Goodness. All right great stevo luck of the irish Car While els from high school Guys Great thn Really great friends today is t say about that for a moment Itd tilted Get what. Guess what Th. Thank you. Dylan This is the Fn sunrise. One of The story cluby Starting off In 2005 Bombers pe highsmith along with Jennifer a host Of folks coming in the mom bhl 17 Errol they are stoppingw we’re Getting ready For Meetiny Grail The king Jockey categoryy you have foreseen seamlessly Kf the Roundtable Harry Reid Beaug Years Of the sequence Someone e s are doing And Right now this in the incident. To Sleep with sta brand new material There. The o and brand Right Now we’re up ts Inferno kramer. This Is i had s One of things tend to be Like t You’ve Got to move that up thef Really Happy It’s not easy To s To save a life. Now I’m on somt depends on the type to shoot sd some Caution you have to Carry. Coming Up a little bit of the t job there In That Category. Her of intent on my desk This Is bt Year doing hansen costume And y Especially With Women Are maden And show the actual That is abd that she Said. Not at All you o That whole dress together way t to you this Morning. Happy newm Jessica Is not something she it White Girl girlfriend looking o long To those Snake With a litr us I Do feel the whole here i l you i feel Ya that that’s earll done Medusa’s Lair but Jessicah coming up now on the king Johnh Lady peters in The landscapingh jersey Today whose fertile Groh l like singing thank You. When Tw Feel it. I feel it coming. A gt song. Yes. Category Here rock h i might feel it On this one. Il right. Rock Lobster Walter high Mick Walter and Kyle work at ti think for three Decades or more even i passed in A move in herd See The No In lobsters have lea lot of the cause. I See why. Te this. I Know you’re kind of Fes really great. When you look ate the Kids light up when they Sen even As lobster using this onen Amazing costume my Car while is Fourth parade this is magic gud f course with The famous Artist u got a Great Here Will be refern i say i Think sarah out the da. We’ll talk more about it just l in. Oh this is David Strathairo New orleans as a king clown cay Beautiful Shot is the new yeart about a minute Ago this space s in Her ear mason Following spas something that Looks somewhat g kelsey by Joseph bogarde in thn Costume category couple of Youe wings This Is the mighty elephe Putting Aaron estus High Schooo the rotc Program where he’s goo The marine Corps and what are e Everybody related Lady Gaga Thd Now perhaps a harbinger Of whag our Next Year So Handsome cost. He was a Teacher Pharaoh elemee the eighth Grade Graduations ar Separate ready yeah. I Think hl yeah. Beautiful traditional Spe flawless Thank You. Great perfe city hall At 15 the marketplacd The hall and head on down To mn washington Street and all the s and people Like to take picturg the way especially the kids bun this Is pretty in pink roundinn sunrise Fancy club at the star9 Sugarhouse casino members brayn category with bill doyle And It there. This is really fast. I A religion of a Fancy Literally s and Generation and Actually haw dominic is up Their belief than the family My alma mater Thankr do it all The news that the het folks this is Called a state. e The larger Acts in Principle Cy but there is also. Yeah. Anoths Day very Narrative here and its and Individuals and very Youngn their own. So stay tuned

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