MIXING 2 DECKS TOGETHER – Demon/Cube Lock – Kobolds And Catacombs – Warlock Constructed

it's the lab man and the great reason why I built this duck is because tempura is climbing up the usage numbers demon lock notably is way better than cube lock against tempo rig so the compromise deck will be a little less good than demon lock but it will be way better than cube lock well the problem was the perfect start let's see if I can win I'd be a very good measure for this tack if I manage to be Firefly kilowatt captain to get the file I could just go Stone Hill defender don't know the defender will probably take patches in the dagger you can already do cell knows to file next turn at the file is like the best card in this deck but I want to use it here and then I go possessed Lackey and I should have enough time to win all right I mean it's really good there obviously but it'll it could be even better next turn if I didn't have the possess Lackey I would have hold it on return I want to cube my demon probably huh I'm gonna get two lackeys when the cube died my other play isn't that strong right now yeah let's do it it's just the right amount for this matchup I think it's slow because this has to die and then the two lackeys have to die but there is something that kills it immediately on the board oh my god these drawers I think we want to take over back patriarchy you know that sounds insane but once they play the first word Lord we're done it's actually solar back picture the silver back patriarch Rose is Lloyd Lloyd I probably should have played the patriarch versus the beetle that turn now the beetle actually kills the 60 then if I didn't draw this void Lord we'd get to void Lords and just win the game here but now the game is a little bit tougher unfortunate now that tack doesn't have any way to get through a tuck there so just wonder it should be enough just in case of cam we've got good ol silverback a tractor hold down this for it deal for it I'm playing it safe one two three four five six twist I guess wait one two three four five six that's perfect Neverland well we did it you'd be a Firefly hello sad South Sea and that's why I decided to fight this deck today now while temper Rogue is on the rise mistress of make sure is gonna be one of the cards that I'm sad to see wrote it up by the way fun fact this deck well I actually don't entirely know because we're going a little bit off script with this deck but supposedly the normal version of this deck is only losing mr. sub mixtures for the rotation something to be a little bit scared of it again creased question mark probably the usual strangeness and wait a second how do I not know whether or not it's dragon priest well it's basically is that raza priest with dragons or as a dragon priest it's hard to tell this would probably be the turn to play dooms there denies the dragon at operative turns if it is dragon priest it's the Lackey out on an empty fort which is great are you the opinion that losing mistress is a big deal for the traditional EQ blacklist yeah it is I mean that's only that's a problem for three months in the future I'd like to think there would be something replacing mistress now mistress is mistress has turned out to be one of my favorite cards I play blood mage thanas you can't kill off my the threat right now is I mean I guess if only one of them employed the napkin spell I mean I don't know why there's so much interested in what happens in three months but the loss of patches might mean loss of mistress is fun okay so I get exactly those two demons I was thinking about tapping first that they might risk drawing a demon definitely halt faring here yes this little guy so I want to play this little guy is it a tempura stuck Oh oh geez that's awesome oh my god priest again why where's the aggro iGrow decks please oh dear God oh well saved oh my god it's actually good in I get hand but it's now at least a can do stuff are you kidding me all right sure still the man I working overtime in the meantime I like to think of his perspectives like holy cow how many demons this guy having as in the answer is in fact all of them like to think that he thinks wow this guy had an insane him there was no way I could beat that all right so I've had to dim Gertz duh which means when I played Blood River gold um I just tend to face at least hey it works but I want to kill it immediately now I'd probably don't want to tell it immediately we need the burst from cubed doing guards or something like that hmm now we can flop the other void Lord let's see I want to try a fish for a demon from the defender or shall I just go for this son Walker Walker I guess all right so we're summoning quite a few demons here son Locker is killing a room for what would probably have been employed loggers Oh maybe I can still wanna facing this deck ended up being a really bad choice for the metagame today not to say that the metas like all like this was a very I got free unlucky with my matchups I think like according to the staffs tempo dragon a group album of the most popular ducks out there super unlucky stats man gotta believe the stats I think I should save cubed for Anna's offs avoid Lawrence but having to three eighths isn't that but it's pretty bad so past how wasteful my sad or happy about psychics cream being missing at the last minute is duck that I gave one mini anti-magic she'll give me some he'll win no it's accounting the Averys I saw the pint-sized push in which reminded me that I haven't seen a single shadow we're at horror yet interesting single removing that that's normally within pint-sized shadow word horror range use both dragon virus that's interesting and I think I yes IQ pack this of Woodward oh well what's that one Oh Esther maybe we didn't live in this is quite a game there's no lying man almost out of cards so other than you Sara and lish king cards there should be the only threats he's got Sara cards and Lich King cards can be kind of a big deal Wow okay you in this one or now all right Here I am and I've decided you know what legend is just a status symbol which doesn't mean that much during this season so I think we're good enough at Rank 1 five star right I was just trying to see what the reaction would be summon the glocca and all serious installing this Calaca carlier probably means I win the game about 20% more often uh I play pyro or do I our hands looking low wish this and pyro utility might be something hey you know Kelly alright that one one of the three cost one shouldn't you have traded this instead of the pirate because he has the captain maybe doesn't have the cap in him in Sam oh yeah because he would have played the captain if you hadn't knows him probably greed what is he doing a one ones he's valuing underneath his dagger anyways there's so many pirates in that duck prolly will eat one I'm looking for Dragon Fire okay so I'm looking for a death okay good talk a strongest turn is a tempo rug unturned 5 is a 3/3 the next turn is the bone mantle is silence in psychic scream take it slow I guess Oh time for a value there's so many cards in the hand that I actually don't want to I can't play my a-v here probably only six damage plays Ben may I saw it's the car than the dragon fire or we psychic scream it's two blue threats we're missing we're currently missing the point of playing this deck yeah should I play psychic scream shall I use this silence the silence can be used on the edwin vancleef we actually it hasn't played yet Wow a little done on this side a little expecting possible big VanCleave so he kept silence so lash does kill this I need to tell this first I know the Epona's bone Marin hemmed what slash means a lot of hit points and then I guess I can use a finding him we wanted to Vale in finding healing but this heals a little bit already I suppose usually when the game goes this long razza priest will win but we missed out on drawing rasa and one and most card draw cards you know it's got bone Marin hand ocean and just a bone mayor and four cards right now that's enough pressure to get me to play the Dragon Fire that's it for my removal that I like that one is this possibly a ten cost potion game yes this is a very rare ten cost potion yeah because we have no place he has been really playing around shot a reefer am doing but I haven't had it then I killed the 5/3 over the two three yeah so I want this in the Dead Pool I think because it tends to be better than my other minions yes to that too this is my chance to draw a lot of cards and I think I will take it and that I should be like yeah of course he's got an doing so it's gonna be a double kill we'll probably treat the Firefly or at least I would predict you that train man and ruin of course I had it light is betrayed we did it we finally hit legend Wow YouTube known as of the stats of this game I think we ended up 11 7 but I three at least two games because I'm not experienced with this deck so maybe 13 5 although I had one game

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  1. Difference between Trump and Kripp in a nutshell:

    10:00 After beeing OTK'ed by gimmick deck
    Trump: "That's awsome!"
    Kripp (would say): "That's bullshit!"

  2. If you had to choose either guldan or nzoth , which would you remove? What could you replace them with?

  3. The rogue that shadow stepped bonemare had to be sniping. He intentionally killed off his own pirates instead of daggering to play around golakka they he knew he had too.

  4. Had he 100% lost that last game vs priest? I mean his opponent was fatiguing, he had the lifesteal heropower. So he had him on a 3/4 turn clock and gaining 3 health each turn. Opponent had ysera and a bunch of ysera/dk cards which might have all been useless. The only guaranteed damage he had was 6 per turn from ysera plus hero power, of which he was healing 3 with his own hero power.
    So I’m saying it still very likely to lose as there were quite a few cards the opponent could have had to win – but was it guaranteed?

  5. i really love trump's attitude, he is a beacon of light amongst all the toxic players and streamers. Just imagine how reynad would have reacted to that priest OTK…

  6. Hey check out my new hearthstone dungeon run as druid a lot of fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gU2BQxVUapM&feature=youtu.be

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