Method Man Family: Wife, Kids, Siblings, Parents

Clifford Smith more known as Method Man is
a multi-talented person who deals with music, acting and production. He was born in 1971 and got the first experience
of versification being a teenager. He dreamed of becoming a rapper and his dream
came true. He joined the music industry in the early
1990s and in 1994 released the very first album called Tical. Apart from being a solo artist, the musician
is also a part of Wu-Tang Clan. Method Man is also interested in the moviemaking
industry and he even featured in several films. For instance, Red Tails, How High, The Great
White Hype, etc. The rapper is successful not only in professional
life but in personal too, as he is a beloved husband and father of three children. So, let’s have a close look at these people! The father’s name is Clifford. Unfortunately, nothing much is known about
his life as he was imprisoned soon after son’s birth. Nonetheless, in one of the interviews, Method
Man shared that it was his dad who introduced him to the world of music and songwriting. The mother Genola gave birth to three kids
with Clifford. Despite this, they lived separately and so,
a young starlet had to spent childhood at different homes. The celebrity has two sisters. The first one is named Terri. It is only known that she studied at the University
of Phoenix and currently resides in New York. The second sister is Althea. Neither her occupation nor her personal life
is known to the public. She also lives in New York. As for the artist’s personal life, he walked
a beauty business owner Tamika Smith down the aisle in 2001 and ever since that time
they have been living happily together. It would be interesting to know that Method
Man proposed to her in 1999 when they already had three common kids. Two years later they got hitched and had a
beautiful honeymoon. In 2006 Tamika was diagnosed with breast cancer
and the musician supported her a lot. It looks like these two love birds are still
in love and are very protective of one another. The couple’s firstborn is a son Shakuan,
who was delivered in 1996. He followed dad’s steps and is known as
a rapper Father Sha. A son Raekwon was welcomed in 1997 and he
is fond of sports. In 2017, he was recruited by Penn State for
football. In 1998 the family welcomed a daughter Cheyenne. She loves being on the public. Perhaps, that’s why she is very active on
social media, especially Instagram and YouTube, where she has her own channel.

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