MASSIVE Seafood FEAST in Sri Lanka – INSANE Fish Market and HOME COOKED Sri Lankan FISH CURRY HEAVEN

100 Replies to “MASSIVE Seafood FEAST in Sri Lanka – INSANE Fish Market and HOME COOKED Sri Lankan FISH CURRY HEAVEN”

  1. Trevor james simply best he is excellent fantastic and full of enthusiasm he walks with tons of positive energy We love him

  2. That mullet fish is amazing. The price is so absurd cause it is very very inexpensive. In my country that fish would cost more than 100 USD.

  3. Quisiera viajar Por el mundo entero y conocer cada país ,q envidia, felicitaciónes ,bendiciones en tus viajes…

  4. Am begging each n evry 1…plz reduce plastic consumption😢…so that we can save our oceans…its in our hands guys…plz dont neglact😕😕..SAVE EARTH

  5. Hi there I just want to ask if u been to Philippines , Bangkok and Vietnam yet? Im your new subscriber so I didn't see all your video yet. But I know they also have amazing food in there. Thank u

  6. Love ❤️ 😍😍😍 the jackfruit with coconut gravy & Tuna 🐟 😍😍😍 with rice 🍚 its delicious ❤️❤️❤️

  7. අර මාලුවට 5200ක් අරගෙන කරපු කැත වැඩේ නම් අනුමත කරන්නෙ නෑ. 6.5kg නෙ තිබ්බෙ.

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  9. Wow that's a big fish n she served u the way i want to be treated as a faithful father i am but im not but great videos blessed

  10. I like how they say everything is fresh! 😂😂. It sure is fresh from the dumpster they call the ocean. Mmmmmmmmmm the plastic is so soft and delicious!

  11. OMG the underwater is polluted badly
    Sad it’s now all over in the world not just in srilanka .
    If we don’t stop this by 2050 there will be no fish in the sea .

  12. Awesome to see you had such a great time in not only my families country, but my hometown of Galle! Food to Sri Lankans is almost like a religion itself & glad you didn't;t go with the obvious route & try the quick street food (although, that of course is amazing too!).

  13. that place is dirty as hell complaining about plastic from the whole world. is bullshit that place is just straight dirty

  14. Pakistan ,Afghanistan,Shree Lanka ,Bangladesh were part of India….but unfortunately Indian lost its culture but these countries have it..

  15. Trevor, see if those people will take me in as a tenant I'll pay him $500 a month I'll sleep on the floor all they have to do is cook for me the women??? Signed extremely serious.

  16. Srilankan cricket team are world famous for their decency and politeness. I am sure the public too is polite.

  17. 😱Omg what a beautiful language are they speaking in srilanka.
    Love from Pakistan 💓💓💓💓

  18. Only in single catch they found that much of plastic then how much plastic whole ocean contain. It's time to change. Reduce plastic.

  19. Omg that fish so huge 👍🐋🐋 thanks visit to srilanka 👍 also rihana explain nicely and correct info 👍

  20. Hi James.. man you just Amazing..👌👌👍. Had great experience with the Sri Lanka people and food.. Have a grt future bro.. and waiting for more different videos all around the world..👍👍🥰😘@ James.

  21. وراك وراك في كل فديو شكرا لك فسحتني في كل ‘كان وعرفتني علي ثقفات شعوب وحجات صعب نعرفه نظرا للحاله الماديه مش عرفه هتعرف تقرء عربي او حد يترجم ليك تعليقي تحياتي ليك من مصر والشعوب العربيه المتحده جميعا تحت لواء الحب والسلام

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