Maryan (2019) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Dhanush, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Jagan

Sudan. Africa. A unique country. Unknown language, unknown people. I was always a fisherman in my life.. it wasn’t easy for me
to learn anything new. I made a good friend here. Sami. He reminded me of
my best friend Sakarai. He also didn’t like the job here. We were forced to work hard here. Unfortunately I who always
chased fish in the ocean. ..have been sent far
away from home to this desert. You always miss the fisherman’s life. What was so special about it? Pani (Water). Just that?
Our town also had lots of water. No, there was something more to it.
You won’t understand. I love one thing when I’m with you. I can smoke to my heart’s content. It’s great fun.
– Isn’t it? This is a special local
cigarette from my town. Only one thing in
this place made me happy. Talking to Panimalar once a week. I would be very happy that day. I would sleep peacefully that night. Gradually I got used
to this city and its people. We may belong to any part
of the globe but we get close.. ..when we start living together. Two years. I somehow managed to spend
the time in this country. Now, I’m going home to Panimalar. To get drenched in the ocean once again. Maryan.
– Pani.. how are you? How are you? I’ve feel as if I’ve got new
lease of life after speaking to you. Only one week left before you arrive. It was not difficult
to spend two years here.. ..but, it’s going to be
difficult to spend this week here. I can’t express in words how difficult
it’ll be for me to spend this week. I’m coming back, Pani. Back to the sea,
to spend time together in your arms. The first thing I want to do is enjoy
the spicy rice cooked by you. Okay. Did you get something
with my letter? I got your letter and also
the thing you sent with it. Don’t send it anymore. I’ll come there and take it from you. Really? Dad has told everybody
in our village about our wedding. You just need to get
your wedding suit stitched. What’s the hurry? Tell him that my size has
changed in the last two years. I’ll get it stitched after I come back. As if you’ve become strong
and stout in these two years. Yes. What happened? I’m running out of money
and I need to get back to work. Shall I go? Please let me go. Maryan, have a safe journey.
– Okay. Take care. I thought there would be big roads..
big buildings.. the ones they have n Dubai. But, this is entirely desert area. It’s not like Dubai. It’s a desert. What are you saying? He wants to be in a place like Dubai. Bro, this is not Dubai, this is Africa. We’ve been working
here for the past two years He’s new here. He’ll soon find out. Driver, play a nice Tamil song.
– No, uncle. Play a nice Hindi song. The Hindi film industry copies the hit
Tamil films and re-makes flop films. Just hear their flop songs. “Is she a girl or an electric pole?” “Wait and watch how long
this love affair continues.” There are these Tamil people
everywhere in the country and abroad. Shut up. Tamils are hard-working
so you’ll find them everywhere. Take a look at the
actors of film industry. Sridevi is a Tamilian.
Hema Malini is also a Tamilian. Silk Smita is from
Madras and so is AR Rehman. Sachin Tendulkar is also from Madras. Sorry. It was a slip of tongue. Maryan, Chennai is
a foreign city. Right? Why do you speak so much? This desolate place has ruined my life. You’re very happy that you’ll
get married after you go back. You’ve been romancing with the
girl’s photo for the last two years. Look at me.
I need to choose one from four options. But, I like none of them.
What shall I do now? Tell me whom to choose. Forget about your choice,
let’s see who chooses you. I’m Maryan which means immortal. As my name suggest I
was very proud and haughty. Instead of pleasant weather
I’ve braved rough winds. Instead of fried fish
I ate tasteless food. All these things shattered my pride. I was a king there. King of the sea. Maryan, you’re great.
– You’ve done what nobody could. What a great achievement! We must celebrate this.
– Forget it. You’re a skilled fisherman. Maryan, it seems you’ll
catch all the fish. Leave something for us. I work hard. I toil hard to earn
my livelihood. Got it? He’s the only one
I could never dominate. It’s a big catch. Bring the boat. Fantastic! Maryan, you’re great. In entire Neerody you’re
the only one who hunts with a spear. He holds on his breath
and waits for a big catch. We’re lazy and can’t do it.
– I’m hungry. Give me something to eat. Take this.
– Take this. He’ll give you food. But, there’s
love and affection in my lunch box. You can’t impress
Maryan with your tactics. Whenever he meets Pani he
teaches her how to impress you. And he speaks nonsense about
love and affection before you. Remember that Maryan never
let go anything he likes. But he doesn’t even look
at the person he dislikes. I know it. Dharmendra married Hema. Amitabh married Jaya. Similarly, Pani is perfect for Maryan. Do you’ve any objection, brother?
– What did you say? I’m seriously asking you.
– No need to do all this. We don’t get things that
are unnecessary for us.. ..we only get things
that are necessary for us. What’s all this? You’re trying
to teach him how to romance. I’ll kick you hard.
– I’ll break your legs, fatso. Something that’s
impossible won’t happen. Get back to your work. Listen.. I’ve promised her
that I would take him with me. If I don’t take him then she’ll kill me. If you interfere you’ll
also be in trouble. If he finds out he’ll kill you. You’ll be finished. Why are you talking in whispers?
– Nothing. Maryan, he was giving me lectures. Take this.
– Why did you drag me to the church? Did you suddenly become religious? Do you want to repent for my sins?
– No. Your sins won’t be forgiven. Don’t even try.
– Okay. Tell me something. Where’s Kuttyandi? I’m asking you. where’s Kuttyandi? He may be drunk and lying somewhere.
– Really? Only we can mend his ways. Sakarai, look who has
come to the church today. I’ve brought him here.
– Shut up. You came to see me, right? Don’t dream. He forced me to come here. Then why were you staring at me? I wasn’t looking at you.
I was looking at the girls around you. I would’ve buried you there if you
had come here for them. Got it? Why are you beating me?
– Leave him and talk to me. We never get things
that we don’t require. But, we get the things
that we badly yearn for. I told you. I’m talking to you
and you’re staring at him. Look, don’t play this game with me. Go home like a good girl. Go. Let me see how long
you stay away from me. Hey! Shall I say something?
– What? I’ve seen your love for me in your eyes.
– Really? Let anything happen
but you’ll only be mine. Wait and watch. Brother, she’s definitely
going to trap you. You catch big fish. No one can trap you. There’s nobody like
you in the entire world. Maryan is the best. Is it time for your drinks, dad? Actually that… Even the people who go to
work are not so punctual like you. I would’ve also gone to work.. ..but Maryan said that
he would rent my boat. What? So Seeli’s son
is the cause of the problem? Seeli? She thinks I’m
the cause of problems. But, you think her son
is the cause of problems. He’s a cause of problems for all of us. What did you say?
– Nothing. The fish curry cooked
by you is delicious. People will keep licking their fingers. If you’ve finished with
your sweet talks you can go. How are you Panimalar? You’ve grown up.
How are you doing? Are you coming from the church? You’re the only girl in Neerody
with whom I speak so sweetly. That’s because I care for you. What’s this?
I’m the only one speaking. You haven’t spoken a word. I’ll get angry if you
don’t speak to me next time. Brother, when you like a girl
you either buy her or abduct her. But you’re giving lot
of importance to Pani. The other girls are
only for one night stand. But, I want Pani for life. I’ll touch her only after marriage. Who needs money? I always tell him to stop fishing. He gives me money and shuts my mouth. Give me the parcel.
– Wait. There are job offers
from foreign countries. But this idiot is always
busy fishing in the sea. This is the right age
to work hard abroad and earn. One more lazy fellow is here. They come when they need anything. Why are you cursing poor people like us? Give me appam.
– Your boss is here. Take this.
– What are you doing here? Enjoying appams. Humans don’t eat this. Leave it and come with me. Anyone will eat free food.
– Have it. Have some.
– No, mom. Tell me something. Your mom wants you to go abroad. Why have you never given it a thought? We’ll be proud if somebody
from our village earns a lot of money. Do you think they’ll give office
job to illiterate people like us? We’ll be given the work of laborers.
– You’re right. We’re the king of the sea here. We can’t work under anybody. My father died in the
sea and I’ll also die here. I don’t think the loafer
Maryan will go abroad to work. Shall I say something? A man may be carefree
but a woman can change him. He just needs to get close to you. I’ll tell you what you should do. A matchstick doesn’t catch
fire until it remains in a box. It lights up only
when it’s rubbed. Got it? I had borrowed money from Joseph. I promised to pay back the money today. Who’s this Joseph?
Why don’t I know him? He’s new in our village. I’ve to return the
money I borrowed from him. He lent you money? I don’t believe you. Hey!
– What happened, friend? What were you doing there?
– Nothing. Where is he?
– In the next lane. I’m confused as to
take him to which lane. Where do I take him? Brother, not in this lane.
In the next lane. You said the same thing
when we were in the previous lane. Of course. But, I won’t say it again. Let’s go.
– Okay. Let’s go. Done! What happened? What? Are you dreaming of our union? Remember never to try it again
or I’ll break your neck. Got it? He slapped me hard. Your plan was a flop. He can only break my heart. Open the nets.
– Okay. C’mon open it. Sakarai..
– Yes. Come here.
– Coming. Keep it properly. I’m already dazed after
the slap in the morning.. ..what else is he going to do? What is it? Sakarai..
– Yes, tell me. Nothing.
– Why are you feeling shy? Leave the button and tell me.
What is it? Well.
– What is it? Tell me. Well..
– Yes. Well..
– Yes. I’ve fallen..
– What? I’ve fallen for her. Brother, I knew it. I knew that you would
fall in love with her one day. Come on, show me your face. Listen to me.
– Yes. Will you do something for me?
– Yes, tell me. I want..
– You want to meet her? Tell me. Take your time and tell me. I want to meet her.
– Okay. I’ll get her. Wait. Not now. I know that she cooks
very nice spicy rice. – Yes. Tell her to cook it for dinner tonight. You love her a lot. Sister! Your work is done. Fantastic! I don’t know why my son asked
me to bring food for him tonight. Where is he? Well, he’ll soon be here. I’ll keep it here.
– Come on. Did he really call me?
– Yes. absolutely. I can’t believe that he called me.
– Why are they coming here? Over there. Brother! Brother!
– I won’t spare them today. Where is he?
– He’ll soon come here. Sit here. Hey! How did he tell you? You’ve started again. You’re asking me the umpteenth time. Tell me once again. Didn’t you see his shy eyes? I never saw him act so shy. He was dazed. His intoxicating eyes had impressed me. What happened after that?
– What else? He was thinking of you
every moment and going crazy. But, why didn’t he come yet? Where is he? Where can he be? He must be coming from home.
– Yes. It must’ve been difficult
for him to come out of home. Seeli is always alert that
somebody might steal her appams. I always see the fear in her eyes. She thinks her appams are better than
the ones available in five star hotels. Ask me what happens after
eating the appams made by her. Okay. Just wait and watch. After I enter her home I’ll
shut down her appam business. That’s why I want both
of you to get married and.. ..I’ll get good food to eat. After that Seeli will
be moving around me for food. Bitch! So, you’re going to deny me food? This is the reason
why my son sent me here. Wait, I’ll teach you a lesson. How dare you shut down my kitchen? Where are you trying to escape? How dare you shut down my kitchen?
I’ll teach you a lesson. How dare you shut my business down? I’ll break your legs even
if you look at my home. Got it? First you lied to me
and took me to the church. Then you fooled me and
made me wander in the lanes.. ..for the loan you never took. You think Panimalar is a heroine. C’mon tell me if you’ll ever
take me for such useless things. Hey Maryan, shall I ask something? You can ask any number
of questions you like. You’re joking about a serious matter? Don’t get angry.
Tell me. What do you want to say? Pani wants to marry you. She loves you. She’s crazy for you. Why don’t you settle down with her? You’ve grown up but
you’re not yet mature. She won’t be happy with me. My mother thinks Thomay was
responsible for my dad’s death.. ..and she always curses him. Will she accept Pani
as her daughter-in-law? I may go against my mom and marry her. But, will she be happy with mom? Let her live peacefully. I’m destined to live in the sea. Remember that if both
of you want to stay with me.. ..none of you should
discuss love. Got it? Oh no! Are you going to beat me?
Why are you staring at me? Go to sleep. C’mon hurry up. We’re late. Hurry up. C’mon. Be careful. The waves are quite strong today.
– Yes. A storm is expected
in the next 48 hours. The fishermen are warned
not to get in the sea. Thomay..
– Dad is not at home. What do you want? The weather is very bad. But, Maryan is planning to
take your boat into the deep sea. What are you saying?
– Inform your father about it. Excuse me.. Dear, don’t worry. They’ve come back safely from the sea. The boat has broken but don’t worry.
Go to sleep. Brother, I’m feeling very embarrassed. We’ve broken Thomay’s boat. The village is making fun of us. Brother, please say something. Please say something, brother. Say something. You’re feeling embarrassed?
– Yes. Then never come with me again.
– Brother.. He’s feeling embarrassed. But, Maryan is not. I’m shameless. How could you go into
the sea in the bad weather? Didn’t you know how tensed I was? Why did you go out to die in the storm?
– I’ll slap you hard. Get lost from here. Hey! What do you think of yourself?
– I’m a petty fisherman. What do you want? Do you love me? I’m useless. Get lost. Nothing has happened to you. I just wanted to see that you’re alive. Go. Get lost.
– Go. Maryan, do you’ve matchsticks? No. Do you have matchsticks?
– No. Hey!
– What happened? Do you’ve matchsticks?
– Yes. Come here. Come. Put it in my mouth Maryan, you’re fantastic. He’s a great guy. Take it. Well, sea is like a love affair. Both always seem fresh. It’s a fact. You’re in good mood today. I’m speaking from experience.
– Experience? Then why are you still single? Love should swell up in
the heart like the sea waves. They give you the real strength. A man needs to be crazy in love
to be successful in life. Great! Who was your beloved? Did you hear what
the aged man has to say? A man needs to go crazy
in love to be successful in life. Stop your nonsense. By the grace of God, by the blessings
of angels and divine messengers..’re going to be united
in the holy bond of matrimony. I request everybody present
here to bless the newly married couple. May you get all the joys and
happiness that God has blessed you with. Love all living beings. Hello, sir.
– Thank you. He was continuously staring at you. Why didn’t you talk to him?
You were showing off lot of attitude. How are you, Panimalar? All your friends are getting married. When will you marry? I’m waiting for your consent
and ours will be the next wedding. What’s up? What’s up, Maryan? Don’t you know whose bike it is? Get up. If your feet was itching so badly
why didn’t you rub it against a tree? Why were you rubbing your
feet against a lady’s slipper? If I shout and say this the
entire village will make fun of you. Don’t spoil your reputation for women,
Thikurissi. Stay within your limits in future. What’s the problem if he was
rubbing his feet on Pani’s slippers? Why are you deceiving yourself? I know you love her. Have you come here to get beaten? No one can tolerate the truth. Panimalar! Panimalar! Panimalar, please stop. Listen to me. Leave me alone.
I don’t want to hear anything. Keep quiet.
– Listen to me. I don’t want to be in
a relationship with anybody. Please listen to me. Let me tell you the truth.
– What do you want? I’m busy with the church duties.
I don’t have time. Try to understand.
– Please listen to me. When there’s nothing between
us why should I listen to you? I don’t want to talk. Look, I just want to tell
you that he loves you a lot. He loves me?
Does anyone slap a person he loves? Please try to understand.
His upbringing has been like that. Hey! He loves you.
That’s why he slapped you. He also quarreled with Thikurissi who
was rubbing his feet on your slippers. Do you know that? What did you tell me just now? Go and ask him. ‘I just wanted to see you alive.
Are you fine?’ ‘Why are you deceiving yourself?’ ‘I know you love her.’ ‘A man needs to be crazy in love
to be successful in life.’ ‘Do anything you want,
but you’ll finally be mine.’ Why did you come late? A romantic scene is going on. Fantastic! The super stars romance in great style. Awesome! Look! Send it there. Okay. Give it to me. Brother.. The film is superhit. Who sent it?
– It came from there. Look! There it is. What great expressions! Fantastic! Thomayy, come out. Listen, my son is a hero. Don’t think your daughter can trap him. If you’ve self-respect
then come out and speak to me. Why is your daughter hiding now? She’s pretending to be very good. Come out. Didn’t you get any
other man in this village? Shameless girl, come out. Don’t look there, look at me. If I ever catch you
trying to impress him.. ..I’ll throw you straight into the sea. How dare you try to trap my son?
– What are you watching here? It’s a matter between a
mom-in-law and a daughter-in-law. What? Whom did you address as mother-in-law?
I’ll cut your tongue. Who’s your mom-in-law? C’mon tell me. You don’t know her? It’s you. Oh! So, the matter is serious. If you step inside my
home as my daughter-in-law.. ..I’ll break your legs. Mom, we can settle our
problems after the marriage. Look how she speaks. Go. I know who’s encouraging you. I’ll go and talk to Maryan. What are you enjoying? Am I doing an item dance? Get lost. Enough of all this. Go. They always enjoy
seeing others in problem. I’ll teach Maryan a lesson today. All the stars are trapped in love. Hey! What are you doing here? This house is a mess without a woman.
Don’t you wash your clothes? Are you mad?
– You’re mad. Mom will kill us
if she sees us together. My dear smart Maryan,
why are you scared of Seeli? You don’t know that she’ll
shout and inform the entire village. She has already done it during daytime. We’re famous now. What do you want? Will you give me what I want? Well.. it depends on what you ask for. Why? I didn’t ask
you to give me a child. You can even ask that. Get lost. Should I really go? Don’t stop me. You said that you’re a poor man. But, now I’m rich. Okay. What’s the matter, bro? You
won’t join us? What happened? Tell me. Don’t talk too much, get lost. I swear on the ocean goddess
that I’ll always wait for you. Okay. I’ll take care. Come and see. Come here. What happened there? A man has been killed and thrown here. Come on. Pick him up. What happened? What happened? When will they stop
killing innocent fishermen? There is one more over there. Quickly go there. There’s one more. Hurry up. O God! Sakarai! Who killed him? My son.. My son.. Who killed my son? He would always be with you. Why did you leave him alone? Look what has happened.
He’s lying lifeless. He’s a beast who killed my son. He has left me forever. Why did you.. ..go to the sea without me? It’s my mistake. Your mother is questioning me.. What shall I tell her? What shall I do to get you back? C’mon tell me, my friend. Maryan! Maryan! Maryan! Thikurissi has come home
to ask my hand in marriage. He has come home, Maryan. Please go and stop him.
I’ll become weak before them. Will you come with me or not? Sakarai is lying dead in his grave. And you.. get lost from here. Get lost. Marry anybody you like. And you sit here.
– Hey! I told you.. go.. Go. Maryan, I’ll marry him. And then commit suicide. Bury me here after I
die and mourn all your life. I’m going away. Think about it again. You’re very fortunate that
we came to you with the proposal. My brother was postponing
his marriage for a long time. He wants to marry only Panimalar. He said that he’ll marry
Panimalar or he’ll stay a bachelor. You can’t sit quietly. You haven’t paid my dues for years. But, I’ve always remain quiet. Get me married to Pani in
exchange of the loan I gave you. You want my daughter
in exchange of money? Yes. I respect my sister so I’m
following all the rituals or.. ..I would’ve kidnapped her long ago. What kind of behavior is this? Who is he? Look because of Sakarai.. You always hit me. Who else can I hit?
You’re the only one who’s my own. Don’t be angry with me. Hey! I should’ve killed you
that day and thrown you in the sea. You wouldn’t have been alive
to enact this romantic scene here. Thikurissi,
I don’t have anyone in my life now. I’ve lost my friend
but I can’t lose Pani. Why are you wasting your time
talking to him? Slap him hard. Go away from here. I beg of you.
Please don’t create any problem. I’ll return your money. Old man, I don’t want money, I want
your daughter. Your daughter. Got it? Wait. Leave me. Leave me. Maryan, leave him! Maryan, stop! Here you go. Maryan! Stop this. Get lost. It’s my personal affair.
Don’t get involved. Get lost from here. Get lost. Hey Maryan! Maryan, come with me.
Let Thomayy talk to him. Come. Come with me. Come. Come. Listen to me carefully. I want the money back with
interest by tomorrow morning.. ..or you won’t be alive. Got it? What shall we do now? Maryan.. He has given dad a deadline. What shall he do now? Welcome, brother. This is a two years contract. We’ll adjust the first
year’s salary with this amount. After that you’ll get
paid only after two years. You can’t leave the job under
any circumstance even if you dislike it. Sign this agreement. I think you’ve realized
today how stubborn Seeli is. Give it to Thikurissi. I haven’t done this for you,
I’ve done it for Pani. Take care of her. You’re the son of the sea. You’ve grown up in
the laps of the ocean. How can you leave this place and go? It’s a matter of just two years. I’ll adjust. Maryan. You wanted this to happen. I’ll go away. Are you happy now? I know why you’re going. When I continuously told
you to go you never listened to me. Finally you’ve decided to go. But, you’re going there
only to save Pani’s honour. Listen.. I didn’t want to send
you there for money. Give the money to the witch.
She’ll be very happy. Go. You were so happy here
near the sea with your friends. But, you’re leaving everything
and going away only because of me. It’s not because of you,
it’s for you. Don’t cry. Stop crying. Don’t cry now. Will you bid me goodbye like this? Two years will pass very quickly. I’ll come back to live my life again. Maryan! Maryan! Maryan! Maryan! Maryan! Maryan! I didn’t have the courage
to look back at her. I somehow managed
to pass two years here. I’ll not see her photo anymore.
I’ll actually meet Pani now. What’s the matter, Maryan?
Why do you look disturbed? His girlfriend is waiting for him. He had left her behind when he came here.
– Keep quiet. Do you’ve a lover?
– No. I’m married. I have a wife. So, you’ve a wife? I’m sure you came
here to escape from her. Did you hear him? He’s married. He doesn’t know what romance is. C’mon move forward. Fast. Fast. Move forward. Move. Move.
Fast. Fast. Move forward. Hey you, come out. Come out.
– Hey you, come out. Come out. Come out. Hey you, come out. Come out. Come out. Come out. You’ve to go with us you know. You’ve to go with us. Come fast. We want money. You give money, we give you life.
– Move. Move. Otherwise you’ll die. Understand?
– Give me money. Give money. Hey you! Sit. Sit. Give me everything.
– Don’t move. Open your bag Open your bag .
– Do you understand? Open the bag.
– We don’t have time. Check them.
– Don’t move. Open that bag.
– Open the bag. Open the bag.
– C’mon move. Open your bag.
– Come on move. Sit there. Sit there. Move. Move.
– Open the bag. You give us money
and we’ll give you life. Otherwise you’ll die.
– Give me the money. Open the bag.
– What is inside the bag? What is inside the bag? Open it.
– Give me the money. Hey you!
– If you don’t give us money you’ll die. We want money. We want money. Is that yours?
– Yeah. Not this. We want money. We want money.
– Give me money. Give me money. Fast. Give me this pendant.
– This is my locket. Take him. Look at his bag. Beautiful. Your girlfriend? Beautiful. Don’t move. Life is only money. Hey move. Move forward. Move. Move. Move forward. Hey you move. Move. Move. Move there. Move. Move. Throw them inside.
– Go in. Hey move. Life is money. No money. No life. Life is money. What happened to you?
– Nothing. He said that his
measurements have changed. Will these clothes fit him? Why not? He’ll become fit and strong
once he eats the food cooked by you. Sister..
– Yes. come in. Sister, there’s call for you. There’s a call for you from Africa. I don’t know why he called.
Come quickly. Really? Maryan? Hello. This is William speaking. Where is he? I work with Maryan.
I want to convey an information to you. Yes, tell me. The local terrorists have
kidnapped some of our workers. We don’t know where
they are at the moment. We suspect that Maryan is one of them. What are you saying? Don’t worry. Our company
is doing its best to save them. He’ll be fine. Have faith in us. Take the food. Maryan, I’m hungry. He’s eating even our share of food. Maryan, please get some food for us. I’ve ruined my son’s life. If I knew this would happen then..
– C’mon get up. Seeli, stop crying. Why are you creating a scene here? God please save him.
– All of you go home. Listen. Maryan will fight
with them and definitely come back. Get up and go from here. Stop crying. Why are you shouting? Get out of here.
– Keep quiet, witch. They’ve come to mourn here.
– You’re the cause of this problem. You always brag a lot. I’m sad to hear about him. Forget the past. I agree that I had
differences with Maryan. But, he was a fellow villager. We’ll definitely take revenge
if anything happens to him. Tell me if you need any help.
I’ll be at your service even at night. Does God really exists in this world? He left us a long time back. Move. Hey! Come out. Come. Come. Come.
– Come out. Come.
– Come out. Come out. Move forward.
– Get up. Get up. Move!
– Get up. Get up. Come on.
– Come with me. Move forward. Move. Move. Move forward. Life is money. No money. No life. Life is money. We sent him there
because we trusted you. We give jobs to the unemployed people. We don’t assure that
we’ll protect their lives. I’m not here to listen to any nonsense. You sent him there. Isn’t it? Bring him back. Madam, I sent him there because.. ..his mother begged
before me for the job. Go and talk to the company.
I’ve no involvement in this. Hey! This is not me. Look at this. Maryan, we’ve been
here for so many days. Will the company give them money? If they don’t give
the money they’ll kill us. I’ll go there. Please tell me. I’ll go. My mother.. she needs money. She needs to get operated.
I’ve to go. I’ll go. I’ll go.
– Shut up. Don’t talk.
– My mother needs money. She needs me.
I have to go. I have to go.
– Don’t talk. – Quiet. If you try to go they’ll shoot. Shoot. Go.. What shall we do now, Maryan?
Will we ever be able to go home? Stop! Idiot! Brother, please..
I’ll go to the company. I’ll talk to them.
I get money. Let me call them. Please, brother.
I’ll get money. Hit him!
– Please, brother. Hey, Maryan! Maryan, stop! Rascals! What is going on? All of them are cowards. What do you all want? What do you want? Tell me. You want money? But, we don’t have money. You’re poor and so are we. Can’t you see? Money? No money. We only have our lives.
Take it if you want. What are you staring at? You dance. Dance. Dance. Shoot me. Come on. You dance. Dance. They won’t shoot us because
they’ll get money if we’re alive. Dance. Dance. You’re over-smart. You don’t have money? You don’t have money? Maryan! Talk to your company.
– Maryan. Talk to your company.
We want money only. Shut up you! Don’t cry.
– Maryan.. If you want to live,
give me money. Give me money. Maryan.. Shut up! Shut up you! Don’t cry.
– Hey Maryan.. Shut up! Shut up! Maryan! Maryan! Maryan! Look at your friend. He’s gonna die.
Do you understand? I’m very hungry. Maryan, I want food. I’m hungry. Why do you worry? I’m with you. I’ll get food for you. Pani, give him food. Get up, my friend.
Get up. The plate is empty. Pani.. What’s this? Why didn’t you serve the food yet?
Keep it here. Did you get it? Fish curry. Fish fry, flatbreads and rice.
All for you. Have it. The king fish is for the elders.
Move it away. Brother, Pani has also made spicy rice. I can smell it. This fish has bones. It has bones. I’ll show you. Hold it by its head like this. Open your mouth. When its tail touches your
mouth hold it with your lips.. ..and pull it. Okay.
– It’ll help the bone to come out. Got it? Let’s have a drink now. He’s drunk. Hey brother..
– Yes. Want to have a smoke?
– Yes. It’s a local one. Have a puff. It’s amazing. You’ll enjoy it. Have it. Hold it. Hey move. Come with me. Come with me. Hey! Get up.
– Get up. Move fast. Move. Come with me. Come on. Move fast.
– Come fast. Let’s go.
– Come on. Hey you!
– Open the lock. Maryan, please tell them. Maryan! We want only money. You talk to your company. Maryan, open the door. Let’s move.
Go. Go inside. Move fast. Hey c’mon. Go. Go.
– Let’s go. We want money. We want money. Money is life. Life is money. No money. No life. Life is money. We want money.
– No money. No life. We want money. Life is money.
– We want money. Talk to your company. We need money. We need money. When your company will not pay to us,
you today.. will die. Hello. Hello. Maryan! Hello. Sir, I’m AOC worker Maryan speaking. Maryan.. Yes, this is Maryan. Maryan, where are you? Sir, I want money. This people are shooting, sr. Maryan, why are you talking like this? What are you trying to say?
I didn’t get you. Pani, it’s me speaking. I’m alive till now. But, I don’t know for how long. What? What are you saying? Yes, sir. Help, sir. Money, sir. What do you want to say, Maryan?
I didn’t get you. Pani.. Yes, tell me I can hear you, Maryan. I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again. I don’t know in what condition
you’re at the moment, Maryan. First tell me where you are. Don’t worry. Tell me where you are. No, sir. I don’t know, sir. Help, sir. Maryan.. Everything is finished, Pani.
– Why are you saying this, Maryan? Listen.. don’t wait for me. Maryan.. Maryan, please listen to me. Nothing will happen to you. You’ll come back.
Yes! you’ll definitely come home. Yes, sir. Sir speaking.. speaking.. You’re my husband.
We’ll have a family. Pani..
– Maryan. I’ll wait for you. Pani.. Maryan.. Maryan.. Maryan, can you hear me? He’s talking to girlfriend. He’s cheating us.
He’s talking to his girlfriend. Hey you! Hey you.. Kill me right now
or you’ll repent later. I’ve told Pani everything. That’s enough. That’s enough for me. Hey Maryan! What did they do with you? I was worried for you. How did you get it? Let’s run away.
– Yes, Maryan. Let’s run away from here. C’mon. What shall I do now?
What shall I do now? ‘Everything is finished, Pani.’ ‘Don’t wait for me.’ ‘Pani!’ Maryan.. Maryan..
come back. Please come back. Come back. Maryan. Maryan.. Maryan.. Maryan.. My love and affection may
not be able to bring him back. But, your love will
definitely bring him back. Come. Come. Life is money. Come. Come.
Move. Move forward. Go. Go. Wait. I’m also coming. Wait. Sami. Maryan! Maryan! He’s coming. He’s coming. He’s coming. He’s coming. He’s coming. He’s coming. He’s coming. Hey! Maryan is coming. I told you he would come.
– What nonsense! I told you he would come. I told you that he would never come. He’s coming. He won’t come. Only I’ll come. Come on. This is the place where I was insulted. Look, I’m back. What will he do now? So, you’re smiling.
Wait and watch what I do with you. Come on.
I should’ve done it long before. You can do nothing. Nothing. What do you think of me? You think I’m an eunuch. I’ll show you my machismo. Rogue! Loafer. I’ll kill you. You want to kill me?
How will you kill me? You’ve become very smart. Watch it.. Look what I’ll do with you. Dad.. Dad.. Maryan is coming. Maryan is coming. Sami! Hey Sami! Sami! Sami! Loss. No money. They cheat us. Bastard!
– Shut up! I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you. Pani.. Pani.. You said that you would come home soon. I’m waiting for you. Come back, my love. I’ll be the mother of your kids. I want to see them play in the sea. Come. Come. Come back, my love. Come. Come to me. Come. Pani.. My mother! You bastard! You’re cheating us. You’re cheating us. You’re cheating us. I told you.. I told you we want money. You don’t know what you’ve done. You fool! You’re playing with fire. Because of you I killed my friend. Now I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna kill you. I told you to kill me. Hey! Come. Come. Someone is lying there. Someone is lying there.
Come. Come. Come fast. He’s alive. Let’s take
him to the hospital right now. Okay. Let’s take him. Check the patient. Okay. Okay. Come there. Fast. Yes, doc. I’ve already given it. Maryan.. Maryan.. are you okay? Will you talk to me? Are you okay? Are you okay, Maryan? Okay. I’ll take care. Maryan.. Maryan.. how do you feel now? I was in terrorist
captivity for 21 days. I ran for 300 km while
trying to escape from them. Without food and water
I lost my friend Sakarai to the sea.. ..and Sami to the desert. I’m alive because of Panimalar. I hope you won’t leave me and go away. I promise that I’ll always reside
in your heart.

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