Mark Andrews is Primed for Career with Amazon | The Engaged Learning Experience

Hi! My name is Mark Andrews. I’m a senior here at Cleveland State, studying Spanish as my major and international business as my minor, and I’ll be graduating in May. Being a student here at Cleveland State, you are never bored. There’s always something to do. There’s always activities going on around campus. I worked at Ridge Tool
over the summer a couple of years ago, and had that wonderful experience of working
in the purchasing department there. It was six months worth of amazing new opportunities, where I had to work with professionals and also learn what the plant included, what the processes were, how to order materials, and what we really needed within the company. In May I graduate and one month after that in June I start a new job at Amazon. I received this email saying
that I’m gonna be getting this job and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, what a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have this job lined up.’ I’ll be graduating walking into the professional work field and I couldn’t be more excited. I intend to start working at
the North Randall location for about two years, getting an understanding of how management works, and then hopefully be up for relocation out to the headquarters in Seattle, Washington. And then from there continuously grow, which then leads me to my Spanish. Because Spanish is my second language, I’d like to relocate internationally. Who knows where, be it Spain, Mexico, but I’d like to be there. I know a lot of students do struggle finding a job after they even graduate, so knowing that I have something
that is right there and available, and that I can walk out with my cap and gown
and into Amazon, is something that I know I can grow in. In the next 5 to 10 years it will hopefully
open up the world to me.

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