Make It Work: Chapter 5 – “Workplace Patterns: Individual & Group Differences”

Workplace Patterns – Individual and Group Differences As we know, people are called “individuals”
because each person is different. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss
these differences. Just because people are different from each
other and from you, it doesn’t mean that they are less capable. It just means that they see things from a
different experience, culture, or perception. When you learn how to understand some of these
differences, you’ll begin to recognize that these differences make for richer work teams
and broader perspectives, both of which most often lead to better results for an organization
when all its individuals work together effectively. Subjects discussed include: Differences Between “World of Education or School” & “World of Work” Individual differences (Myers Briggs) Multi-generational workforce differences Diversity patterns Gender Perspectives Boss & co-worker relationships Finding Employment Opportunities

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