Mailchimp for iOS and Android: Your Marketing Brain on the Go

The music industry is a non-stop hustle. I’m always moving, with barely a moment to catch my breath. I get inspiration from everything, and it often happens when I’m on the go. The MailChimp mobile app has really changed the way I run my business. I can create emails on my phone that look as good as the ones I create on the desktop. And if there’s something I need to change, I can quickly edit and send my email before I start my day. I get to act on the ideas I have throughout the day when I’m not near a computer. Wherever I am, the MailChimp app lets me know when I make a sale. I can check out my dashboard to see how my Facebook ads and emails are doing in just a quick glance. I get a notification of how many people didn’t open my email the first time. With just one tap I can resend the email to non-openers Wherever I am Wherever I am MailChimp’s always with me.

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