Living in the Engage LLC at UT

♪ Hey guys, welcome to Rocky Top. Um, I’m
Abby Newberry. I am the head mentor for the engage LLC. We’re stationed here in
Orange, the best dorm on campus by the way. Um, and so we’re going
to go check out my room now. ♪ Hey guys. So here we are in my room.
I’m right here with my roommates Hello.
Hi. and uh, they’re also mentors. If you stay
on as a mentee. Then eventually you can apply to be a mentor and you get an
apartment like this. Um, so you end up having an apartment with three
other people, um, and they’re also mentors and it helps with planning events and
getting things together. And you spend a lot of downtime together and just really like
get to know each other and have a lot of fun. And another benefit is you
usually have classes with your roommates. So Jonathan and I are
actually going to go to class now, so I’ll catch you guys in a bit. ♪ Hey guys. So I’m here with Jonathan
and he was my mentee his freshman year and now he’s a mentor with the ELT
his sophomore year and next year he’s going to be a co head mentor with me.
So why did you start out your freshman year with engage? What made you
decide, Oh hey, let’s join this LLC and then what made you enjoy it so
much that you wanted to be a mentor? Well, the reason I chose engage was,
because they got an email about it. Um, I still hadn’t signed up for housing
and there was still some vacancies. I was like, oh, that would be great.
Living in a community with um, engineering freshmen. And I was
right. It was, it was a great experience. It was a great experience to get to
live with people. Um, going through the same classes, um, but you know,
similar rigor at the same homework, similar mindsets. So that was
great. Um, I really liked the community that we had. Um, cause everyone had
a similar feeling, like in it together. Um, the review sessions were really
helpful. We had a lot of academic support. Um, and then when I heard that I could
continue this with the leadership team, I thought that would be a great idea.
And I was right. I really enjoyed it and I’ve enjoyed being a part of the
experience with everyone here. Awesome. ♪ I’m going to study a little bit before
the next uh, study session tonight. I’m actually going to be doing game
night tonight, which is going to be a lot of fun. I’m going to get to meet
all the mentees for this year. Um, so I’m going to start studying,
but the good news is, uh, if you are going to study as a freshman, you end
up having your neighbors as your study buddies, which I think is really cool.
You end up having the same classes you ended up getting the same things
done and it’s just a really cool way to get involved right off the bat is getting
help with your homework. So I’ll catch you guys later. ♪ So tonight is the LLC community game
night and we’ve got some really fun things going on here tonight. We’ve got
games and snacks. It’s just a really good way. One of our community
events to like chill out and take a break from the really long stress of
the day. You don’t have to worry about studying. You actually just
get to chill out with your friends. And actually if you’ll, excuse me, I think
I’ve got a game of dominoes coming up. ♪ Hey guys. So I really enjoyed seeing you
at the game night last night. This is Maria. She’s very involved on campus
and so I just wanted to ask her, um, what was your experience with
the LLC and how did that get you more involved on campus? Yeah, so living in a strong community
of engineers my freshman year introduced me to a lot of people and helped myself
and others get involved around campus. Um, leading up to the point where I’m
at now where I have been doing undergraduate research since my first
semester of freshman year of college. Um, I’m also the president of the
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the captain of the ChemE car team,
a member of the Tennessee Speech and Debate Society and um, an
inducted member of the National Society of Leadership and Success.
So those just, uh, being a part of the LLC to sort of opened a lot of those
doors for me to get involved in as many things as I wanted to around campus. That’s awesome. And they’re all very well
tied in with professional development as well. So I just hope that you guys will
look at the LLC as a way to develop professionally as well as personally. ♪ Hey guys. So, um,
this is big orange Friday. It’s the end of the week. That’s why I’m
in my orange. I hope that you guys have seen everything that we’ve been
doing this week and I hope that you guys really enjoyed it and saw how
much fun we have. There’s a movie night next week that I know my floor
is hosting and it’s going to be a lot of fun and it’s the kind of stuff that goes
on all the time. So if you’re an incoming freshman and you’re interested in
being with other incoming engineering students, totally 10 out of 10
recommend engage. All right, well I have to get to studying,
so I’ll see you guys later. ♪

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