Live – USA war with Iran: "Command Chain" is a demonic construct

warriors and sorceress welcome to this special live stream where you join me on a place of weak matrix energy and strong eternity energy today we are going to talk about why the command system of the modern army there is a lot of mosquitoes by the way why the command system of the modern army lags and why the modern armies the modern corporations and modern governments are destined to be under the demonic influence the cold chain of command when you have a chain of command logically it is the best way to organize things where each member needs to report to his superior officer and then everything goes to the commander in chief who is on the other hand accountable to the people you understand that is in theory but in practice this is what happens and I will give you the United States as an example because out of all the countries where I went the United States people were the most helpful you could knock on your neighbor's door and he will help you out that will not happen in the Middle East for example you're never the most hard-working and so on and so on but but the problem is that the chain of command structure and specialization of a person put the whole nation under demonic influence so how does that happen how does it happen United States so generally you have these hard-working people that specialized from early age to do a job to do a task and they do it good and they try to do it the best possible but they are too specialized and they say by the way it's full of mosquitoes here so I must protect myself you must understand that that let me walk a bit so mosquitoes run away that in order to get on antibiotics places sometimes it will be it will be demanding for the body and this place is full of mosquitoes that is the demand here so so what happens what happens is that they work hard in their job however since there is a chain of command since there is strong compartmentalization United States and since every member of society does his task if you have 100 if you have 100 tests to do that means that if a hidden demon managers to influence each person just 1% at the end at the end of that chain of command or modern modern democracy you have a totally different result and each member of that chain did his best work hard the demon managed to influence him only 1% but in the end you have a disaster for example you can see it in the second Iraqi war with the weapons of mass destructions that that were supposed to be everywhere in mobile laboratories and so on and so on after the war many military men died a lot of innocent people dead destroyed nation and so on and so on and so on you understand and the solution to that is not for every American to do his job even better because ok let's say he can do it 99.1% but even that's 0.9% if you have a huge chain of command will change everything in the end the solution is to become professor of all you understand to become professor of all and for a human to understand that he can't he can be more than a simple than a simple robot that is doing one task you understand you understand so the chain of command and specialization destroys humans this is how it should be if you are talking about a bigger use of toilet paper in an army not in a company then you should follow the chain of command and you should only report it to your superior but if you are having something of crucial value you must be able to jump the chain of command you understand you must be not only to the officer in chief but to the people that elected you you understand understand there must be instances where chain of command is broken but majority of armies in the world they don't like that you must always follow the chain of command why because the demons the true this reality can then easily manipulate you they can easily manipulate you and even though you had good ideas to begin with after a hundred people if everyone was influenced only one percent or even 0.1% you have a huge difference in the end and the way how to change it is for you to become professor of all for you to wake up many skills that you have not to be better in your job because you cannot be better than 99% result you cannot be bad you you can never reach 100 result perfection in your job you understand so the chain of command and the problem of specialization makes it easy for the Western world hidden demon and I'm talking about it because that concerns my clients in me all my viewers the Western world hidden hand diamond where everything is allowed but you can do nothing but everything is allowed he uses that tools and what are the other what are the other main tools in the matrix land there are three main pillars of control the first and the obvious is the military one it enforces however even that pillar is not that strong it relies on illusion marketing you understand do you understand that swine Megumi's reality there are no nuclear weapons you are watching this so you entered my reality so I'm sorry to disappoint you there will be no nuclear weapons in your reality now they will tell you oh there are no nuclear weapons because now we are ecologically minded so we do only theoretical experiments on computers but in fact why there are no nuclear weapons is that everybody has a cell phone so everybody could film a faked experiment effect experiment and analyze it so they don't do it they only rely on fear you know when my grandmother used to tell me stories she said when partisans came into the village during Second World War they said no need to fear God because there is no more God normal Christianity now communism comes the matrix needs people to be under some kind of huge fear so when they removed God they needed something similar so they invented the nuclear weapon you understand you understand I know that this will be shocking you understand me telling you there are no nuclear weapons it's like hundred years ago somebody telling a person in Europe or United States the priest does not have power of God behind him the church is not the same as the God you understand is this huge shock but is the same prince it's the same principle so that that military power is not as strong as it poses its relies on marketing it relies on movies it relies on in the clinician more than real mite and it has another problem because the soldiers of all Western world armies they hate themselves because they'll chart his allergies they may have chronic sicknesses you understand they don't understand why are there in there some sheet contrary bombing the people on the camels they don't understand you understand and so so so that is the problem because the army collapses because the the demon of the hidden hand eats its own soldiers you understand so that is the Mattocks pillar the the the army it is the most visible one but you have two more important pillars what are they think think the mani pillar the banking pillar why man is not owned by you and me but always by somebody else so when we make many transactions somebody else earns money on us let's run basically from London the money system and then you have the most important system because that most important system provides the biggest barrier for you towards eternity and towards infinity that is the belief system the religious belief system it goes through vatican mainly Vatican so you have these three pillars of the matrix first the most visible the military one then the slightly less visible the financial one triassic complex financial questions to to economists only the best of the best will think and calculate the others will just parent and then we have the final one the belief system the rigid belief system it goes through a second so you have these three pillars of control so always remember warriors and sorceress we are taught as Yankee that the command structure the chain of command is the the most blissful thing that yes it is if you want to build the bridge or if you want to make a car but there are other things in our lives besides building a machine and for death the tool of the command chain is the best tool because the demons can easily manipulate you and remember there are three matrix pillars mainly that to control the military one the financial one and the religious one that's it for today my warriors and sorceress now I have to stop the stream because I have told you as I told you many times the body cannot handle too much eternity too much infinity in this case it is not very hot it is not very cold but the mosquitoes are everywhere they're not actually biting me because because they bite me only a little bit because the stronger you are the more energy you have the less mosquitoes will bite you because mosquitoes want to destroy destroy a bed a bed animal or a bit human and make him dead meat so they bite me since I am relatively healthy the mosquitoes only bite me a little bit other people get 10 times more bitten but they are knowing me they know me so much that I have to stop this recording and for you always remember don't fall into the chain of command it could spare your doom

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