LinkedIn For Business – Are You Building A Network Or A Database?

The biggest mistake many people make is
thinking if you invite someone to connect with you on LinkedIn that you’ve
built a network! But how do you build a trusted network by sending out
invitations randomly that you never took time to personalize to people you don’t
even know – this belief often
results only in the frustration and excuses that LinkedIn is a waste of time
so let me ask you do you really want to keep thinking that by sending out those
random invitations you’re building real relationships because if you do you are
simply hoping someone will respond proactively to your invitation and want
to get to know you without any effort on your part. If you’re building a database of names who want to engage with you then be sure to watch this video I’ll provide that lead to more opportunities so you’ll
want to stay tuned. Every day I get invited by people who never send a
personal note which leads me to wonder why they wanted to connect with me. Can
you relate? because I’m sure the same thing has happened to you. Now I’m in the
relationship marketing business so I will ask questions so how has that helped either one in this situation? with that said
you’re thinking right now how busy you are, how behind and you
have a stack of business cards from people you’ve met over the past month
and you promised to connect with on LinkedIn and you’ll fall into the trap
of building a database and never any real relationships. So how do you get
from the old idea of random connections to meaningful ones? Well the first
game-changer is to always send a personalized invitation when you invite
someone to connect with you. Why you want to connect and I also love
to mention something in their profile. This will set you apart from the
majority and it actually shows you care and you’re paying attention because you
read their profile. Second engage with people in your
network by commenting on their posts. I start by looking for posts
from your current and your past clients and give them some attention give them
some love – and it deepens
your relationship. They know that you still care about them long after the
sale. Another engagement tactic is to use the messaging feature which directly
messages someone. Now if you want to stand out – use the voice messaging
feature on the LinkedIn mobile app. You can record a short quick note and
because so many people aren’t using this feature you absolutely will stand out. #3 -post something interesting and of value
that you want to be known for and engage with those – especially your ideal client
showing up even online demonstrates a different conviction – it shows your
commitment to your industry when it’s done correctly. Don’t just post random
content – mix your content up from industry topics community topics to
something somewhat personal and a tip here
LinkedIn doesn’t like posts with links that take you off their site to another
website so don’t make that a consistent practice.
in fact as of right now the top-performing post gaining visibility
in the newsfeed are text only posts And 4th,
move the conversation offline! LinkedIn is a tool to locate and start
the engagement process but as you nurture that relationship you want to
take it offline or take it to another level of conversation. Let me ask or do you want to build that lead to those long-term opportunities? Afterall your network is your net worth so a quick review of those four tips again – #1 always send the personalized invitation #2 engage with people in your network #3 post something interesting and a
value that you want to be known for #4 move the conversation offline For a deeper dive into these ideas If you found some value in this video leave me a comment below
share your own experiences on what has been successful for you
and be sure to subscribe to this channel for more LinkedIn and relationship
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3 Replies to “LinkedIn For Business – Are You Building A Network Or A Database?”

  1. Great tips, JoAnne. I am continually amazed by the number of people who are simply creating a database.

  2. A great video, JoAnne, that adds real value. If people follow your advice it will make a big difference to their results on LinkedIn.

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