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Very strange.. we hadn´t that before. Exactly, that´s totally new. Hi guys and welcome to a new flight report. Today, we fligh a relatively unknown airline to europe and we are in Newark, USA and fly with La Compagnie. ..and their A321neo. It´s a business-class only machine. We are really excited, at least me again. Almost like at TAP.. We have to go down there. The lounge before having checked-in? Let´s see what that means. That is going to be the same lounge as it will be later that means we do the check-in and get back to here and the lounge of La Compagnie is even before the security check. We have to allow some extra time when going to the aircraft later. But the good news are..or maybe not that good You have to get your champaign.. but there´s no glass.. Ah she´s just opening it! I´ll show you. You can´t do it wrong. That was again pretty smart of us. We are waiting in front of the check-in area..Wating for it to open. We had the chance to get in here for eating and drinking something long ago. We were very hungry. It´s afternoon and we omitted launch as we thought to go here anyways, so that was kind of stupid. To you, if you´ll fly with La Compagnie some time.. you´re allowed to get into the lounge before the check-in to have some drinks and food, go out, check-in and get back again and finally wait for boarding. Yeah the problem is..and you probably already got it.. La Compagnie is a pure business-class airline. No different rows to line up. No status is helping you There´s only the usual check-in counter..coming along with some advantages. Not in this case, if you´re with the first to get into a long line but anyways, i can get back into the lounge afterwards. It begins to fill up in here. Each passenger is allowed to enter the lounge. That means, the small area in this lounge is for all passengers. There are 76 seats in the A321 neo and 76 passengers are sitting here. The buffet is opened over there..Where we looked earlier. They got a few things to choose and we have to eat something as on our way back to Orly (Paris), they actually just serve a snack, no complete meal because it´s a night-flight La Compagnie comes up with that to have your meal in the lounge, what is written in the description and to get a nice breakfast at arrival..but not when departing. Just a snack. As per usual, we got a pre-boarding fading-in product placements in these scenes, supporting us. Thanks La Compagnie. Yes, hopefully we aren´t late. The security and emigration took a bit of time. We got ready a bit late. Hopefully, we have time for that.. Wow..that is the A321 neo taking us to Paris Orly. Round about 8 hours. That´s the pure business-class of La Compagnie 76 business-class seats in a 2-2 configuration and watch..there´s a little painting at each window. Looks nice. i said, that´s the business-class. And thanks again to La Compagnie for the pre-boarding enabling us to show you the empty cabin. That´s really funny. Actually, no airline is offering that and La Compagnie only has 3 aircrafts. This is the newest type..the A321 neo and they also have two 757 as business-class only machines but with no flat-bed, it´s bent this is the only aircraft with a flat-bed seat all in a 2-2 configuration offering business-class service only with lounge service at each airport- But i actually like it. Good idea and i will tell you how we came about this during the video and which deal is out now to fly this airline for low prices. Alright, boarding begins. We had a lot of time in here to show you the cabin Completely alone..showing you the cabin without passengers and without blurred faces And i really apreciated the crew, the warm welcome and enabling us the pre-boarding it´s still brigth outside and i can show you some impressions from the start yeah..i really feel good so far and i´m excited how the flight will go on Like i said several times, it´s a business-class only service and will go on really relaxed. We´ll start, get a little snack, will sleep get a delicious big breakfast when arriving at least i hope so. I can work in the meanwhile – i´ll tell you later why – this airline has some special offers. It´s not in line with other airlines but i´m gonna explain this to you during the flight and…boarding begins! We´re in. Boarding is running but it will take some time. They started on time at 6.30PM..Scheduled departure is 7PM and i guess they will make it on time. The passengers were called out the lounge quite early. They told them that boarding begins, knowing that security control will take time as well but most of them already waited at the gate. We had the chance to get into this plane what was cool Could show you some things are waiting for departure right now. I´m really excited..they are extremly kind so far. It´s all giving a nice impact a business-class only jet And you´ve seen it on the pictures. The A321 only..i accept climbing over Stefan if such an aircraft is flying such routes, it´s allowed to have a 2-2 configuration from my point of view Exactly. And if we are at the topic: We flew with TAP Air Portugal from Porto to New York a few days ago, you got this flight report on our channel last saturday – if not press the i-button – that was also an A321 neo..but in the LR – (Longe Range) configuration This is a pure neo machine..A321 neo. Only has got 76 seats and that´s the reason this aircraft could go so far as you save a lot of weight, only using business-class seats and no economy and of course no first-class. And i have to admit..One could think, that this has to be expensive but no.. if you´ve had a view at the deals on our website you recently got business-class tickets for about 1.100€ for Paris-New York return with La Compagnie that´s a really good deal. We did a little re-setup. It should be un-occupied to our left so you´re at the crew-rest place for now. We use the time for giving you a short room or seat demonstration. I got an arm rest going up and down..I´ll put it down to enlarge my space. I got a big white pillow. Night owl/Early bird. Alrigth! That´s somehow Qatar Airways style but not for take away. Things like that have to stay in the aircraft..We were asked this question quite often in the comments, But don´t worry. You´re welcome to write comments again and again, that´s what this tool is for.. Write comments if you like the video. Press the “Thumbs up” – button and don´t forget to subscribe and if you set the bell, you´ll get informed when we upload a new video. But certainly, we will upload a new video every Wednesday at 5PM and every Saturday at 11AM We had to wait until the captain finished the announcement and then the champaign or orange juice was served by La Compagnie. They are serving Piper Heidsieck for champaign and i actually really it But i stopped..I got this white pillow with the nice slogan on it. A huge blanket, also with the logo of La Compagnie on it. I´ll unbox it later. And a bottle of water and the amenity kid of La Compagnie A cloth bag.. Interesting, you can open it on both sides. Teeth brushing and the ear plugs Dominik: And the rest on the other side.. That´s interesting..Socks, a sleep mask and a bag for the shoes and a pen, a metallic pen. Some cremes..Dominik: I´ve to admit.. If you stumbled across that on Instagram, the photos or in blogs. When we give away our Global Traveler-Bags at Fan Meetings, there´s such a kid in it most of the times and we´ll ask for some extra kids during this flight as well and we´ll do them inside as a give away to spectactors meeting us live at Fan meetings or in cities if we have them with us. And.. who wants to have one..the limited edition is still available. Thus, maybe just being fast.. Simply press the “i”. Exactly and he already mentioned it.. Some time ago there it´s partly still existing. Watch our website under the category “Deals”, there´s a pretty cool offer: Paris Orly-New York return for 1.100€ We were unlucky. This offer didnt exist when i booked this flight. We are almost paying that price for oneway and that is the case quite often. That you pay much more for oneway connections than for a return ticket. Unavoidable. Dominik: All for our followers..Stefan: Exactly we absolutely wanted the A321 to and the A321neo back, flying both current long distance connections building a return ticket. That´s what we did and that´s the reason you saw TAP Portugal and A321 neo LR in business-class last saturday and for today, this version. Did you hear? “The most relaxing safety video ever..” and it look´s like that. And it begins.. That was quick..10 minutes too early. Yes, 10 minutes too early but i´m astonished.´s not dramatic for business-class only but.. I like it. How quick that went.. Totally relaxed, no stress to us because we wanted to reach the gate early, doing some shots but anyways, one is relaxed in here and probably will be during the flight and will be at arrival. It should work like that. We started, sitting in last row and it somehow feels a bit noisy in here.. And it is.. really noisy. Almost 82dbA. We never had that before. That´s kind of too much but maybe it turns a bit down, sounds like wind in the background but i guess not. This is the touch screen..almost 16 inch and it is highly sensitive. I just need to tap it and.. you can see. Relatively sensitive, i like that. And if i don´t want to work with it in front of me, using my fingers, i got this controller. There´s a little cursor to select things or switch the light on and off. There are many movies indeed..many blockbusters current movies.. a lot of french movies but only in french and englisch language without getting subtitles if i want some.. that means to me that i´m only able to watch movies in english or french Ah.. i got the menu. I´ve not seen one before. I know it yet, i can find it in the entertainment system You can choose the soup, a salad or a cheese selection But that´s it. A dessert on top.. and a nutella french toast for breakfast, what i´m really lookin forward to. Let´s see how it tastes..and there´s a chroissant to choose of course and fruit salad. I guess the breakfast will be totally different to the dinner. There are many storage opportunities. For a bigger bag to put under the feet rack There´s a rack under the monitor of about 3.9 inch In my case quite well for the camera.. Some place on my right, there ´s the amenity kid. Here we have the connection for the ear plugs and a usb port to charge your mobile. Another rack on my right by the way.. maybe for the mobile. Here we got the table. Relatively easy to pull it out but i somehow can´t turn it around I can pull it towards me, open it up and close it and thereby being able to leave the seat but can´t turn it around to make it easier but i can push the arm rest down to leave my place easily. The controller or the panel to change the seat into a bed is to my right It´s a flat bed. 180° but i´ll show it to you after we have eaten. The service is even starting right now, immediately after departure the flight attendant walks through with a trolley, already serving the beverages simultaneously beeing asked what we would like to eat, listing the possible options. I can watch it on the screen. But there´s no menu like a flyer or a piece of paper at La Compagnie This is really the first airline i´ve ever seen, offering unlimited free-WiFi to all guests. Everybody can log-in to the WiFi having unlimited Internet. I can watch and reply comments on facebook, instagram and youtube can work on emails, that´s perfect. Business-class travelers are in best hands sitting in here. For us anyway.. During this time i mean, i don´t watch movies, i will eat something and work a bit Reply to some comments, emails and than sleep. And we´ll probably arrive shortly after as it´s only 7 hours. These are the two lavatories in the rear. There´s one in the front part so three overall which are passably large. I think they´re actually quite huge for an A321. We already had that at TAP business class, which was extremely tight. So this one here is offering some more space Let´s see what´s in here At first cups.. There´s soap Soap one more time i guess that´s kind of a perfume spray and this is perfume..and the usual stuff and that´s it, nothing more in here but this is alright. There´s the amentiy kid as always and usually the basin with water and the toilet itself. Alright let´s get back to the seat. Time for lunch… Like i said before..During night flights, La Compagnie is only serving little snacks, like a salad. I got the beef salad and Dominik the lobster on lentils. How did she call it? Ipi?..Exactly ..and the soup we ordered but that´s it. That means you have to eat something in the lounge before you sleep hungry But we knew that before, you could read it at La Compagnie. For flights going from Paris to New York…Merci…there are Yes you can read it on the website..there are complete menus with starter, main course and dessert ..warm! So let´s taste the light menu from La Compagnie In any case, it´s a calory reduced meal. Well, i can´t complain. The soup was delicious and quite warm And the main course or rather the salad, is really fresh the roasted or grilled zucchini as well..really delicious. We already made it to the dessert. Chocolate cake. And the chocolate is really like mushed and hard inside and it tastes like pure chocolate. Alrigth, the menu is finished and the service as well. I guess it´s about timer for sleeping The people wanna sleep, we either but i will work a bit. But one thing is missing.. The seat. The seat at La Compagnie is a flat bed a live flat bed, 180° lying position. Controlling it by this little panel. I got two buttons, one for the uprigth position right now or the lying position.. just pressing it and see what happens. So this is the lying area. The length is about 6’23” not longer as i´m already touching the front by my feet and there´s not much space left at the top. So i guess 6’23” but the exact measuremnts are faded in on the right The width is alrigth, is well as i can push down the armrest, having space for my arms. That´s alright and i can suitably watch the screen which is not depending to the angle i look into it so i could always watch it .. from the left, the right, from above and below. That´s perfect, no adjustments necessary. Perfect. I guess i can sleep and the noise somehow turned down either i got used to it or it´s really a bit more quiet. I´ll go to the front soon and repeat the measurement. I just walked around with my device and the most quiet spot in fact is above the wings, in the mid of the aircraft. In the front it´s about 73dbA and in the rear almost 78dbA. Considerably louder to sit in the last row or the one in front of it, just to inform you. Generally, i cannot recommend you the last row as the lavatories are located nearly and they are visited frequently..and beyond the lavatories is the galley. Both is commonly causing noise. The night is over in the business-class of La Compagnie or the La Compagnie business-class seat I didn´t sleep at all, but i didn´t want to either. I did something, worked a bit and dozed off..I sleeped about 2 hours what was alright, sleeped really well. Oh yes that´s exactly my taste Additional nutella and warm french toast with nutella inside and a well-looking chroissant. What a dream, i could get in there. Nutella. Warm. In a french toast. This is how it worked all time..replying to your comments or mails with my macbook. I was really productive but couldn´t sleep at all but i can catch up for sleep later at home. I really enjoyed this flight and the whole procedure..Check-in.. Where did i stop?..Yes the procedure is quite well at La Compagnie. The check-in, having the lounge before and afterwards, the relaxed boarding process maybe not for us because we were in here quite early but i saw the other guest and it all went so quickly that we could start 10 minutes earlier. Thus, everything was done within 20 minutes. And the start..although we waited for some time in the lane as all american airports are overloaded and in turn we departed too late but that´s not a fault by the airline. And had some great experiences during the flight..The food was really fresh and healthy. The salad and the breakfast with nutella, exactly my taste and the crew is highly attentive If something is empty, they immediately ask for refilling and they are really attentive, caring but also relaxed. Nobody is stressed. Having 76 business-class seats for the whole aircraft..she can watch all the way to the front. I guess that´s doable I will work a bit again and then we turn into descend flight to Paris Orly, the captain said ..the second airport in Paris I will report again after touch down. I didn´t mention one thing beacause of not using it. These are the La Compagnie headphones. Funny. They are angled..didn´t see that before But nonetheless over-ear and noise cancelling. There´s a magnet to connect them.. I bring them up and notice that it is a noise-cancelling product. But i don´t want to watch anything, i just wanted to present them. Now i missed the breakfast I sleeped so well It worked in the side position. And there was nothing to complain about for me. There was really nothing i could complain about. I had no breakfast but well (laugh). Everything worked out quite well and i liked it. I saw, you sleeped a lot..but yes it was a great flight. Really really relaxed and we also noticed that we arrive totally relaxed. I´m not stressed a bit. Arrived at Paris Orly. Now we quickly have to take a taxi to Charles-de-Gaulles Airport to take the connecting flight to Hannover. But that really was a great flight. This is a real recommendation. If you find such offers like the one shown on our website at “deals”. Great business-class, great crew and most suitable with two persons for not having a stranger beside you but this should be your own decision but top product I agree, i never had a more relaxed flight than this one You don´t think so? Dominik: I had some.. Maybe because you have eaten and sleeped better and probably longer But for such a flight, perfect.. Alrigth, thank you very much for watching and we hopefully see each other at the next video don´t forget “Thumb up” if you liked it, subscribe.. you will find in the information card at the top-right and we see you at the next video. Bye..

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